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 - The Application -, Filling out this appy to join Mossleaf!
- Mossleaf -
Posted: Nov 30 2006, 11:15 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 141
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Joined: 12-February 06

Welcome to Mossleaf! This is our application, belovedly referred to as "Our Appy."

Important links:
    Introductions & Confused Blinkings
    Confused? The "Introductions and Confused Blinking" is the place to check out and post about your questions and problems and we will help you out! Don't be shy ecstatic1.gif

    The Nursery
    Once your profile has been approved, post it into "The Nursery" with the Topic Title as your character's name.
The following is our application with some tips and descriptions. Below that is a precoded-template for you to copy and paste! A tip when you're writing your application? Keep this window open in case you need a reference! happy1.gif

Application Extras
    Want to have magic or be another race?! Check out the following posts for additional details and information to add to your application!

Name: Just select your name of course!

Age: If you're applying as a mage, you're more likely to be given more money or power if you're a little older. Age pays off in experience, after all. If you are an extremely young character who is not yet an adult - and the age of sixteen is considered adulthood in Mossleaf - then keep in mind you'll either need to have some family with you that you will create as NPCs after acceptance, live in the streets, forest, your own hideaway, or be a ward of the Temple, either as a student living away from home or an orphan taken in on the grace of the temple carekeepers. Underage characters will have to do some fast-talking to explain things if they want to open a shop or own a farm.

Date of Birth: Please follow the four-season system [Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter] that we use in Mossleaf to select your birth date.

Personality: Provide at least a paragraph [seven sentences]. Be sure to create a character who has a well-rounded personality; few people can be kind and cheerful all the time. What makes your character angry? Sad? Take time to explore.

Dreams: Are there any dreams that your character wants to fulfill? Consciously or unconsciously This allows us to explore a little more about your character, and gives them just a bit more depth for us to see.

Appearance: Please provide a good amount of writing here; the minimum being eight sentences. We will be careful in glancing between the personality of your character and their appearance. If they are lazy but have an athletic body, please explain why. If they have long hair, but work hard on fishing boats for a living, doesn't it make sense that their hair would have to be kept up at times?

Occupation: Select your occupation!

History: Please provide a goodly amount of information here! Your character did have a life before this one, after all!

Personal Info:
  • What do you look forward to doing here on Mossleaf? cute1.gif We love knowing this, because it gets us all excited about roleplaying with you!!
  • What is the name you want us to call you by?
    appreciative1.gif Please select two of the following questions to answer about your character. You may answer more if you like - they can be very useful tools for you yourself to learn more about your character!
1. Does your character have a favorite season? Why? Make this at least five sentences.

2. What are three items that can usually be found on your character on a typical day? Why are they with your character? These items don't have to be on them all the time - just things you would expect to find. They may be smells or more abstract objects like dirt, sand, etc. as well. A doctor may smell of cleaning fluids or a farmer may have some hay tucked in his boots. Use this to let us see that you understand your character is part of the world around them.

3. Name of your character? Why did you pick that name? What does that name make you think of? What do you want other people to think when they hear it?

4. Do they like animals? No? Why? Yes? Which is their favorite? Are there characteristics in that animal that are similar to your character?

5. Where would you say is their strength: artistic abilities, empathy towards other's emotions, numerical problems, self improvement, or something else... perhaps more devious? Provide at least five sentences!

6. Where is you character from? Why is your character coming to Mossleaf? Write a brief in character paragraph that describes the moment they decided, were forced to, or arrived accidentally at their new home. In a sense this is a preview of your role playing abilities. Provide as much writing as you think is necessary to show off how you can write!

[b]Date of Birth:[/b]






[b]Personal Info:[/b]

Don't forget to add the two questions and your answers! appreciative1.gif

Once you application is approved...
    ... we'll give you a reply that tells you how much money and any special items you start off with! This is based on the occupation you select. appreciative1.gif

    ...we'll move you into the official Mossleaf Villager group and you'll be able to post all over the entire site!
If you do not want to have magic abilities or be a race other than human then go ahead and post your application in the Nursery now, ignoring the rest of this topic.
- Mossleaf -
Posted: Nov 30 2006, 11:18 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 141
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-February 06

Being Magical

Magic is all part of the fun of Mossleaf Village! You are more than welcome to apply as a character who has magic! However, we want to make sure you understand the basic context and rules of what magic is like here in Mossleaf, so future role playing won't be confusing and fudged up.

To apply for magic, simply answer a couple quizlet questions that will test your knowledge of Mossleaf's magic rules and then answer some questions about your character. If you need any help try re-reading the Magic Rules or asking in our Intro & Confused Blinking area! We're happy to help! appreciative1.gif

Remember! Most mages live at the Castle of Mages - where they work to study and practice magic. The Castle of Mages is legendary among the mage community and living in the Castle is considered a great honor.

[i]1. What type of magic do you want your character to possess? Why? What can it do?[/i]

[i]2. How powerful do you want your character to become? Why?[/i]

[i]2. How powerful is your character right now? Do you believe they are of the age or have a history appropriate to go along with that power?[/i]

[i]3. Describe when your character found out about their magic, either narrative or in character.[/i]

[i]4. What has your character done with their magic since they found out they had it? What does your character want to do with it?[/i]
- Mossleaf -
Posted: Nov 30 2006, 11:19 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 141
Member No.: 1
Joined: 12-February 06

So.. you aren't human, huh?

If we start listing off the all fictional fantasy creatures and mythological creatures that have graced the land of fiction, we'd be going on forever. Because we try to be an open, fantasy based RPG, it is allowed that you make your character a species other than human. However we have to be reasonable about how their race - and thus their basic biology and the personality traits that go along with that - would effect their life in Mossleaf.

At this time we're only accepting races that are at least partially humanoid in appearance; in the sense that they appear human and have legs on which to walk at some point in their lives. It would just be extremely difficult to role play as a wild animal, so we only allow humanoids. You are more than welcome to be a half-breed between human and some other race, as well.

To apply your character as another race make sure you've written your application so that it reflects any changes in culture, history, personality, reaction to magic, or appearance that the race you have in mind would have. Next, fill out this little quizlet and attach it to your appy.

Your race will be accepted if that race can be acceptable to the RPG, and you have built your application showing that you understand the burdens or advantages your character will face and has possibly faced in the past. If we are worried that your role playing talents aren't up to par, we might not allow you to choose a race other than human, though we'll do our best.

Don't forget that your character might have to face bias (or be a conduct of bias themselves) due to their race as well! A sad, but realistic, aspect that effects most social situations. </3

[i]1. Which race do you want to make your character? Why?[/i]

[i]2. What is your definition of the race you have selected?[/i]

[i]3. Are there any qualities about the race you've selected that you are looking forward to role playing? Or any qualities you believe would present problems for your character, though it might make for fun role play?[/i]

[i]4. Please explain any burdens or advantages you believe your character may have because of their race.[/i]
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