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Title: Don't Just Stand There
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ROSE DEA - February 15, 2012 11:43 PM (GMT)
And here she was. Never did Rose think she would be dealing with the supernatural again, but they just seemed to find a way to keep her roped in. She wasn't even sure why she had agreed. Sure it was a lot of money, but maybe just maybe she had wanted to be living in the same place as her half-sister again. Of course, she hadn't exactly told Toni that she had come to the island.

As far as her sister knew, Rose was still in the United States, living her life away from all the werecreature problems. And Rose couldn't help but sigh and wish that were the case. But even in the US she seemed to end up with supernatural stuff around her. Why? She didn't understand. She wasn't special, not like her sister.

Rose yanked lightly on the leash she had in her right hand as she attempted to check over the piece of paper she had in her left hand. She had known her sister's address for a while, but she never thought she would actually use it. Once she confirmed the house number though she tucked the paper away and pulled on her leash again, "River, hold still! Come on, you know better, why are you getting so antsy?"

It took a moment, but Rose managed to get the silver colored fox to head toward the door she needed. She only hoped her sister would be home at this time, it was the best she could do after work, and even if she wasn't River, her fox, got her walk for the day. Rose liked to kill two birds with one stone all the time.

She took a deep breath and reached out to knock with her free hand, while River sniffed the door, before sitting down and looking up at Rose. She smiled down at him as best as she could. She wasn't sure how her sister would react. Suddenly showing up. It would probably only be more insane when Rose explained she was one of the head doctors working in the nearby hospital now. Her breathing grew a little shallow as she waited.

TONI DEA - March 8, 2012 02:23 AM (GMT)
The slender cat trotted down the streets of the Island, and odd sight since this was hardly a normal cat. A long legged cheetah larger than one should be moved at a lazy pace, long tail swishing between her back legs. Streaks of light had already begun to grow in the horizon behind her though the full moon still illuminated the mud covered legs and the blood that stained the Cheetah's muzzle. A stray dog had become the cat's prey for the night, it hadn't been of original planning but the mutt had been bold to attack and Toni couldn't always keep the Cheetah from taking over during moments like so. She stopped a moment to heft her upper body against a tree for a stretch, powerful shoulders moving sharp claws down the trunk to leave marks in the bark.

It was for these nights that Toni had placed a large pet door in the back that would allow her into her home without having to worry of shifting back into human and risk the chance of someone seeing her nude and muddy. Happened before back when she was eighteen, not fun. Once in the living room the slender cat stretched, a shudder rippling down her spine as the form of a human took the Cheetah's place. Toni took slow work in arching her back until she heard a slight pop, then went to stretching out her fingers and toes before finally letting out a pleased sigh. While well tired she didn't want to have to clean mud off of everything so Toni found herself taking a quick shower before curling up in the bed, enjoying the warmth under the covers.

Knocks on her door reached the Cheetah's sharp ears and caused her to growl in frustration but keeping her eyes tightly closed. Maybe whoever it was would go away. Naturally they didn't. Tone groaned and climbed out of bed, slowly making her way through the house. Who it could be was the confusing part, much of the pack would be sleeping in as well to recover from the long night. I swear there had better be a good reason for this. she growled as she opened the door before tensing and staring at the woman on the other side of the door. Rose?

Impossible, she hadn't seen her half sister in quite a while. Rarely did Toni ever find herself visiting the US and Rose hardly enjoyed coming back to the Islands. The woman squinted, I would hug you if I didn't think I were still sleeping.

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