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Title: Kate Delacoeur / Siren
Description: The Queen of Hearts

Kate Delacoeur - June 13, 2011 09:54 AM (GMT)
Codename: Siren

Real Name: Kate “Queen of Hearts” Delacoeur

Affiliation: Hero, retired.


Kate always though she would be one of those “lifers,” and was involved with CAPE from an early age. A well known hero in her 20s, Kate fought crime with the best of them. An excellent public speaker, CAPE often used Kate as a public face for the organization. She did interviews, parades, and locked up villains left and right.
Despite success in her hero career, the popular hero privately struggled with the consequences of heavy-use of her powers - a spiralling descent into delirium. After a long day of crime-fighting, Kate would return home with little awareness of her surrounds or ability to function in a sensible manner (essentially, as though she was black-out drunk) . She was forced to take long periods of time off for recovery, and eventually confided in the CAPE medical team. Her symptoms grew worse every year, and despite numerous tests and experiments, there appeared to be no cure. Her medical team had no choice but to recommend retirement.

She retired on her 30th birthday, and has worked at Durlan Maximum Security Penitentiary ever since. She spent almost two years as warden but stepped down from the position when it became too much to handle. She now works as head guard, a position that she feels suits her much better. Then inmates (and many of the employees) nicknamed her "Queen of Hearts" during her time as warden, and continue to refer to her as such.

Powers/Abilities/Skills: The powers Kate is best know for are her sonic scream and “smoke screen.” The smoke screen an ability to create a sweet-smelling hallucinogenic smoke, which she blows towards her enemies as smoke rings. Kate is immune to her own smoke.

She also makes a mean pot of tea.

o Level 1: The scream will leave people’s ears ringing, and is great for grabbing people’s attention. Smoke will cause mild hallucinations (auditory and visual) that last for 10 minutes after inhaling it.
o Level 2: Scream can leave people deaf for 10-15 minutes at a time, followed by all sorts of ear ringing, Smoke hallucinations will last for 30 minutes.
o Level 3: Scream can deafen people for extended periods of time. Smoke hallucinations are stronger, and include tactile hallucinations related to the victims fears (e.g. bugs crawling on skin, the feeling of drowning). Hallucinations are intense for 15 minutes and then continue to come and go for another 30 minutes.
o Level 4: Her scream can shatter glass, and ear drums. Hallucinations are akin to living nightmares.

Weaknesses: Repeated use of her powers has a detrimental affect on Kate. Dizzy at first, before long she becomes delirious and nonsensical. The problem has gotten worst as she’s aged.

Equipment: Vorpal Sword (snicker-snack!)


o Civilian: See avatar. Daily clothing is her work uniform: a button up shirt and slacks. She carries a handgun, a big jangly set of keys, handcuffs, and walkie-talkie.
o Costumed:

Team (if applicable): none currently. Previously worked with a team called “The King’s Men”


Previous Metro City Experience: Blind chicks and crazy chicks.

Kate Delacoeur - August 15, 2011 07:45 AM (GMT)


Down The Rabbit Hole Kate used to be Warden. But now she's not. It's uncomfortable for everyone, except the new Warden.

A Very Important Date Kate goes on a date with Conner. It's important.

But What Did The Dormouse Say? Kate talks to her buddy, Locomotive the prisoner. Typical day at work. She totally does not play favorites.

Which Way I Ought To Go From Here Hey, remember that date? Yeah. Kate's dating that guy. Also, everyone hates him. SHE'S A REBEL.


Who Stole The Tarts? Kate makes Conner eat and then puts him to sleep with her boring hipster music.

Life Lessons Kate becomes mentor to Son of Dinosaur Cadillac. Normal retired hero stuff.

Much Pleasanter At Home Actually, they are not at home, they are at a cabin. We learn that Kate has a beard kink. Fucking hipsters.

Sins of The Father Kate and Conner go to Canada, because it's not like that could go wrong, right?

Confessions Pt. 42 Kate gets all weird about Conner interfering with other people's love lives. What a bitch.

A Fall Such As This Kate visits Conner in the hospital and everyone is happy that he isn't dead.

Say What You Mean Kate goes to O'Houlihan's because obviously it's total normal to find the woman your boyfriend's dead dad almost murdered and thank her for not leaving your boyfriend to die on the rocks. This is normal, right?

Draw A Long Breath & Shut Your Eyes Kate let's Conner know she has really inappropriate hero boundaries. Kate and Conner continue their semi-weird sex life.


This Sort of Life Conner refuses to be seen in public with Kate. It's probably because she's a hipster.

All In The Golden Afternoon Kate and Conner talk about heroing and no one agrees on anything. This is not foreshadowing.

Nothing But Good Intentions Or, We're All Mad Here. That last thread wasn't foreshadowing.

I'm Not Myself, You See Kate DelaPoorChoices is forced to play hooky from work. It goes okay.

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