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Posted: Feb 25 2012, 09:40 PM

always and f o r e v e r
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drop outs




Posted: Feb 25 2012, 09:59 PM

always and f o r e v e r
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twenty-eight | cafe owner | resident | bethany joy galeotti
personality ~ sweet, caring, sympathetic and loving; those are just a few words that could be used to describe phoebe, she also friendly and semi outgoing. pheebs is very smart and has always liked learning. back in school she was always at the top of her class and went the one other students went to for help. she is responsible and punctual, two things that a lot of people seem to have forgotten how to be. one not so great thing about phoebe is that she has moments of being over emotional and not even during her period. her mood changes often and there aren’t warning signs; one minute she can be totally happy and the next she can be completely mad.

history ~ twenty-eight years ago on october 30th phoebe madeline jameson was born to alexander and camryn erickson after they’d been trying for two years to get pregnant. they finally decided to try artificial insemination and that was successful. the couple met at the university of montana when camryn was only a sophomore and alexander was a senior. they dated even after he graduated and came back to bailey. camryn finished up school and the night before her graduation he proposed. they were married six months later. after a year of being married they started trying for a kid. it took two years and an attempt by artificial insemination for them to get pregnant. when phoebe was two they tried again but lost the baby. the whole family didn’t deal with it well, even phoebe who although she didn’t really understand what was happening had been looking forward to being an older sister.

phoebe grew up in an upper middle class family as both her parents had pretty great jobs. although she grew up in bailey she has been to other places. before she started school her parents would take her on business trips with them and they did go on some family vacations while phoebe was growing up. no matter where she went though phoebe knew she's always live in bailey. though growing up traveling was a big part of life for phoebe, so was music. she learned how to play both piano/keyboard and guitar at a young age. today she still plays them a lot. phoebe only had a few close friends growing up because she was never focused on being popular or even trying to be. she was known as the tutor girl in high school.

at sixteen phoebe she met nolan jameson, a guy she thought was the love of her life when she was asked to tutor him so he could stay on the basketball team. they were not friends before they became tutor and tutored, although after awhile they were dating. that summer they got married and for two years they were relatively happy. they had some problems but they were little and easily figured out. then the summer before senior year nolan told phoebe that he has been scouted by a nba team and was leaving bailey to go play for them. she told him that she'd never leave and he left. two weeks later phoebe found out she was pregnant and had been sent divorce papers, which she reluctantly signed and sent back. phoebe had always hoped that nolan would return.

phoebe spent her entire senior year pregnant and almost completely alone. things were said about her that weren't nice but with the help of her friends she got through it all. if it wasn't for her best friend since childhood she probably would have left school. phoebe went into labour at graduation that june and almost twenty-four hours later her son, tristan michael was born on june 23, 2003. phoebe decided not to go to college and stayed in bailey working at taryn's cafe while raising tristan. phoebe and tristan are a very close mother and son duo, it had just been them for the first four years of his lfie. well phoebe's parents and friends have been around as well but mostly it was just been them.

four years after tristan was born their world was been turned upside down. nolan returned to bailey and she knew he was around, she even saw him one day when she was spending some time with tristan. phoebe was thrown into a tailspin after that day. neither of them had seen each other again or talked to each other at all since nolan left town. phoebe was busy worrying about how tristan would react and if he would understand why his father left and hadn't been around at all in his life. phoebe was very worried tristan would blame her when he found out and she didn't want that.

after nolan came back phoebe ended up being able to trust him again and they were together. then nolan found out his contract wasn't done and had to leave for six months. it was hard but they made it though and the day after nolan came back, actually the early morning after, he proposed. phoebe said yes and they were remarried on valentine's day that year, because they didn't want to wait too long until they were married again. when they got married again phoebe added jameson onto tristan's name and took it as her name again. for awhile the little family of three was happy. phoebe found out she was pregnant again and they all happily awaited the day the baby would be born. tragedy struck soon after when phoebe miscarried. it completely wrecked her and she really hasn't been the same since. phoebe was really down for days and couldn't get out of bed, much less leave the house. that was about four years ago. phoebe has since been able to deal with as much as is possible and now wants to try expanding their family again. part of her is scared a miscarriage will happen again though.
my name is kara. back when i first made this site in 2007/2008 i created phoebe for the first time. she had a lot of fun threads. sometime after that most of the got deleted so they are no longer here. anyway i also play mitchell sinclair, kaitlyn ryan, elena makrs, kaitlyn ryan, andrea black & aleksnader greene. my contacts outside of this site are aim, msn and email. all of which will be posted in the contact info thread in the ooc section.

