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On the surface, the Von Steel Islands are a new tourist attraction and vacation spot. They're a place to run to to get away from your troubles and start anew. Beneath the surface the Von Steel Islands are a supernatural homeland and social experiment for billionaire werewolf Alexi Von Steel.

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ZURI ZAMORA Posted on Aug 19 2012, 11:11 PM
  Well there wasn't any magic to her guess. She simply had no idea what to guess so she took the first letter of the alphabet. The probability of her getting it right was pretty much the same for most letters, though there were a few like X that she'd eliminate on principle. But the long and short of that thought was that really, her guess was just that – a guess. She was pretty sure she'd not get it right, though that wasn't the reason she offered him a freebie of a question. She'd have offered it to him anyway, sooner or later. She didn't mind getting questions and she was fine answering them for the most part. His admission that she got it right actually made her laugh out loud – she was not expecting this but a childish part of her felt very satisfied at having guessed even if it was just pure coincidence. She grinned at him, or at least where she figured his face was from the way he stopped and tugged at her. ”I did not cheat!” she insisted, trying to imagine his expression. If she was going by the sound of his voice his expression was a mixture between pricelessly funny for her and a little boy that had candy taken away.

She waited her turn to be asked a question. It was only fair as he had given his name and she didn't even have to convince him. Zuri didn't make much of the sneezing at first, but as she felt him lean in and waited patiently but curiously fr the question, she realised the connection the moment he asked it. While he was still close to her, her hand moved upwards to poke him into his nose. ”Who's the cheat now,” Zuri chuckled. It was very obvious what she was referring to without ever having to utter the words werewolf aloud. The creatures had an acute sense of smell and witches were known to act like whatever you are allergic to that makes you sneeze. She never quite figured why that was, but she supposed it was a way for them to recognise a witch and beware. Werewolves she had generally not run into much trouble and vampires were the ones witches tended to dislike more out of the two species, but she was just too much of an optimist to disregard someone based on species affiliation alone. To her that was the same thing as racism and sexism and any other sort of discrimination based on fear and not understanding.

”You met one of us before, right? Or am I your first?” she questioned with a chuckle at the unintentional playful double meaning of a sentence that has snuck into her question. She had whispered it into his ear before he had fully pulled away, but he certainly caught the sight of her chuckling. She tugged at his hand, wanting to follow up on that promise of ice cream. ”Come on then Adrian, I'm sure you can talk and walk at the same time,” she blind witch teased him as she pulled on him. ”Unless you are scared of me now. Wouldn't be the first or last that refused to continue any involvement with me because of what I am,” she shrugged her shoulders, but honestly hoped that'd not be the case. He was proving to be a nice company so far and she was always sad to see people go before she could get to know them only because she was a witch. She wasn't the vengeful kind, not unless she had a good reason at any rate, but being a witch was enough to put off a lot of humans or supernatural alike.
ADRIAN VEGA Posted on Aug 14 2012, 05:47 PM
  Adrian snorted at her comment, it was a failed attempt at laughter. He was sure it was obvious that it sounded like a failed attempt at laughter too. She was funny, but in the same sense that someone considered a smart-ass is. Zuri's comments her very kind sounding though, she had a very cool way of talking, as if she were an islander her whole life. Maybe she was? It wasn't something Adrian could have known either way. She was a stranger after all, "Why I did hear something like that. That Von Steel fellow really caters to his people, huh?" he chuckled, patting her lightly on her back. He didn't want to knock her down again after all.

His proposal had been accepted. He could see that the moment that she grinned after he proposed his challenge to her. It seemed unlikely she would get it though. They kept walking towards their destination. The sweet promise of ice cream was something to be honored, especially for the home-made, mouth-gasm kind. He waited patiently for her guess while she spent time deducing what letter it could be in her head. It took a minute before she guessed it right. Adrian's facial expression was priceless, his jaw dropped while frowning simultaneously. He was a little sad she had gotten it, he even stopped in his tracks, bringing her to a stop in him, since he had her by the hand, "You cheater," he accused jokingly. Who would have guessed A of all letters, "My name is Adrian," he told her, the sound of defeat in his voice.

