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 Honesty Brooks / Ersatz, put on your game face
Posted: May 10 2011, 05:29 PM

here beneath my skin

Group: Superhero/Moderator
Posts: 116
Member No.: 40
Joined: 10-May 11

Codename: Ersatz

Real Name: Honesty Brooks, age 22.

Affiliation: Hero

Origin: Honesty Brooks was born in London in 1989. Zir father was a Medical Assistant in the Royal Navy, so Honesty and zir mother were moved around a lot from base to base. Honesty came to the USA zir senior year of high school as an exchange student. During Honesty's year in Metro City, zie offered to help zir host father (an MCPD detective) with an investigation into a fellow student who'd been accused of making and selling crystal meth. About half of the young man's customers were actually Honesty. After that, zie registered with CAPE under the name "Ersatz" in case any further opportunities to help out came around.

Ersatz is still not an actual US citizen but rather an EB-1 Permanent Resident. Works for CAPE (and occasionally gets contracted out to local law enforcement) to aid surveillance teams. It's easier to follow someone around without them getting suspicious if the same person on the team can look drastically different from day to day. Zie's capable of mimicking an American accent thanks to having lived here for a while, but will fade in and out of it depending on who's around. When talking to zir parents or friends from school, zie tends to be a little extra English compared to hanging out with Metro City's police force (who thought Ersatz was a bit of a nancy boy until a couple of them watched zir shed).

Despite having been born female, Ersatz prefers male forms. Female forms make Ersatz feel like zie's in drag. Zie doesn't identify as perfectly male, but is more comfortable being identified as one by others. Using male pronouns is completely okay, since not everybody is used to gender-neutral terms. Zie's not terribly picky, though the neutral pronouns are what zie prefers when it's feasible.

Ersatz can be spotted in alternate forms because zie tends to prefer to be barefoot unless the demands of work or weather make them a necessity.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Shapeshifter. Ersatz has a real talent for cutting through crap to the heart of an issue, and as a result zie's pretty good at figuring people out. This intuition helps zir both when zie's trying to figure out what's on somebody's mind, or if someone is consciously lying to zir. Can type text messages at a ludicrous rate, thanks to long experience on duty sending status reports via SMS. Ersatz has basic familiarity with electronic surveillance tools and procedures.

Level One: Ersatz can mimic things which are purely genetic by transcribing everything in a provided sample that zie can get by touching the person or something like their hair or something that's been in the subject's mouth. This means that genetic super-abilities are replicated (though anything that needs to be actively used is not doable), but fingerprints or skin tone or tooth decay won't be exact because those are technically acquired traits. Also acquired--genetic disorders or defects like near-sightedness (unless Ersatz goes to the trouble of putting new eyes in).

This transformation is messy and entails the actual shedding of flesh to emerge with the new form.

Any extra mass required has to be acquired by eating, which means that it'd take multiple shiftings to turn into a ten foot tall version of him/herself simply because it's not possible to eat enough foodmass in one sitting to make it possible. Conservation of mass can be a bitch.

Five available forms from which Ersatz can mix and match traits such as eyes or fingernails or breasts or hair. These are listed at the bottom of the sheet.

Level Two: As level one, except that minor injuries can be healed by renewing the flesh in question and effectively restoring back to factory defaults. Ten available forms to select from.

Level Three: As level one, except that major bone-deep injuries can be repaired by reforming what's been damaged. Twenty available forms. Ersatz can improvise features that zie doesn't have "on hand," but which are possible within the current range of human possibility.

Level Four: Rapid (but messy) regeneration from basically any injury. Forty available forms. Pure improvisation is available, allowing Ersatz to do things like give zirself horns or claws or other things that aren't possible for humans.

Weaknesses: Injuries. Poison. Hard vacuum. Parasitic microscopic life. The usual.

Equipment: Extensive wardrobe. Always have to have something that fits any given form. Tarps to catch the wrecked, shed, dissolving mess of zir discarded forms. Bleach and lime to clean what's left.

Available Forms to Mix and Match:
  • The one zie was born with! Woman. Petite and curvy with dark skin, black hair, high cheekbones, slender hands, and a wide smile.
  • One of zir high school substitute teachers. Tall young white man. Dirty blond hair and grey eyes and freckles. Large hands with long fingers.
  • A waitress zie thought was pretty. Average height. Sleek black hair and skin a golden tan. Almond-shaped eyes. Delicate frame with thin fingers and small feet.
  • College kid who beat zir in an impromptu bout of extreme frisbee. Tall, lanky, lean-muscled guy of about twenty. Light brown skin with pale brown eyes that are almost yellow. Enormous feet.
  • Young man who came to zir door doing a fundraiser for the Metro State University Democrats. Short black hair, pale skin, slight build, pretty short guy. Broad nose, steep jawline, dark eyes.
Team (if applicable): N/A, so far, though if they'd take zir, zie'd be more than happy to join up.

Miscellaneous: Loves eating weird new foods. Andrew Zimmern is a personal hero, though zie doesn't understand what the hell his problem is with walnuts. Seriously, Andrew? You'll happily eat fugu sperm, but walnuts are right out? Of all the things to be a big girl's blouse about. Walnuts.

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