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 Geoffrey Lehrer / Scrawl, Stop hitting yourself!
Posted: Apr 18 2011, 11:28 PM

Stop hitting yourself!

Group: Renegade Admin
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Joined: 18-April 11

Codename: Scrawl
Real Name: Geoffrey Lehrer
Affiliation: Renegade!
Origin: Geoffrey Lehrer was the youngest child of Claire and Uwe Lehrer, but their eldest son died when he was five and Geoffrey was two. As a result he grew up seriously doted on, but with all these awful expectations that he was supposed to live for two now, that all of the expectations his parents had had for Luca are on his shoulders. Still, they didn't have a lot of money, and it broke his parents' hearts that they were unable to afford to send him to art school. He had to drop out after one year. Since then he's hung around more with tattoo and graffiti artists, even making something of a name for himself in the latter arena. The name "Scrawl" was known in the slums long before Geoffrey realized that he was anything more remarkable than one poor kid out of a million who would never amount to anything because he didn't have rich parents.

One night, he was working on a mural on the back wall of an abandoned laundromat. The cops showed up, and Geoffrey was infuriated at being interrupted. Tired of being chased away from the only thing he could afford to create, he threw his can of spraypaint at the nearest officer. They rushed him and promptly tased him, and he reflexively tased one of them back. It was ruled a misfire and, like many cases of taser-related police incompetence, was hushed up and soon forgotten. It took him months to pay off the fine, and his parents were deeply disappointed in his apparent criminal activity, but the boy was an artist! They couldn't afford to give him better ways to express himself, and so they blamed themselves. Geoffrey didn't tell them what he'd done.

He currently works a retail job delivering sandwiches on his bicycle, but he has also worked as a door guard for a local club. His main concern was that the patrons of the bar not get mugged outside, but even now if he sees something right in his face, he's not just going to let somebody get hurt by some stupid petty criminal. He doesn't understand how motivated the heroic types get, running around the city looking for something to be righteously angry about. Still, supervillains can be pretty irritating. They're seldom really accomplishing anything, and he finds their passion for pointless ambition to be totally baffling. Have any of them really created anything that lasted?

He's dated but not often. He so seldom finds anybody that he really thinks he can talk to, not anyone who is also beautiful in that "blank canvas" sort of way that appeals to him. They've all ended up being one night stands. They just… didn't have what it takes to be the partner he's looking for. He's got an easygoing sort of charm and doesn't take himself too seriously (and he has amazing hair) so there isn't really a shortage of interested parties but… they always end up disappointing him, and there's just never anything to pursue*.


    o Level 1: He can transfer any physical injury he has personally sustained to any target he can touch. These injuries hurt the target as much as the original injury would have hurt them, not necessarily how much it hurt Scrawl. This makes it worse to pass a kick to the face on to an infant than to Richard Starr. In the case of other player characters, their player decides to what extent that particular injury would harm or hinder their character. When Scrawl passes it on to someone else for the first time, the injury he sustained is completely healed as though it had never been there… except of course that now he has access to it to inflict it on others. Scrawl's body is pretty tough, and it could be mistaken for a thick hide from fighting or the calcification of bones that get impacted a lot, but it isn't. He isn't healing his body's stresses after a fight naturally, which means that that's just how his flesh is. This hardiness allows him to carry on through a little more punishment and pain than someone with a gentler lifestyle.

    o Level 2: Range of his injury transfer increases to multiple targets within several paces, a relatively short range but still more formidable than touch-range. By this point he will have been in enough fights that he'll be a decent brawler, though not a trained martial artist. He'll just know what will hurt his opponent, and what will hurt him too much. Easier to strike that balance between letting himself get hurt, but not more than he can handle. Scrawl's also got what boxers call a jaw of granite, able to shake off blows that would make an audience cringe to reach forward and pass them on.