She offered a question in return. Any question that he wanted to ask and he would get the truth. This could be a good one. His nose was tingling being around her, it was a strange sensation that he got from only certain individuals. Those individuals were of the Wicca variety usually, and this could further break the ice. He paused for a moment, inhaled deeply through his nose and sneezed, "excuse me," he apologized. She was definitely not human, "Okay, I got a question," he paused for suspense, "Are you a witch?" he leaned in and whispered in her ear.
ZURI ZAMORA Posted on May 8 2012, 08:14 PM
  ”Yes, I think that is about it, though they are thinking about raising it. Something about 100 bucks being too low for the likes of the rich island folks...” she grinned in retort. She grinned, smiled, laughed and made faces a lot if she paused to think about it. She often imagined herself looking kind of comical doing that, like as if her expressions were exaggerated. She had no way of seeing herself really, so there was a chance of that. But she hoped that if that was the case, someone from either her family or close friends would've made her aware of it at some point in the past. She had hardly been cuddled when she was younger only on the account of her disability, which she didn't really see as a disability (no pun intended though that always made her chuckle in her head). Everyone has always been with her as with everyone else so if she was making a fool of herself they'd have told her. Hopefully that was.

Zee considered his small challenge and grinned just a little again. Games were fun and she could play. The witch pondered for a moment, thinking which letter to choose. It was a simple guess and only so many options really, but the chance of her getting it right were slim. She was just about to say her guess when she felt his hand enclose around hers and tug gently. She steered to the side to follow the man. Any normal person would me worried about a stranger tagging them along most likely, but Zuri was not quite your average normal girl. ”I'll guess A,” she said. It was the first letter in the alphabet and a chance of her actually guessing were tiny so why not go with the first letter in the alphabet? It was all in good fun anyway. She kept up with him, trusting him to not run her into one of those solid unmovable objects she mentioned to him before.

It wasn't too long before they arrived, or she thought they did since he stopped. She was still holding his hand instinctively, not even giving it a second thought. ”So did I get it right? The letter,” she was curious, very obviously so. She wasn't hopeful and she'd be fine leaving today without ever really knowing the man's name but it was also fun to win, especially if the chances of it were epicly small to begin with. ”I tell you what. If I win and you tell me your name, you can ask me whatever you want to and I'll answer truthfully,” she offered him a deal, a way to make his giving her his name worthwhile. And also random questions from random strangers were a good way to get to know one another – him from her answer and Zee from his question.
ADRIAN VEGA Posted on May 8 2012, 12:41 AM
  It seemed although she couldn't see she was well aware of the facial expressions she used, it was her smile that gave it away. Adrian had noticed it earlier when she whispered to him about her "secret" talents. She was quite a strange girl, who in all honesty had been lucky to run in to, literally. When she explained herself he laughed again, although this one was much more contained than the previous one, he was going to nod before he remembered she couldn't see, "Very well, ice cream is pretty delicious," he agreed, keeping in step with Zuri.

He kept his eyes out for any thing that might be in front of the girl once they reached the end of the beach, Adrian wanted to make sure she didn't run in to anything, it was the least he could do for her. He did catch himself watching her while she walked though, there was something about her walk, she almost strutted, she beamed with confidence. It made him feel the need to walk a little taller just to compete with the atmosphere she exuded.

He chuckled at what she had said, was she serious? Change, is that what people carried around on the island for ice cream, with the opportunity he decided to make joke of it, "What's change? Is that less than 100 dollar bills?.." he tried to keep going but the laughter caught him before he could go on, Adrian wasn't rich or anything, but he did make a decent living. Adrian didn't want to give her his name, not because he didn't want her to know it but this was too fun a meeting to get in to boring details, "If you can guess the first letter of my name I'll tell you," he offered to the blind witch.