Posted: Feb 26 2012, 01:38 PM

finally g r o w n up
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twenty-six | lawyer | returning | matt czuchry
personality ~ mitch was a complete condratiction a few years ago. He liked to party but then he also liked to do well in school. He liked to rebel against the family legacy but then there were times he'd use it to get what he wanted. mitch is not an easy person to figure out, not that anyone has ever bothered to really try and figure him out. his sister has him figured out and his two best friends have him figured out but those are the only people who have figured out the confusing being that is mitchell james sinclair. actually there was another person who had figured out mitch but they haven't talked in about four years or so. sometimes he likes that no one other than them have really figured him out and sometimes he wishes he had someone else who had him figured out. mitch was a player in college and high school. he dated multiple girls and had never had a real relationhsip until he met a girl in his senior year of college. the relationship last all that year and then it ended. mitch's father interferred and mitch messed up. he hasn't been the same since. he left bailey after that and had regretted not doing anything about his father for the last three years or so. mitch had fallen in love for the first time ever. these days mitch is a work aholic. he hasn't really been out for a night of fun by his own means in a long time. his friends always drag him out. where he had grown up they still act like college kids.

history: ~ twenty-six years ago the second child in the sinclair family was born. it happened five years after the first, who was a girl and three years after his parents james and nicolette met. his parents met through their parents who were business partners and had arranged for james and nicolette to get married. their first child was born when they'd been married almost a year. they named her alexandra victoria who they had been hoping was boy. five years later they got their boy and named him mitchell james. the five years between mitch and his sister were spent with james and nicolette trying to get pregnant again so they could have a boy. they got lucky when she finally got pregnant again because they found out it was a boy before he was born. from the day mitchell was born it was planned that one day he'd take over the family business.

growing up alexandra and mitchell had an easy life considering that their father was next in line to run the newspaper empire known as sinclair corporation. in bailey the sinclair's are a well known and powerful family. they were also the typical wealthy family that put on the mask of being a happy family but everyone knew that they weren't all that happy and everybody knew that james wasn't faithful to his wife. every one of their friends knew that. mitchell grew up with some of the most privileged people in the area and spent his pre-teen and teen years attending boarding schools. mitchell was somewhat of a rebel and tended to get kicked out of the boarding schools he went to quite easily. after high school he went against family tradition and attended montana state univiersity instead of the ivy league generations of his family had gone to.

despite the fact that mitchell grew up in a very wealthy household he really isn't as spoiled as people may think he is at first glance. he does act like it occasionally and has been known to use his last name to get what he wants but he doesn't do those things all the time. actually he hasn't really done that in about four years. he's not really a party animal either yet he is friends with people that are. mitch actually prefers to go to work and be responsible. after his junior year at msu mitch decided to take a year off, a decision totally unlike him and his parents were very surprised at this. it was the first rebellious thing he'd ever really done. but he was tired of school and thought he needed a break, so he finished junior year and then spent some time traveling around europe. he'd stayed in hotels all through his trip. the summer before his last year of college mitch went back to school.

it was that fall that he met a girl and fell in love. he had a serious relationship for the first time ever. he was really happy dating the same girl and they were together for the whole school year. then a few weeks before his graduation mitch really messed things up when he didn't tell her about his father's plans to send him to spain for a year to learn more about the buisness. alexis wasn't happy about that and when mitch's dad burst the beans on that to her she broke up with him. mitch was wrecked and hated himself for not telling her before hand. he just hadn't wanted to think about it at all and tell her would mean thinking about it. mitchell hasn't dated anyone since then. he worked his butt off in madrid, and despite his mother's billions of attempts to marry him off he is still single. his parents moved to helena a year or so ago but mitch has missed the small town of bailey and is back in town.

