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 Duane Gels / The Allergist
The Allergist
Posted: Apr 26 2011, 04:55 PM

Atopy is Bliss

Group: Villains
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Codename: The Allergist

Real Name: Duane Gels

Affiliation: Villain

Origin: From childhood, Duane Gels suffered from a terrible tree pollen allergy. He spent many years as an allergist, working tirelessly to help people deal with everything from mild hay fever to life-threatening food allergies. But when a shellfish allergy he had not detected claimed the life of his two-year-old daughter, he retreated into despair, feeling that his work had been meaningless; the allergies always won.

He decided to kill himself with an overdose of allergy serum, a super-concentrated dose of the tree pollen that had plagued him all his life. The incredible stress that this put on his system activated his latent mutant powers, returning him to life with a variety of allergy-related superpowers.

Unfortunately, the physical trauma of this suicide attempt combined with the emotional trauma of his daughter's death to drive him to madness. He considers himself a hero fighting against the allergy menace, but also seeks revenge on people without allergies, and sometimes doesn't wait to find out whether his victims have allergies or not.


o Level 1: The Allergist can release a substance into the air that will cause a severe, but not debilitating or life-threatening, allergic reaction in any targeted individual without a superhuman immune system. There is a limit to how much he can produce in a short time. His own system is superhuman, giving him a minor enhancement to healing abilities.
o Level 2: He can release a substance that will cause a severe allergic reaction in everyone nearby without a superhuman immune system. Each day, he can produce enough to have a crowd sneezing for a few minutes, or to put one person into anaphalactic shock. His healing ability is well above the norm.
o Level 3: He can produce enough substance per day to put five individuals into anaphylactic shock, or to incapacitate a crowd for an hour. He can regenerate blood about as quickly as he can lose it unless the injury is extremely major (on the level of limb loss); even then, he's in little danger.
o Level 4: He can produce enough substance per day to set the whole city sneezing for a few hours, or to put ten individuals into anaphylactic shock. Only the removal of an absolutely vital organ (heart, lungs, or brain) could kill him; only major organ damage would even slow him down much.

Weaknesses: The Allergist is addicted to his own allergy-producing substance, which makes it difficult for him to stockpile large amounts. He doesn't have any enhanced fighting abilities; once he's out of substance, he's just a middle-aged man with healing abilities. Even at level 4, he isn't completely invincible. Also, he's crazy. If you remind him that he's supposedly fighting for people with allergies, or present him with an allergy sufferer (particularly a former patient of his), you might be able to talk him down.

Equipment: When he's not punishing people without allergies, he's destroying allergens. With a flamethrower.


o Civilian: Pretty bland. He's middle-aged, not in terrible shape but not all that great. Almost bald, gray-brown hair, pale blue eyes.
o Costumed: A lab coat and a gas mask (which is just for show; his substance can't hurt him).

Team (if applicable): The Allergist works alone.

Miscellaneous: Most of the time, The Allergist will try to avoid hurting kids and people with allergies. When he remembers.

Ah, I see what the problem is. I prescribe FIRE! And maybe some Benadryl. But mostly fire!

Characters: The Allergist | Jennifer Bryans | Sable
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