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Title: William O'Dell / Blades Bill
Description: aye, avast ye

Blades Bill - September 6, 2011 04:42 AM (GMT)
Codename: Blades Bill

Real Name: William O'Dell

Affiliation: Renegade

Origin: Bill was raised on skyships and zeppelins. His parents were both freight runners for Twist Shipping, and he aspired to take over their ship when he was of age. Unfortunately, due to unscrupulous actions on the company's part, they were forced to retire early with an atrophied pension. So, he resolved to get as much money as he could to make their lives easy, and maybe strike back at Twist Shipping at the same time.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: Bill can psychically manipulate metal.

o Level 1: Bill can telekinetically control small amounts of metal (ten pounds at the absolute max). He is also proficient in several forms of swordplay.
o Level 2: Bill can control 30 pounds of metal at a time, and twist it into rudimentary shapes (blades, spoons, steel knuckles, etc.)
o Level 3: Bill can manipulate 80 pounds of metal at a time, and he gains fine enough control over his powers to make more complex machinery (clockwork, revolvers, engine parts, etc.)
o Level 4: Bill can manipulate up to 150 pounds of metal to create armor, rudimentary clockwork servants, and can now transmute small amounts of metal (1 pound per day) into other forms (lead into gold, bitches).

Weaknesses: Strong magnetic fields completely short out Bill's powers. Even being near a computer weakens him. Also, he cannot generate metals; he must use external sources.

Equipment: Bill usually carries four swords on him, hence the name: a broadsword, a katana, a rapier, and a cutlass. He also wields a magnum revolver.

Appearance: Bill's a bearded fellow, usually clad in a wifebeater, cargo pants, army boots, and a green headscarf.

Team (if applicable): A member of Flynn's sky pirate crew

Miscellaneous: Bill is the ship's cook, but Flynn knows to rely on him in a pinch.

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