shortly after his year in spain mitch and his dad got into a huge fight. mitch doesn't remember anything about what the fight was but he eneded up disowned and he then went to law school. he used his trust fund that by then was fully his to pay for school but he worked to make his own money for everthing else. when he finished law school mitch got his first job on his own merrits. he started working at his first job in a law firm and worked his way up. a few months ago he got the chance to start his own firm and it was then that he decided to come back to bailey and do it here.
yep, it's kara again. mitch is also an original character from the first version of liast. for everything else please read what i said on phoebe's app.s

Posted: Feb 26 2012, 01:45 PM

this ain't a f a i r y t a l e
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twenty-four | ranch owner | resident | amber marshall
personality ~ kaitlyn is the shy quiet type and a true introvert. although with the people she is really close to, she sometimes can’t shut up. she loves to read and listen to music. if you walked into her house you would see bookshelves full of books and shelves full of cds and she reads and listens to pretty much anything. kaitlyn is also a horse lover which works out because a few months ago her dad died and kaity inherited the family ranch. kaitlyn also happens to be insecure about herself and her abilities in everything. because of how she's been treated by her fiancee, kaity also has some trust issues and she is pretty much scared of all men. kaitlyn is also a loyal, caring, person and hates to see those she loves hurt. if you get her mad enough she will freak out on you. kaity also hates being distracted when she’s working.

history ~ it was 1978 when travis and adriana (carson) ryan met, at the time they were seniors in high school and she had only moved to bailey, montana the summer before while travis had lived there his entire life. they started dating about four months after they met and years later told everyone it was pretty much love at first sight. they graduated and travis went off to school in bozeman while adriana stayed in bailey, helping out on his parent’s ranch because hers didn’t have the money to pay for her to go to school anywhere. travis came back home on the weekends and the holidays. the day before travis graduated from msu he proposed to adriana and they got married six months later. the engagement and marriage was not a surprise to anyone who knew the couple and everyone was very happy for them.

about a year after they were married they decided it was time to start trying for a baby. they had lots of unsuccessful tries and lots of tries that ended in miscarriage. after awhile they decided to just stop trying and when they did that adriana got pregnant. because of the miscarriages the doctor watched her carefully and asked her to not work hard during her pregnancy and in the end it all paid off because kaitlyn daniella ryan was finally born on december 31, 1987. there were complications during the labour though and both adriana and kaitlyn almost died. after kaitlyn was born the doctor advised travis and adriana not to have any more kids because of that so kaitlyn grew up an only child. the only sibling like person she ever had was her cousin who was always like a sister to her.

growing up on a ranch, kaitlyn learned how to ride horses at a very young age as well as how to take good care of them and how to treat them properly. kaitlyn’s mom was a jockey so she often got to go to horse races and see a hundred more horses than the ones they had back home and met some pretty cool people that way. but when kaitlyn was ten, her mom died in a horse riding accident during a race and after that her dad banned her from ever getting on a horse again, he even contemplated selling the ranch but one of the ranch hands convinced him not to by making travis realize that he’d really miss the place and then he realized that no one in his family would like it very much if he sold the ranch that had been in his family for generations. he never let up on the whole riding thing for kaitlyn though and she was barley ever allowed anywhere near the horses and especially not alone. because of that a rift was created between kaitlyn and her dad before she was even a teenager. she decided that once she was eighteen she would just leave. however a friend convinced her to stay and she did but it wasn’t without consequences.

kaitlyn finished high school and went straight to work on the ranch. she still wasn't allowed near the horses but kaitlyn found plenty of ways around that. when her dad wasn't around she would go out riding and hang out around the horses. when he was around she would sneak off and convinced the ranch hands not to say anything. while staying in bailey after high school, kaitlyn met a guy. he seemed like a great person at first but then after they'd been dating awhile things changed. cam started abusing her. at first it was only verbal and then it got physical. kaity got really good at covering up the bruises and cuts. she was too scared to leave him though and a few months ago when he proposed on one of his rare good days kaity said yes. that was just after her dad was killed in a car accident and since then katiy is convinced the abuse has gotten worse. she is so good at covering it up that no one in town knows, not even her best friend/cousin.
contact info will be posted in the contact info thread. my other characters are phoebe jameson, mitchell sinclair, elena marks, andrea black & aleksander greene.

