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 Brezze, Kent Rave
Kent Breeze
Posted: Sep 30 2008, 07:39 PM


Kent Rave Breeze
Rave; Intimacy

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Town Status: College
Birth-date: July 31st
Age/Grade: Twenty / Freshman
Occupation: Student


Sedate - As most college students are, Kent is always keeping a quiet, steady attitude towards others, despite conflicting personalities, and all type of situations, and pace, which greatly assists in completing complicated assignments. He has felt like this every since he started high school, requiring a nonchalant feeling to avoid violence, both verbally and physically. And for this reason, it has become durable enough to withstand even the most annoying personalities Kent considers 'unwanted in a world of everlasting submission'. In this state, he is always talking logical and enjoys both being alone and with others. He also pretends to act a bit 'confused' about life and what it holds, just for the entertainment, seemingly uncaring about others judgments about him. This usually is spawned by his apathetic concern about his approach towards others.

Lazy - Because of his regular sedate spirit, there are times when the atmosphere becomes too relaxed, causing his muscles to be useless until he finds a purpose to move once again. It is a matter of what is going on at the certain area, depending on whether his lazy persona decides to show up or not. During these times, he tends to enjoy being alone and resents company, dozing off into tranquility and silence. When company does come around, though, he rarely speaks, unless it is something of urgent importance. It is not ignoring, though, simply stuck in his own world locked to others.

Sexual - Kent works hard to shape and chisel his body into a masterpiece, therefore, believing he can get any female or male. However, he does not believe in relationships and clearly, loves to tease both sexes with intimate actions though nothing near penetration or oral; simple touches and such. Being a logical student, he knows full well about sexual assault. Kent only presents this state to those he knows well enough or in parties, where it is somewhat accepted. He speaks in a rather sexual and devious tone, drawing in his target with sweet and luscious words, whether it be male or female, which confuses many about his sexual orientation. Though many claim him to be bi-sexual. In general, he knows when and where and how to execute these actions, giving him the nickname, 'Intimacy'.

Serious? - There is never a time when Kent is serious about a situation, no matter its level of importance. It accompanies with his sedate spirit, which prevents him from being the least bit serious about anything. He jokes about every situation that calls for an air of serious people, believing the world is crude enough without regular students being stiff on simple subject. Nevertheless, this does not mean he will not take the matter at hand with the importance it needs.

Resent - No, not towards people or objects, but towards people who do not properly acknowledge objects or people correctly, using words that associate with this subject. These words are: Like, that, it, etc. No one has quite been able to figure out why Kent hates these words said. Whatever the case, he pokes the forehead of anyone who says it without warning, not caring about personal space or affiliation. It is usually followed by wise words or just staring before moving away. For this reason, he does not use those words, instead, words usually replaced by them.


Kent Rave Breeze is the only child of Kent and Amanda Breeze. Lucky enough, for his parents were both drug addicts and took much of their rage out on Kent whenever seen fit. Living in L.A., California, majority of profits to afford an expensive house and running car came from selling drugs in an undercover fashion. For Kent's younger years, he was bought up by a hired female nanny who lost her whole family from a house fire, due to the constant forest fires. So she treated him as her own Son, though he was very reluctant about it. Reason for this, his young age made him more reliable to his actual Mother than to some stranger. After a month, though, his Mother's presence became rare, therefore, causing him to find refuge with his nanny. Their relationship grew quickly afterward, all the way into his older years.

Around 12 years of age, Kent's life changed for the worse, as if it wasn't bad already. His Mother initially did not care about her Son's growing relationship with the nanny until she noticed changes within his attitude, personality, and overall stance in life. She became infuriated while her husband slept one rainy night, caring less about his son. Grabbing hold of a kitchen knife, she mutilated the hired nanny while she slept in their house, disposing of her carcass in a garbage can out back. Next, she felt determined to rid herself of the nuisance of a son she birthed: She took him into this world, she could take him. Over the years their nanny was alive, she taught Kent much about standing up to himself, along with other stuff considered illegal, though he seemed to not care at all. Strolling into his room, the blade soaked with warm crimson red blood raised into the room and descended upon the hapless body of Kent...

His household became distorted with malice and jealousy and sexual content, causing Kent to abandon its limits immediately. Disguised as a wanderer, he took refuge with a passing truck driver, who kindly took him where he was going. Kent could care less, satisfied with escaping death a month ago. His Mother's assault managed to injure him fatally, but he managed to survive when his Father awakened and stopped his Wife. Since then, he remained hospitalized for two weeks and stayed at a relative's house for the remaining months. But the atmosphere was too familiar, he needed to escape. So the truck driver took him to Bailey, Montana, where he stayed with the old man and his aging wife, after recalling his depressing story. He was traumatized for a whole year and a month before absorbing into his newly-developed personality and attitude after a year implosion. He remains secluded about his past, though his new 'parents' can recognize he carries it in his daily interactions.

Random Facts:

-- Kent is actually straight, though he enjoys gaining the reaction of men when he sets them in a gay situation.
-- Surprisingly, Kent has never had a single date or relationship in his entire life.
-- Because of his curious mind, he has a minor criminal background for sexual assault.

Character Look Bi Rain
Other Characters: None.
Rules Read?: ACCEPTED
Phoebe Jameson
Posted: Oct 1 2008, 07:38 PM

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Phoebe Jameson
Posted: Nov 12 2008, 07:00 PM

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welcome to life in a small town. bailey, montana is so small that you can't find it on any map. however it is located between helena and butte. it is in every way a country town but it is also a highly obsessed hockey fan town. please remember to register in all uppercase when you make your account. we'd like it if you registered in FIRST and LAST only; ex: RAELYNN DAVIS.


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