The wolf took in a deep breath trying to find any scents that one could associate with an ice cream parlor, in particular a genuine ice cream parlor. He caught a whiff of milk, sugar, chocolate, and so many other sweet scents he figured that directions was the most reasonable direction to head, "I think it might be this way," he grabbed her hand gently and started walking towards the aromas be had smelled a moment earlier.
ZURI ZAMORA Posted on May 5 2012, 08:30 PM
  Zee grinned at the snort. She liked making people laugh whether it was something ditzy she did, a good joke or just being there. Giving other people that sort of joy, if only for a moment, was always worth it. She liked doing it because the world was a nicer place that way. She smiled under her nose at his comment. She hasn't quite expected him to invite her, but she would gladly go with it. So no, she wasn't walking away. She turned his way, feeling him next to her once again, giving him that same mischievous smile. “No, that is a 'let's find the nearest ice-cream place', because I've been craving some since the morning,“ she grinned at the man. She sensed uncertainty from him and it almost made her laugh because all the while she sensed that, she didn't quite peg him for the type to be uncertain. Then again while she might've been a good people reader, she only knew him for a few minutes so who was she to know?

She settled into a comfortable, rather lazy pace, and walked confidently. She felt the sand under her feet, the cane still not being used. She figured two things: one, she would think on this more when her feet now longer had sand underneath them so she'd know they were off the beach and two, since she had someone with her that saw and already felt bad for running into her, he'd not let her walk into something solid again. Hopefully that was, but Zee often chose to trust that things would work out one way or the other. It was the universe's way, the nature's way and by extension her way. What goes around, comes around and she wholly believed it.

“I hope you have plenty of change, I can eat ridiculous amounts of ice cream,“ the witch advised. She was hardly the girl that would order one scoop to make it seem she wasn't scared of calories, but not more so to actually keep th calories off. Such things never really crossed her mind, she was just herself. “If I remember well, there's a small place nearby where they make proper ice cream. Not that supermarket crap you can get everywhere these days,“ Zuri contemplated aloud. “So what's your name? So that I can feel better about going for an ice cream with a stranger,“ ZZ asked him. She wasn't worried though a few stranger meetings ago, one tried to kill her. She shivered at the thought but moved on from it quickly, the darkness inside abating. It was a pleasant sunny and warm day and there was no reason to spoil it after all.
ADRIAN VEGA Posted on May 4 2012, 10:05 PM
  It seemed like the smile of her face was a permanent fixture, even when she seemed a little flustered by Adrian's successful attempts to help her up, well she did end it with a thank you, maybe it didn't bother her at all. At this point Adrian couldn't tell if she was just genuinely in a good mood or trying to be polite, "You're very welcome," he smiled at her before coming to the realization that she couldn't see, he was really glad she couldn't see what happened and his cheeks reddened with embarrassment. Now, he really felt like a total jerk with the accidental thoughtlessness of his action, but she didn't see so, 'no harm, no foul', right?

"Well, I'm glad we're on the same page that I'm not easy to knock down," he laughed along with her. She was quite the ball of sunshine, maybe it wasn't Adrian's type of person since he was a child of the moon, but he liked it. He listened to her talk about her skills at avoiding objects of the immovable kind and smirked, "Must be hard when they go chasing you down huh?" he laughed, "I am really sorry about that though," he reminded her he was truly sorry for the incident. He leaned in with her as she shared her talents with him, "I'll be sure not to tell anyone," he responded.