Posted: Feb 26 2012, 02:01 PM

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twenty | waitress | drop out | taylor swift
personality ~ beauty and brains; that is the biggest way to describe elena. she’s beautiful but she was pretty much a straight at student in high school and she didn't do too badly at msu either. her father was also a pretty smart man, so if smarts were genetic she’d probably get them from him. lena is the one of the sweetest girls you’ll meet. at least her friends and family seem to think that. but she is just as mean as some of the really mean girls at times. Disturb her at work and she’s likely to bite your head off, mostly when she’s doing something that requires concentration. as long as you leave her alone during those times you’ll be fine. lena is a pretty friendly person. although she isn’t popular the amount of friends she has suits her just fine, as she doesn’t do well in big groups of people. elena isn’t that outgoing but once she gets to know you and you get to know her she’ll talk your ear off if at all possible. she loves music and she loves to sing, country music is her favorite for both. another thing about lena is she is extremely determined and if it weren't for her mom getting sick she'd be well on her way to making all her dreams come true.

history ~ bailey, montana has been home to the marks and young families for generations. actually as young people james marks and anna Young grew up together, their families were close friends. james left bailey to attend msu (montana state university) in bozeman, two hours and thirty-three minutes away. he and anna were already dating by this time but anna wasn’t going to go to school because her family couldn’t afford it and her father, the only living parent she had, was very ill. with her older brother and only sibling gone from the house, anna was the only one left to take care of her father. james came home for holidays and school vacations and for the long weekend when he could and anna could drive to bozeman to see him if she wished and occasionally they did. their relationship lasted though his schooling and when he graduated anna came with his parents and his sister. james proposed to anna that night. She said yes and they were married almost a year later. anna’s father had died about three months after james started school.

part way through james' junior year at msu anna found out she was pregnant and on august 28 she gave birth to twins. anna was in labor for hours, her water breaking at 1:30 in the morning and the girls finally being born at 7:40 pm. james' parents suggested they put one baby up for adoption so they named the one they kept after anna’s mom, who had died two years before her father did. elena’s name was shortened to lena pretty much before she was ever out of the hospital. her parents would only call her elena when she was in trouble and then they would also add on her middle name. little Lena was born on what was her grandmother’s birthday. growing up she never lacked much of anything. her father was a successful accountant in bailey, and he ran his office from home. when lena was two anna got pregnant again. when she was two months pregnant she and elena were in a car accident and she miscarried. they had driven to bozeman to the doctor’s and then to have lunch with a friend of anna's who lived there and it was while they were on the way back to bailey that the accident happened. lena wasn’t hurt all that much but they kept her in the hospital for awhile to keep her watched; she doesn’t remember that very well.

when lena was about fourteen another car accident happened in the marks family and killed her dad. after that it was just her and her mom who started working multiple jobs so that she could pay rent for their apartment and pay bills. the money they got from life insurance was put away so that lena could attend university one day otherwise anna wouldn't have had to work so much. lena's grandparents helped out where they could so elena and her mom weren't too strapped when it came to money or anything. about two months ago the doctor's told lena's mom that she had ovarian cancer and didn't have very much time left to live so lena dropped out of msu so she could help pay for medical bills and things. one day she hopes to be able to go back but she isn't really counting on it.
contact info will be posted in the contact info thread. my other characters are phoebe jameson, mitchell sinclair, kaityln ryan, andrea black & aleksander greene.