    o Level 3: Scrawl can cause injuries to targets at long range, within about fifty feet. He's also been in a lot of fights by now, and knows his way around a brawl. Scrawl's command over the health of others has increased such that he can draw on their body's memory of previous injuries to call them back, forcing his target to suffer them all over again. He doesn't gain these injuries to pass on to others. This will obviously be highly individualized and, in the case of another player character, up to their player. At third level it is becoming clear that Scrawl's body just isn't interested in being damaged, and injuries he passes on to normal people will hurt them noticeably worse than they hurt Scrawl.

o Level 4: Scrawl can cause injuries to anybody he can directly see or hear. He's also gotten his ass handed to him in enough fights (either legitimately or because he let them hurt him) that you probably aren't going to do anything with a punch or kick that he doesn't know how to counter. Scrawl's body is just not acting like it's made of meat and bone anymore. It's still possible to hurt him, but it's obnoxious and requires handing him terrible injuries to use as ammunition and hoping they pile up quickly enough that he can't give them back. Just get out of melee and shoot him quickly (and make it good, or he'll share the pain and shoot you back).

Current Replicable Injuries
o Dog bite on his right hand. It's okay. He's had his shots and no he didn't need stitches.
o Random scrapes from crashing on his bike. Not too distressing, unless you're a four year old or something.
o Taser! Don't worry. Those things are fairly low amperage.
o Nightstick blow to the ribs. Caused him a lot of nasty bruising and a couple of hairline fractures.
o Several crushed metatarsals that he can replicate one at a time. This takes a while, but it's a good one.

Weaknesses: Scrawl needs to survive whatever he is hoping to inflict on others, which means that he's got reason to be somewhat reluctant to add to his arsenal (though there will probably always be those who are willing to do so against his wishes). Doesn't really know how to fight. He just gets close enough to touch his enemy and wounds them with his power.

Equipment: Scrawl works with a toolbelt first aid kit, since even though he can generally get over his injuries far more quickly than most, it's not always easy to tell whether something will go too far and need actual attention. It's better to be safe than sorry. He also carries handcuffs and zipties, though anybody with super strength will just laugh at them. He also carries an X-Acto knife.

Appearance: (what you look like!)
    o Civilian: Geoffrey has blond hair, and is 5'9". His eyes are a sort of dark grey-blue. He wears long sleeved shirts most of the time, since while he very much likes his scars, he also isn't always interested in answering questions about them. As for them, he has various shapes and patterns cut into his arms, back, and chest. He couldn't reach them to do them all with his own hand, of course, but he did design them himself. No, he cannot give you his scars. They were made too long ago, and anyway those ones are his.

    o Costumed: Link.
Team (if applicable): N/A

Miscellaneous: He doesn’t handle disappointment well. If it's something he feels it's reasonable to expect, he's going to be upset to be denied. After getting a small taste of a real art education and then having it slip through his fingers for a stupid reason like money, he's just not interested in being let down any more.

*Footenote: Scrawl's past relationships ended more poorly than people expect. Both of his previous two lovers are dead. What he wants is somebody who is beautiful like he is, and because he is tremendously proud of his scarification, he wants to find someone who can match. He strongly prefers women, but he wouldn't turn down a guy.

He wanted them to match him, and he thought they were ready. He thought that they would understand, that they could be his partner, his mate, his other half. Neither of them wanted his beautiful scars, though, and that made it harder. Of course, he did it anyway, because they were just afraid that it would hurt. Love always hurts, though, and if they'd survived, they would have understood that.

They hadn't been strong enough, though. They died before he was done. he finished his work, made love with them one last time, and fed the resultant mess to sewer beasts. Nobody could know. Most people wouldn't understand, but someday Scrawl will find somebody who will. Someday Scrawl will find his match, and he can finally be happy. With all that he has done for the city, doesn't he deserve to be happy, too?

Posted: Oct 27 2011, 07:12 PM

Stop hitting yourself!

Group: Renegade Admin
Posts: 90
Member No.: 31
Joined: 18-April 11

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