It was then she raved on about the perfect plan for Adrian to pick up women in the most excited tone, as if she gave him the key to meeting women and with that, Adrian laughed. He laughed so hard he snorted a little as he calmed down, "Okay, well how about it? You want coffee or something?" he asked the strange woman. He looked at her for a moment, "Now, if you reject me, I'll feel lied to and will never be able to trust another stranger ever again on how to pick up women," he joked. She then started walking past him, did he offend her? Adrian really never knew when he said something wrong, he just assumed everything he said was charming, "So, is that a no?" he caught up with her, walking along side her.
ZURI ZAMORA Posted on May 4 2012, 09:09 PM
  She actually laughed at the somewhat cheesy joke. Sometimes those were just what the doctor ordered. She didn't find it awkward at all, though it was just a tiny bit cringe-worthy. But there were so many different possible, and much worse, scenarios that she was glad he felt fine enough to joke about it. There were the very shy types that'd apologise profusely and she disliked when people felt bad on her account. In the meantime, she leaned tot he side and was almost holding the cane, or so she'd like to think, when she felt his hands on her. They were strong, but at the same time delicate in an odd way. Her mind flashed to people she's met that played on an instrument, it was rather obvious from the touch. At least for a blind but otherwise perceptive person. She ran a hand through her hair, getting whatever sand she could out of it and waited. ”You needn't have, I've been at this all my life, I can manage,” she said but without a hint of annoyance. It was just a statement really. ”But thank you,” ZZ smiled in his general direction, knowing whereabouts he stood from the energy that exuded off him.

She laughed softly again as she took hold of the cane. She was well aware that it was nearby. She could sense objects, but the personal ones with a longer history with her more so. It felt warm to her and she reached out to get it while speaking to the wolf again. ”Somehow I doubt you get knocked over a lot,” Zuri said with a giggle. ”I get both really. I sometimes run into things, though as the years go by I get better at avoiding large hard and immovable objects in my path,” the witch concluded with humour. ”It's an acquired skill,” she said mischievously as she leaned in just a little, her voice lower as if she was planning a conspiracy. She then pulled away again and continued smiling. ”Though you should consider perfecting this routine,” she started. ”You know, run into a girl, apologise profusely, help her up with those strong arms, offer coffee or something...I think it could definitely work! Zee said excitedly as if she just came up with the best idea ever.

”Just careful with the blind ones. Most are a drag and they already run into things a lot and can't see the surely pretty package you are to run into,” she laughed again and started walking, the cane idly by her side, not being used.
ADRIAN VEGA Posted on May 3 2012, 10:49 PM
  He wasn't expecting her to start laughing. In all honesty Adrian was genuinely concerned for her well-being fearing he had caused her some serious injury and there she was just lying in the sand having a laugh, he chuckled a little uncomfortably. Was she crazy or just inherently in a good mood? He didn't know but he figured if she was laughing, she would be okay or he caused some serious head trauma but either way he could find out after she had gotten her bearings back.

When she spoke, her voice was very warm, she kind of exuded friendliness just from what she had said. It reminded him of a were-feline he had met some months ago, except she was a bit different, less maternal and more easy-going. It was then that he noticed how attractive she was, and he couldn't help but smile. Adrian was easily the luckiest male alive. No one ran into nearly as many pretty girls as he has in his life time, it was pretty great, "Oh, well sorry for the potential bruise, I can sometimes be a pain in the butt," he joked. Yes, it was cheesy but sometimes that worked to his advantage.

He put his hand out to help her up, but she didn't notice apparently, she seemed to be looking for something, he was almost sure she was facing him when he put his hand out. Adrian paused for a moment to look around to see what she was trying to find and it was then he noticed the cane. She was blind! That was new, he'd never bumped into a blind woman before.