Posted: Mar 7 2012, 08:03 PM


AIDAN C. BLACK twenty three | drug dealer | returning | Sebestian Stan 001:aidan christopher black was born on january 12, 1989 right here in bailey, montana. recognize his name? well his father is matthew black who is the mayor of the town and his mother? well his mother martha black is a fashion designer and so yes really never heard of him? you live under a rock. he is the third born out of eight, yes eight. to everyone in bailey the black's marriage was perfect and they had everything they wanted, reality? that is just wrong, his dad is a workaholic and his mom is hooked on pills and hooking up with about any younger guy besides her husband. then there are the kids, they are just as messed up which ranges from drug dealers to boozing and even jail time. 002:at the age of twelve, that's the first time he tried anything related to drugs, it was marijuana and he stole it from his older brother. since that day eleven years ago its been an ongoing battle which is all uphill. see he has been in rehab about three times and arrested more times than he can count. of course it fits perfectly with his job, why? he's a resident drug dealer, he doesn't hide it but thanks to daddy dearests name and money he has avoided major jail time. 003:he is a total and utter manwhore, he sleeps around and probably has slept with most of the single ladies in bailey and hell even with some that are taken, he really doesn't give a shit. yes he's addicted to sex, he doesn't care and could care less about emotions, and love? hell no, it didn't work with his parents so why would it work for him? he deals with his issues with having as much sex as possible. there are many that hate him but at the same time he has his charm and the girls he's burned will come running back to him. 004:despite his total cockiness really aidan is one of the most insecure people you can meet. his father has constantly told him that he was worth nothing, that he was a mistake and that he was embarrassed by him, ouch! so he hides his insecurity by being a total asshole and using people to try to be happy. is he? well considering he has to be high to enjoy himself, one may say no but he won't admit to that. 005:aidan is one to look out for his own needs, but he does love his family, he is quite protective of them. sure he is an ass, he probably hurts them in some way, pisses them off and well, the list goes on. when it comes to it he would beat the shit out of someone , (ok more than likely hire someone to do the job for him), if anyone messed with his family. 006:he skipped town at the age of eighteen wanting to get the hell out of town. actually the next five years are a blur, between his drugs and the women he can barely remember anything. in fact he OD'ed about 10 times, almost died twice and was court ordered to have rehab but he left. in fact one of the cities he avoids because he skipped out of town after supposedly raping someone underage. now he's back, why? seriously its not like he wants to be but his twin sister is getting married and he reluctantly returns home, even if his father has made it clear he is not welcome in the family room. 007: contrary to popular belief, aidan is not stupid; no he is far from it. ok yes he skipped school more often than he went but he's quite smart, he does read a lot and is a fast learner. of course he is not about to own up to it, it would ruin his reputation. actually if he would have applied himself, he probably would have graduated a year early and actually finished college. 008:actually thanks to his father's influences aidan got into harvard, he attended a semester and dropped out. he hated it, really aidan is very bad about following rules and the structure of the school pissed him off. his father was pissed and some choice words were said. it was then that he decided he didn't give a shit about what his father thought. well at least he claims, in fact he has always wanted his father's approval but has figured he's never going to get it, so why try?009:aidan is quite the big risk taker, he does tend to do stupid things without thinking and yes he's been in the hospital with a lot of broken bones or concussions. he doesn't think ahead, think of the consequences of his action. really its a high for him, a natural high and in fact when he was younger the doctors and cops were worried he was being abused because he was in the er so many times, he is basically a regular there. 010:aidan isn't scared of much but when it comes to letting people in and letting his guard in, he is terrified. why? its simple, he hates showing weakness and thinks people will think less of him. so yes he does purposely act like a world class asshole, its easier for him, LAURAi'm laura. twenty six. US west coast in good ol' seattle. player of aidan and no one else. the rest? just message me with my messangers in the correct thread.
Posted: Mar 8 2012, 10:26 PM

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twenty-three | freelance photographer | resident | shantel vansanten
if you guessed that andrea is the twin sister of adain black and daughter of matthew and martha black then you would be right. andrea was born three and a half minutes after her twin brother and she was born andrea chantel black. growing up in the black family with a father who is the town mayor you would expect andrea and her siblings to have had an awesome life. well that wouldn't be exactly true. matthew worked all the time and martha was sleeping with guys younger than her, sometimes with guys that were around andrea's age. occasionally those much much younger males would hit on andrea. when she was about fourteen they started raping her. because of that andrea takes forever to truly trust someone. the guys would then bragg about it and andrea unintentionally got labeled the town slut. she hated it especially since it wasn't true. guys would make crude comments to her at school and andrea would spend lunch hours hiding in the girls' bathroom crying. because really she's always been a sensitive girl. she has always tried not to let that show in public though. for the most part she was very successful; there have been times when she had unknowingly let her mask slip.

