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 Bari Eisenberg
Bari Eisenberg, Esq.
Posted: Jun 2 2011, 03:13 PM

Putting the "Circuit" in "Circuit Court"

Group: Superhero Admin
Posts: 24
Member No.: 51
Joined: 2-June 11

Codename: None, though she publishes her blog under the pseudonym The Advocate

Real Name: Bari Rochelle Eisenberg, Esq.

Affiliation: Hero

Origin: Born in the suburbs of Metro City to well-off but busy parents, a lawyer father and a surgeon mother with the power to see through solid objects, Bari Eisenberg had a typical upper-class Jewish upbringing. At thirteen she was treated to a lavish Bat Mitzvah party, and at sixteen an even more lavish Sweet Sixteen party. At nineteen, a year into her undergraduate career as a dual major in pre-law and English, her mother threw her a much more private party in honor of Bari manifesting the power to draw electrical energy from standard power sources and emit it from her hands as small bolts of electrical energy. The revelation that Bari had powers wasn't unexpected - her mother's child, she tested strong for P.E. genetics, and from puberty onwards she and her parents looked forward to finding out what form her powers would take. During her undergraduate schooling out of state and later law school (specializing in trial law and P.E. law) at Metro State University's prestigious Murdock School of Trial Law and Constitutional Studies, Bari had occasional fantasies (usually around finals time) of leaving school to become a superhero called Spark or The Grid or Lightning Lass, but she pressed on and eventually was treated to yet another party by her parents, this time for passing the bar at the age of 27. She worked in her father’s firm for a few years, but where she always had her heart set was P.E. law, and eventually, with her father’s blessing, Bari left the firm to become a CAPE defense lawyer.

Bari made a name for herself quickly both as a lawyer for P.E.’s and a respected member of the powered community herself. Her superpowered clients could trust her because she was one of them and, not being a hero herself, she had no reason at all to keep her true nature a secret.

Of course, while Bari does not use a codename, she does use a pseudonym. When not at the office, she is the Advocate, a blogger who writes on issues important to the P.E. community as a powered entity herself. Only a few close friends know that Bari is the Advocate. Between her contacts as Bari Eisenberg the lawyer and her readership as the Advocate, Bari is one of the most well-connected supers in her generation.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Dual B.A. in English and pre-law, law degree, skilled in rhetoric and debate, basic knowledge of powered biology, electricity absorption. Avid jogger, with some self-defense training (though, living in a city, she is never far from a power source to defend herself with). Bari’s electricity storage power makes her very resistant to electrical attacks, though not immune, because her body conducts electricity with significantly reduced impedance.

o Level 1: Bari has the ability to draw current out of an electrical system within a half meter of her hand. If she is not touching the system, the current will be visible in the air as a line of bluish sparks. It takes her 10 minutes at a standard 120-volt A/C outlet to draw her full charge. She can expend this charge as bolts of electricity shot from her fingers. These bolts impart enough of a shock to paralyze an unprepared enemy for as much as a minute, and could even cause burns if she releases a full charge all at once. In addition, she can slowly deplete her stored charge in order to gain an effect not unlike caffeine (though without most of caffeine’s side effects) – if Bari is not sleep-deprived before entering this state, then on a single charge she can operate as though well-rested for eight hours before needing to recharge, as long as she has something to concentrate on. Her energy needs grow exponentially the longer she is in this state until she has held off sleep for 24 hours, at which time she must either get a full night’s sleep or remain in constant contact with at least a 120-volt power supply (i.e. wall outlet). At around the 36-hour mark, her power fails regardless of contact with a power supply. Using actual caffeine at any point during this process is a major health risk for Bari. Bari has a small number of associates at this level who may owe her a favor (or be willing to pay her a favor in exchange for a favor of her own), and a small handful of readers and former clients who might be willing to lend a hand.
o Level 2: Bari can hold more electricity, enough to seriously injure someone with her bolts. In addition, she can stay up for 36 hours without staying “plugged in” (but still charging frequently), or 50 hours if she remains touching an outlet. She can also, when she concentrates, emit a field that disrupts radio waves in her vicinity, causing electronic eavesdropping and telecommunications to fail. This is a considerable drain on Bari’s powers. Her fans and professional contacts are more numerous, and would be more likely to do a favor for her out of respect.
o Level 3: Bari’s bolts can cause serious harm to people, vehicles, etc. Bari can use her powers to remain active for 72 hours after she would normally go to sleep, and can stay up an additional 24 hours after that if she remains “plugged in”. She has enough control over her electrical output to safely power most electronics as though she herself was an A/C outlet or a battery. She can also enter a state in which she expends a full charge over the course of eight hours to boost either her mental or physical energy level – enough to triple the speed and efficiency of her reading, writing, or problem solving or boost her endurance and agility considerably. Afterwards, she must get a full night’s sleep.
o Level 4: Bari’s bolts are quite easily lethal to an unprotected person. As long as she charges often, she need not sleep for a week at a time. The maximum length at time she can enter her boosted state has increased to 12 hours, and only uses a half charge (though she still must sleep for at least 4 hours afterwards). Her electrical field can also boost radio waves, and at a full or nearly-full charge she can tune into radio frequencies and hear them in her head. She is a celebrity in the superhuman community, and can expect perks from this – free drinks at O’Houlihan’s and possibly avoidance of parking tickets, etc.

Weaknesses: Short circuits are as dangerous to Bari as they are to any power source, so she must avoid emitting electricity while immersed in water.

Equipment: A 2009 Mazda MX-5 hardtop convertible and a new-model HP laptop.

Appearance: About 5’7”, with a slim, athletic body, toned through years of jogging and aerobics. Bari keeps her naturally curly chestnut brown hair long, and prefers to wear it down except when she is dressed professionally.

o Civilian: Bari dresses to suit her mood, and when not on the job can be found wearing anything from a tank top and shorts to a t-shirt and jeans to a designer dress.
o Costumed: For court or other official business, Bari is normally seen in a professionally-cut blazer over a blouse and skirt or a professional dress.

Team (if applicable): CAPE legal department.

Miscellaneous: Bari owns a dog, a male beagle named Buster.

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