Adrian decided to help her up and with that went over to her, picked her up, and help her on her feet. It was when his nose began to itch slightly and tingle. Perhaps she was a witch? He then realized what he was doing, "I'll get the cane for you," he jogged over to where it had fallen and grabbed it. He ran back and put the handle near her hand, Adrian wasn't sure if she'd be able to sense the object or she needed physical contact to really know, "Hey, we suffer from the same luck, except less getting knocked down for me," he joked again.
ZURI ZAMORA Posted on Apr 29 2012, 09:36 PM
  The collision had been somewhat unexpected if she was to be completely honest. That was one annoying thing about no eyes that you sometimes failed to notice things early enough to prevent them from happening. Then again she could've heard him, sensed it or something along those lines, but her distraction with the beauty of the day had prevented her from doing so. It had been very quick, within seconds she was falling rather hard against the sandy dunes of the beach. Sand itself wasn't hard, it was pliable enough but she's lived on enough beaches to know that a large mass could be rather hard against one's butt and she was experiencing that feeling now. The cane had fallen out of her hand and landed not too far from her and she was on her butt. It wasn't comfortable, but it'd come with nothing more than a bruise in the worst case scenario. Nothing was broken or twisted or badly hurt and she actually laughed, letting her upper body fall lazily against the sand.

”It's ok, nothing's broken, though I suspect I'll have a bruise on my bum,” Zuri chuckled in response to his worry. She liked his initial reaction though, most replies she's come across included something along the lines of 'are you blind or what woman?' to what she'd have to say yes and then they'd studder and feel somewhat bad...it was an endless cycle of the same thing, so to have someone actually nice about it was certainly a good start of things. It only took Z a moment to notice something else about the man – he was not human. It wasn't hard to pinpoint, especially given that she has been around the supernatural all her life. The scents of both vampires and werewolves were easy enough for her to spot, they were so distinct. Vampires were generally not too pleasant to sense, but werewolves, to her at least, had an earthy scent to them so to speak. They made her feel of nature, the wild and untamed, and didn't mean discomfort.

Almost unconsciously, her hand began to move around in search of her cane, wanting to remember to get it before she'd be standing up and potentially walking away. At times Zuri could be quite the scatter brain and forget things, letting them lying around. ”Besides it's my luck I get run into, knocked over and the like,” she joked, not a hint of annoyance in her tone. These things were to be taken in a stride, that was what she's learned over the years and she wasn't going to spoil her perfectly nice day by being mad at someone for nothing serious. That sort of thing wasn't her style. All the while, her hand was searching for the cane, her eyebrows furrowing just a little when it wasn't coming to her as easily as she'd have liked and she didn't feel like summoning it...less challenging that way sometimes.
ADRIAN VEGA Posted on Apr 19 2012, 06:10 AM
  Adrian had decided to take a run on the beach today. Why? some may ask, if he is already in killer shape and a werewolf with the strength of like 30 grown men? It was good for the soul and it was nice outside. The sun was out, skies were blue, and there were so many, many pretty ladies. It was Adrian's favorite past time to look here and there, exchange a smile or two, some would get the wink if they were lucky. When it came to the opposite sex there wasn't anything the old wolf couldn't handle, not that he needed to, he was always very straight forward.

The sand beneath his bare feet was a strange combination of rough and comfortable, how they sank in to the sand, and it molded so well to his feet, while they still faintly scratched his skin. The sand was one of the most unique things on this planet, he couldn't see how any one didn't love crushed up rocks. He originally intended to invite Frederick to come run with him, try to make amends with the alpha, but he just couldn't let it go, Adrian didn't want to forgive him.

He slowly drifted towards the water, not really slowing his pace as he kept pushing forward. This was one of the few times he would really think about the things going on in his life, his new strange friendship with Eleanor, his recent estrangement from Santiago. He looked down at the sand, watching the waves crash on the shore so gently, it distracted him only for a moment and sometimes that's all it takes for Adrian to run in to someone, what he should be famous for really. Bam, like that he crashed into a woman. She felt like a woman, not that he meant to feel anything of hers. He fell into the water and only heard a small thud against the sand, assuming that the object he ran in to fell.

Adrian came to almost immediately and jumped up to see the downed girl. He quickly ran over to her. He had felt horrible, what if he hurt her? or worse? He was genuinely concerned. She was still alive he could hear her breathing, "I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking up and I didn't see you there," his nose began to tickle slightly as he got closer to her. It was a strange sensation.

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