forceably losing her virginity before she was ready has make andrea extremely distrustful of almost the whole male species. the fact that at eighteen she was drugged and raped at a party and then found out she was pregnant didn't help that. by then people in town already though of her as the town slut so she tired to spend most of those nine months hiding out. people knew she was pregnant though because in a town this small secrets are hard to keep. after he baby boy was born andrea considered leaving town but decided that she wasn't that kind of person. as much as she hated the rumors and the looks andrea loved bailey and she was determined to to let stupid townspeople drive her away. so she stayed and in the last five years she has built a very hard wall around herself. not many people make it past this wall and if they do it takes a long time.

just before she got pregnant andi had been photography classes at a college out of town, because of course all the colleges and universities are outside of bailey. she has always had an interest in photography and got her first camera when she was fifteen. andrea had saved up every dollar of allowance she got and went to a bigger town one day with some friends to buy the camera. because she knew there was no way her parents would get one for her. besides that by then andi wasn't really speaking to either of her parents. her mom for letting her affairs effect andi the way they did and her dad just because he was never around. truthfully andrea spent more time and her friends' houses than she did at home.

about three and a half years ago andi met her husband to be. at first she was very wary around him and would avoid him whenever she saw him around town. it took her about six months before she would stop finding ways to avoid him and that was only after mutual friends forced her to get to know him. andrea wasn't very happy with those friends for awhile because they knew why she was avoiding him. it took another six and a half months before andrea felt comfortable enough around him to be friends with him. it took another year before they were dating. after that things moved a lot quicker with them. they have been engaged for about three months and will be getting married in another month or so. andi doesn't want some big to do, she just want's something with their closest friends and his family, other than her siblings andi could really careless if her family is there.
contact info can be found in the contact thread as well as on phoebe's profile. my other characters are phoebe jameson, mitchell sinclair, kaitlyn ryan, elena marks & aleksander greene.

Posted: Mar 11 2012, 04:08 PM

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twenty-six | mechanic | returning | paul wesley
twenty-nine years ago in the town of zielona gora, poland aron zielinski married emilia dudek. aron and emilia grew up together and always knew that their parent's planned for them to get married. because they knew that they started dating as teenagers and were married very young, when poland was still under comunist rule. actually aron and emilia didn't know a different poland. three years later when their only child was born poland was still under a communist government. aron and emilia had put their names on a list to leave poland and because when they started a family they wanted to be able to live in freedom. however their names didn't come up until two days after aleksander dominik zielinski was born. because baby aleksander's name wasn't on the list the couple was not allowed to leave poland with him; thus they decided not leave. at least not anytime soon. they decided to save money and if poland ever became free again they would leave without having to put their names on a list again to leave the country and they would move to america.

when aleksander was thirteen they had finally saved enough money to leave poland and the country had been a democratic on e for ten years after over thowing the communists in 1989. aron, emilia and thirteen year old aleksander packed up their most precious belongings and jumped on a plane to america. they had closed their eyes and randomly picked a state. that state happened to be montana and once they landed in helena they rented a car and just drove until they ended up in bailey. emilia fell in love with the town at first sight and they decided on the spot in the car that they were going to settle down here. aleksander barely spoke english when he first came to bailey so he was picked on for that as well as for his thick polish accent. it was awhile before aleksander actually made a good friend. aleks is still friends with him today despite the fact that his parents decided to move back to poland when he was seventeen and he went with them. when they moved here from bailey they legally changed their last name to greene.

back to aleksander's life in bailey as a kid. his mom stayed home and took care of al the house stuff as well as him and his father went to work at andy's auto repair as a mechanic and taught aleks everything he could about american cars. later when they moved back to poland aron taught his son everything he knew about polish cars. despite the fact that his father never made much money aleksander was a happy teen. he loved and respected his parents and didn't break their rules at all. aleks went though most of high school here in bailey but then just around his senior year starting his parents decided to move back to poland. they missed it and told aleksnader that if he wanted to stay in the united states it was up to him. being only 17 though aleksnader new the us government wouldn't let him so he went back to poland the summer before his last year of high school. in poland aleksander worked with aron in a mechanic's shop . despite all the saving his parents did throughout his life they didn't have enough money to send him to university and because he wasn't living in poland he never got a chance to attend university. all he knows about cars he learned from his dad.

