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Title: Conner Comeau / Cynic

Cynic - June 21, 2011 08:56 PM (GMT)
Codename: Cynic

Real Name: Conner Comeau

Affiliation: Renegade

Origin: I never took up the cape, alright? I had it forced on me. That's what my dad does. He gets a kick out of the whole thing. But I just want to do something somewhat normal. So I go to law school, right? Dad barely talks to me at all the whole time. I go out on my own and start working under a Metro City law firm. Dad still doesn't talk to me. Until I start winning some cases. Then he's all over my case, and suddenly I find myself as a attorney at Stanley, Arthur, Clarfield, and Holmes. And somehow, a bunch of the super villain cases start coming to me. I finally notice and I go confront my dad. Tells me I've had powers all along. So then he makes me think I want to follow in footsteps. But then he goes off and dies, and now what am I supposed to do?


o Level 1: Cynic's power is hatred. At this level, he can increase hatred of things you already don't like. Suddenly, instead of wishing that little yippy dog would just shut up, you want it to die of AIDs. He can only affect one person at a time, within his sight, and no further than ten yards away.
o Level 2: The influence of his power grows. Instead of just wishing something on that yippy dog, you're ready to actually strangle it yourself. On weak-minded individuals, this comes to the forefront of their brain, often clouding them from any other thoughts. Additionally, he can affect a second person, and from twenty yards away.
o Level 3: Cynic gains the power to lessen hatred, even cause you to like things you didn't before. Need a kid to like brocolli? Cynic can handle that. He still has limits, however. He couldn't, say, make a member of the Klan marry a black woman. But he could make him stand to be in the same room with her. He can now affect small groups of people with general ideas, or two people with specific ideas.
o Level 4: Cynic can now incite riots wherever he goes, if he wants. He could make a single person love something they once hated. He no longer needs to see his victims.

Weaknesses: Cynic is a normal man. He is not super strong, fast, tough, or smart. Additionally, he has to

continously pour out some small amount of hatred onto something. When he's alone, he finds himself hating things he can stand when he's within eyesight of others.

Equipment: A bunch of law books, a smoking hot secretary, and a pair of legal aides.


o Civilian: bleh, see avatar. Although, note that he doesn't always have the ridiculous facial hair. Sometimes he LARPs steampunk. SUE HIM.
o Costumed: Like his father, he never had a costume made. But if he needs to hide his identity, he has a pair

of mirrored sunglasses, and a handkerchief.

Team: None

Miscellaneous: Son of Skeptic

Previous Metro City Experience: I'm the goddamn admin.

Conner Comeau - September 2, 2011 06:28 AM (GMT)


A Very Important Date
Nobody likes white roses, Conner. God, why are you so stupid? Everyone hates your stupid face.

Safety First
Conner is Mercy's lawyer now.

Song of Bachelor Men
Conner and Rick are dudebros and also they ruin a jazz bar.

Saucerful of Secrets
Nick hates Conner, guise. It's totes canon .

The Villain Lawyer
Conner is more of a demon than Metro City’s actual demons.

Which Way I Ought To Go From Here
See, I told you. Everyone hates you. Kate doesn’t even know it, which is why she’s trying to still date you in this thread, but she totally does hate you. Stop tricking her into thinking she likes you, you jerk.


Who Stole The Tarts?
The age difference between Kate and Conner might be coming to light with her making him do things like eat and sleep and wear a sweater because he’ll catch a chill and call his mother they never talk anymore and to keep the kids off her lawn. Some of those might be exaggerated.

Much Pleasanter At Home
Conner harnesses the powers of a hundred generations of lumberjacks in this thread by growing a beard and living in the woods.

Sins of The Father
Papa was less of a rolling stone and more of a falling boulder.

Excuse Me, is this yours?
Conner Comeau the Manchild has a son.

Hate that I love you
Fuck Flint Mays and fuck his girlfriend.

Confessions Pt. 42
Conner totally feels bad about this. He tried to ruin Flint’s love life, and was only mildly successful. Too bad he couldn’t make one of them gay.

A Fall Such As This
Suicide is wrong, Children.

Draw A Long Breath & Shut Your Eyes
Kate and Conner continue their semi-weird sex life.


This Sort of Life
Conner refuses to be seen in public with Kate. It's definitely because she's a hipster and nobody loves the hipster kid.

All In The Golden Afternoon
Conner gets giggly with sexy talk.

]Nothing But Good Intentions
Kate is being a huge bitch about wanting to go out and get herself killed. Conner might have tried committing suicide like two weeks ago so he can clearly throw stones here.

I'm Not Myself, You See
Conner lets Kate make her own choices. He is going to regret this.

Parlay Pity Party
Conner and Flint meet in a TGI Friday’s and Conner again fucks with his mind. Because he can.

Facing Your Demons
Conner and Kate talk about how he fucked with Flint.

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