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Title: Huginn

Huginn - November 24, 2011 06:40 AM (GMT)
Codename: Huginn

Real Name: Albert Olsen

Affiliation: Villain

Origin: One day, Albert Olsen was gone. No one at the city zoo could find him. His parents, the well-to-do Margaret and Bjorn Olsen, searched for months to no avail. Little did they know an old man, homeless, half blind, and rumored to be mad, had taken young Albert and unlocked the power within him...

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Albert holds indirect (and direct) sway over the thoughts of others.

o Level 1: Albert is able to direct a person's focus to an innocuous object for a small time (i.e. you start to concentrate on a discarded popcan for a few seconds). This gives him the ability to avoid detection by a single person via misdirection.
o Level 2: Albert can cause up to three people to concentrate on things other than himself.
o Level 3: Albert's abilities take a more philosophic turn, as he can make up to ten people consider small objects or one person consider a more personal matter (job choice, relationship, etc.) at the forefront of their mind for a few moments.
o Level 4: Twenty people come under temporary distraction, five people become introspective, and one person can be made to reconsider all their life's choices for about half an hour.
o Level 5: Huginn can create a full blown Someone Elseís Problem field around himself, being able to be completely ignored by those around him, effectively making himself invisible. Huginnís SEP field can be tied to any object or person he likes.
o Level 6: Albert can cloud minds to a point of creating a mindscape as real as real life to the targets. Friends can be made to seem as enemies, dangers can be made to seem benign; whatever Albert wishes can be conjured.

Weaknesses: Albert is twelve years old. Also, those with similar abilities are near impossible to distract.

Equipment: A boxcutter and a crappy hat.

Appearance: Charlie Bucket rolled in dirt and more poverty-stricken than usual.

Team (if applicable): Team Odin.

Miscellaneous: None.

Previous Metro City Experience: I'm the boss, the king, the shah.

Vector - November 26, 2011 04:16 AM (GMT)
I still don't think you've gone far enough here, Charles. Also, isn't "condemn subjects to live out a mindfuck" Munin's deal? We need to figure out how to get them to be distinct yet complimentary.

Also, note that she gets shit like telekinesis and turning into a raven. You need to use her as a guide more than you are.

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