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ISABELLE REID - November 9, 2011 11:15 PM (GMT)
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meet isabelle reid - she's twenty-four, an up and coming prosecution lawyer in new york, and she absolutely detests nicknames. she's self-assured, and seemingly confident, although she's covering up huge insecurities and loneliness, and she is extremely good at her job. there's no doubt that she's going to go far, and she's got here all by herself - her past isn't something that she likes to think of, because things are great now, but she didn't always have money, she wasn't happy at high school, and she had a kid at seventeen that she gave up for adoption. she can be sharp and teasing, and is pretty quick to get upset if something strikes a nerve, and she's generally easy to get along with, but she's a workaholic (far too many people have told her that she has a stick up her ass), and doesn't exactly know the meaning of the word 'fun' - she literally has to be dragged out, half the time.<p>


friends; she's pretty easy to get along with, but isabelle is a huge workaholic, so she doesn't really know a lot of people that she hasn't started talking to online, or via work - she basically has no friends in new york, and none from high school, so there'd be more casual friends/acquaintances than anything else here. she's good at talking to people casually, less good at getting to know them well - and she has a habit of liking people who turn out to be assholes.<p>

there are bound to be some enemies, however. she's a lawyer for the prosecution, and there are bound to be rivalries there, and anyone who went to high school with her is probably unlikely to know her, since she was constantly bullied - although i think it would be pretty interesting if someone who bullied her did turn up now that she's successful, and want to get to know her. she can also be kind of a bitch if you hit a nerve or she thinks you're being stupid.<p>

isabelle's had a few past relationships, nothing particularly serious, but she's been single for a while now, so ex-boyfriends are welcome. she might have had a few casual flings since college, but nothing serious. she's horrendously in love with a certain mr watkins, however, has been for a very long time, now, so she'll flirt, but she's really not interested in current relationships.<p>

and anything else is fair game, too. colleagues, clients, people she might have associations with through the police, or something like that.

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isabelle reid</div>[/dohtml]

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JASON WATKINS - November 10, 2011 03:09 AM (GMT)
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ISABELLE REID - November 10, 2011 10:20 AM (GMT)
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