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we have moved from here over to jcink and the site can now be found at if you have any questions about the move we'd be happy to answer them over on the new site. (:

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 site event ?, we want your thoughts
Posted: Apr 21 2012, 09:37 PM

thanks for making me a fighter ;
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site event 001 ideas!
so since we are almost at a month mark the admin have decided we should do a site event, this is where you come in! see obviously the site wouldn't be the same without its members, what events do you want played out? remember it has to involve all kinds of people so no one feels left out and it can't be too off the wall. so start naming some ideas!

<333 your staff: ((Kara, Laura & Teal)

Posted: Apr 21 2012, 11:11 PM

26 | [played by court]
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    An annual festival might work to bring everyone together! Or a fair (those are popular on tv shows/movies set in small towns!)

    Oooh, or there could be something related to the Bailey Icebergs, to highlight how hockey-crazed the town can get?

    Or someone can throw a party that gets wildly out of control really, really quickly!

    Or. A big town dance. Or. Um. I'll try to think up others, but it's 3 am so my brain isn't working very well right now. laugh.gif
Posted: Apr 22 2012, 01:10 AM


I was going to suggest a fair or something to do with the Icebergs too! Great minds think a like. Or we could sort of combine them? Like perhaps the fair is to raise money to send the boys to some big tournament or something? Then all the highschool students would be involved aswell as local businesses and towns people.
Posted: Apr 22 2012, 05:18 AM


I suggest this. It's both hilarious, and it'd be something to put onto the history of the town. and there could even be some kind of party after, with dancing and food and the such. Lol, but srsly, hilarious.
Posted: Apr 22 2012, 03:23 PM

finally g r o w n up
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awesome ideas. the headless chicken one is really interesting. haha.
Posted: Apr 23 2012, 05:38 AM


Bailey's Annual Headless Chicken FestivalGeneva Black was set to make a stew the evening meal on May 5th, 1926. Her husband Michael Black was due from the rabbit hunt he and his dogs had left for early that morning. It was getting late by the time he finally arrived—only to come empty handed. One of his dogs had been attacked by a porcupine before the hunt had really started, and it had been a visit to the local vet that had prevented him from ever really starting his hunt, given that the veterinarian was hours away. Still needing to feed her small family, Mrs. Black decided to send her husband to behead the ornery fowl—a rooster that gave them much issue.Michael grabbed the animal, but ended up chopping his head off in such a fashion that he left enough of his spine for the creature to survive. Much to his surprise, the creature made a run for it, and fled from his grasp. After much searching and story-telling, they find Mickey the chicken a few days later when the children in the area went on a scavenger hunt in look for what they presumed must be a body by then. Much to everyone’s shock and surprise the creature was still very much alive, and running around in confusion.Mickey the chicken lived for a couple more years, and grew very fat with the help of nutritional injections. He was a town favorite, and brought a few years of interest from newspapers and travelers. He even toured Montana every summer and was presented awards within county fairs.Bailey celebrates Mickey the chicken every May 5th, in honor to the chicken that brought much excitement to their lives. Annually a great scavenger hunt is hosted over the entirety of the town. A sum of money is given to the person that finds the most items on the given scavenger list. An annual rabbit hunting party leaves early in the morning, where the rabbit is brought back for Mrs. Black’s ever popular rabbit stew recipe. Chicken is not served on the headless chicken day, in honor of Mickey. At the end of the day, a massive party is held within the middle of the city. Bonfires roar, music plays, stew, marshmallows and jovial fun is served.In addition the idea of crowning a "Mickey for the Day" or something of the sort, as the winner of maybe the scavenger hunt or something of the sort.

I stole your cooode, but here is my idea.
Posted: Apr 28 2012, 04:35 AM

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we could do something like the burning boat festival they had on one tree hill?
it's like.. they go and have a celebration once a year where everyone brings something that they want to forget or get over and places it in a boat. on the last night of the three day festival, they launch the boat into the little lake thing they have and burn everything inside as a symbol of starting over. we could do something like that but instead of a boat you could do a huge bonfire during the festival? and it'd have like.. a parade and fireworks and rides and concessions. just a normal, small town get together, the main point being the burning boat (or whatever) at the end. idk if you guys want something like that, but it's a suggestion. (:
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welcome to life in a small town. bailey, montana is so small that you can't find it on any map. however it is located between helena and butte. it is in every way a country town but it is also a highly obsessed hockey fan town. please remember to register in all uppercase when you make your account. we'd like it if you registered in FIRST and LAST only; ex: RAELYNN DAVIS.


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montana skies;; was made just for life in a small town by kara

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