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Title: Algie Wilson

Algie Wilson - June 27, 2012 03:56 AM (GMT)
Codename: n/a

Real Name: Algernon "Algie" Wilson

Affiliation: Renegade

Origin: Algie was a relatively normal suburban teenager. Then, one night, a few weeks shy of his eighteenth birthday he changed. He doesn’t have much recollection of the night he got abducted, besides excruciating pain and silhouettes that he couldn’t fully make out, but it changed him. Once outgoing and well-liked, Algie became withdrawn and prone to violent outbursts. His grades began to slip and he got dismissed from college after a year. Now 21, he is unemployed and lives with his parents, who are becoming increasingly worried about their son.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Algie’s abilities derive from alien meddling with his brain.
o Level 1: Limited telekinetic powers—can move objects less than five pounds for approximates five minutes.
o Level 2: Telekinetic powers—can move objects of fifty pounds for up to an hour.
o Level 3: Strong telekinetic powers—can move objects of several hundred pounds for extended periods of time.
o Level 4: Limitless telekinetic power.

Muddled brain: The alien meddling in his brain has left Algie in a state of perpetual confusion. Additionally, the aliens, wanting to monitor his progress, have made Algie particularly vulnerable to telepathy and mental attacks. Side effects include: takes to suggestions easily and nightmares.
Sickly: His body occasionally rejects the alien brain implant in his body, leading to debilitating headaches, bloody noses, and uncontrollable vomiting.

Equipment: Pocket Knife.

Appearance: Algie is a gangly, sickly looking 21 year old. He puts little effort in his appearance. His hair is long and tangled.
o Civilian: Algie wears normal civilian clothing, usually jeans and either a t-shirt or a plaid button down. Aligie is convinced aliens are lurking among him. He has taken to wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a scarf that he uses to cover his mouth. He wears it even in hot weather.
o Costumed: n/a

Team (if applicable): none.

Miscellaneous: hates aliens.

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