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On the surface, the Von Steel Islands are a new tourist attraction and vacation spot. They're a place to run to to get away from your troubles and start anew. Beneath the surface the Von Steel Islands are a supernatural homeland and social experiment for billionaire werewolf Alexi Von Steel.

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 Looking for Adventure, [TAG Open, especially for Newbies!]
Posted: Apr 19 2012, 10:31 PM

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Group: VSITF - Werewolf
Posts: 13
Member No.: 56
Joined: 7-March 12

Gina was supposed to be meeting someone. And by someone, she was really supposed to be meeting a guy. In all honesty, though, she wasn't looking for him. This guy had been hanging around for two weeks, and she was over it. She wanted to meet someone new. Stepping off the dance floor, she waltzed over to the bar, a little breathless from the dance. "Tall beer! You know which one," she called to the bartender. Usually it was Krikhaar behind the bar, but tonight it was a man. She smiled when he brought it to her, and she took a swig. Dressed in a skin tight pair of black pants and a green top dotted with sequins, she knew she was noticed. How noticed, she couldn't say.

She turned her back to the bar, leaning against it and propped her elbows on the wood. Surveying the scene was part of her nature as a VSITF member. The smell of alcohol and sweat mixed with a hint of fruit from the sweeter drinks at the bar filled her sensitive nose. A waft of cologne hit her every now and then, or the overpowering stench of perfume, but she let all the smells in. It was important to knowing who and what was around you. There were some vampires and some werewolves, even a couple witches, in the mix tonight. A typical Saturday night at the Luna.

On the prowl, she waited, stalking for any good prey. This maneater was looking for new meat.
Posted: May 3 2012, 10:18 PM

Advanced Member
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Group: Werewolf
Posts: 40
Member No.: 19
Joined: 13-October 11

There was supposed to be some fights tonight, but they were cancelled. It upset Adrian a little, he had been having a rough couple of days and was in the mood to get in to a good ol' fist fight but that wouldn't be tonight. Instead he figured he could grab a drink or 5, maybe pick up some chick and have at his frustrations in a more pleasant manner. That more pleasant manner being sex, for those who didn't get it. The wolf's life pretty much revolved around music, alcohol and sex, if it wasn't one thing it was the other.

He made his way up the steps into the crowded bar, and the just the smell of the alcohol almost made him stumble back into the secret room. Rach wasn't at the bar, it made sense now why the fight night was cancelled, she wasn't hear to make any profits. If she wasn't here to monitor how much she was making, then nothing was going to happen. How selfish of her.

Adrian had almost missed the green sequence shining off the rather decent smelling she-wolf. He only barely managed to catch the scent of her over all the booze and people. He could tell even as she was sitting that she had quite a figure, she gave out pheromones like it was Christmas or something. The side view he got though was some what familiar, he wasn't sure if he had met the she wolf before or just saw her around, either way he was in a mood for a friend tonight.

He walked over casually, sitting next to the she-wolf, "I'll have what she's having," he shouted to the bartender, pointing at her drink. Adrian then turned his head over in her direction, with that infamous smile of his, "Adrian," he put his hand out slightly, offering it to her.
Posted: May 6 2012, 10:28 PM

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Group: VSITF - Werewolf
Posts: 13
Member No.: 56
Joined: 7-March 12

Gina was caught somewhat off guard by the slightly musky scent of a werewolf nearby. Very nearby. She was about to look, see who it was that smelled so interesting, when she heard a voice next to her. "I'll have what she's having." Oh, really? At least the copycat was cute. Very cute. Hot, really. Had she found a new source of entertainment so easily? Her blue eye checked him out, while her green eye appraised him. He looked familiar, but she couldn't say exactly from where. He seemed like a very strong, very capable werewolf, not to mention older. That much was obvious to her, despite his youthful looks. And that smile of his was enough to tell her he was out to play too. A playful smile spread across her lips slowly in response to it, before she looked at the hand he held out to her. Adrian was his name. She reached up and put her hand in his. "Gina," she replied simply, turning to face him more. She was definitely game for this handsome devil.

When she took her hand back, she reached for her drink, taking a sip while she kept her eyes on him. How best to approach this? She rested her cheek against her hand with her flirtatious smile. "So where's your girlfriend, cutie pie?" she drawled, a twinkle in her eye. A guy like this didn't have girlfriends, that much she was sure of. It drew her to him more, since she didn't have boyfriends. Relationships were too much of a hassle. Perhaps one day she would find someone who could tame her, make her want to be the doting girlfriend, but she highly doubted it. It was just too much fun being unattached.

Her legs crossed as she took another sip of her drink, relaxing into the idea of spending a little time with Adrian. "What brings you here tonight?" she asked, her Southern accent warm and inviting.
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