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 Melvin Terry / Meltron
Posted: Feb 22 2011, 02:26 PM

Corrupted Brilliance

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Codename: Meltron

Real Name: Melvin Terry

Affiliation: Villain

Origin: Melvin Terry grew up in the slums of Metro City, being raised by his devoutly Catholic father after his mother passed away during childbirth. Enduring harsh treatment from his father and bullying at school, science was the only solace he found in life. It was an escape from the chaos of his life. It made sense. It had order. It would never let him down.

Melvin eventually graduated at the top of his class, and was able to secure a scholarship for Metro University, majoring in applied cybernetics with a minor in biology. Unfortunately, the scholarship was not enough to get him a dorm room, so he was forced to live at home, with a father that constantly accused him of throwing away his faith (a laughable matter, seeing as it was something he never possessed). His father soon died of a heart attack, and though the police suspected foul play, no evidence was ever found.

After graduation, Melvin found scarce few opportunities for his skills, and ended up as a maintenance man at a dairy plant. He attempted several times to get promoted to the company's research department, but to no avail. One fateful day, a scientist was transporting a new experimental compound, touted to keep ice cream frozen in any temperature until ingested, across the factory floor. Melvin saw him and spoke to him as he walked, quizzing him about the compound as he walked. Eventually, a dip in the plant's floor caused the cart to tip and the compound to spill all over Melvin. At first, nothing happened, but after he went home, Melvin experienced terrible pain throughout his body, eventually discovering the compound had the reverse effect than the one intended... his body was slowly liquefying.

Sure in the knowledge he could be saved, he started stealing equipment from the research department to develop a cure. Even using examples of the compound that created his condition, he couldn't find a way to treat himself. Eventually it became clear that once the reaction began, there was no way to reverse it.

Science had turned on him, too.

Enraged at this discovery, he decided his own life was all that was worth sustaining in the world. Using his last day at the plant to rob them blind using an Artificer-made handgun he stole from an unsuspecting thug, he did his best to find the Artificer's hideout and buy himself a rudimentary suit of armor, which he then modified to ward off his body's liquefaction, even if only temporarily. Now, he is one of the city's Most Wanted, his daring crimes leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Meltron's body is in a state of constant cellular degradation and flux, and is kept in check by an an Artificer-built cybernetic suit which he has modified heavily since purchasing. After a time, Meltron can, with some will, form his body into various shapes and forms. He is also a brilliant scientist, with a cold and calculating mind.

o Level 1: Meltron has an energy cannon built into the right arm of his armor. He can also form claws in his exposed hand.
o Level 2: Meltron augmented his primary energy cannon, in addition to adding twinned shoulder mounted energy beams. He can also form his hand into larger forms, such as hammers, whips and blades. That said, he is a slave to conservation of mass and cannot make something that takes up a bigger mass than himself.
o Level 3: Meltron augmented his suit further with a transformative arm-mounted gatling gun with hidden blade attachment. He can also form his face into different shapes, both familiar and horrific.
o Level 4: Meltron's suit is a true weapon of war, with energy cannons and blades hidden at several points. Also, it's modular, being able to be plugged into several of his larger metallic creations. He is also now a full-fledged shapeshifter, having stabilized his condition and now able to mimic any human body he knows... and any horrific creature he can think of.

Weaknesses: Meltron's body is weak, existing a stiff gelatinous mass at best. Without his suit, he is easily dealt with. Additionally, his suit, though powerful, has an inefficient power management system, and as such, runs out of energy if it's in a prolonged battle.

Equipment: Meltron's suit is usually the only equipment he needs.


o Civilian: Melvin is an African-American, about 6'5", but he rarely goes out in public undisguised any longer, as without constant concentration, his appearance appears to degrade and melt.
o Costumed: Seen here.

Team (if applicable): None, though the Artificer has been known to call in a favour or two from time to time.


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