a few years ago aleksander met a lovely woman back in poland. aleks believes it was love at first sight and was extremely happy when she decided to come to bailey with him. as much as aleksander loves poland he also loves bailey and while his parents wanted to stay in poland he wanted to come back to america. his lovely girlfriend izabella also decided to come with him when he annouced a few weeks ago that he wanted to come back and finally had enough money to fly over and sent over his stuff as well as rent an apartment. he's hopin g he can get a job at andy's like his father did thirteen years ago. aleks is thinking of proposing to izabella soon, and has already talked to her parents about it.
take a look at phoebe jameson's app. characters are all listed there as well.

Kate Caffrey
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Kate Aria Caffrey 21 |waitress | student | Jennifer Lawrence Personailty:Kate is this smart when school is involved also helping people out with their studies, practical jokester is a way to keep her little sister happy when ever their drunk and high mom is attacking them for no reason, at point being so strong when it comes to deal with her mother and people that are jerks to her for no reason. Protection is what Kate does whenever strange people comes around to the house looking for things that she doesn’t want to be involved with, loving is a strong word to her but sometimes goes really easy to people that she would know for a long time also believing in true love when it was staring in front of her. This girl is strong independent very protective if it comes to her close friends, boyfriend and mostly her sister and brother, would say anything that is on her mind also true, kate really knows when someone is lieing to her by a vibe the person is giving her.History:Katherine was born on December 25, 1990 to Alice and Jackson with two siblings Patrick who is the eldest but with a different father. Before Alice finally met with Jackson she was using drugs after Patrick was three years old with his father what really hit her was her parents told Alice to leave Jackson father who is dealing drugs; using it while watching their son. With one mention of ths child protection service or trust fund will be pulled brought Alice together and left Jackson father the very same day. Patrick has no clue or anything about his father till Jackson adopted him as his son after getting married to Alice when he was about six years old the same year was when Katherine (kate) was born on Christmas day making Patrick think of it being the most awesome present, to a happy family Jackson works as a lawyer while Kate’s mom was a stay at home mom taking care of the children. Kate was four years old when Paige was born making Kate being the big sister to her knowing that their father will spoil them rotten also knowing that her mother’ s parents been placing money into their banks but they can’t touch it till their turn eighteen and out of high school. Kate didn’t understand why her father was packing his things and telling her how sorry he was to leave her, Patrick and Paige with their mother who started back up on using drugs and ended up asleep in front yard. Jackson was so embarrassed to be married to her so getting a divorced, and not fighting for custody for the kids knowing that the judge will go along with the mother. Jackson now has a new family prefect wife with one son and one daughter not once thinking about his other family he left. Kate found this out when she was thirteen years old hearing her brother talking to his girlfriend of what he has found out and she didn’t told Paige about him till she was about fifteen years old and in high school. Through middle school couple of her friends knew some reason why she was staying after school to practice on basketball game plans the coaches made up to running around the track just to make sure things at home is settled down also why her mother is always gone for six months and come back acting like the prefect mother. In case that doesn’t bother Kate at all having the house all by herself with her sister and brother who got accepted to college in Florida State but helps pay for the bills also make sure Kate has money to buy food for Paige and her, even though he got access to his trust loan from his grandparents just hoping that their mother wouldn’t come after Kate and Paige for the money. Freshman year of high school was weird to Kate trying out for cross country and tracking team to getting on the girls basketball team being the best athlete, the one reason why is to stay away from her mother who happened to be at home and loves to tell Kate she no good to do anything in her life. But she was wrong Kate been protecting her young sister and raising her which is when she acted like a grown up in the family while her brother is at college in New York becoming an doctor. Kate has one best friend and his name is Adam telling secrets also stuck together whenever she needs him. throughout high school Kate stuck to her sports also on top of her school work so she can get in to the college in town, senior year came around hiding her feelings for her best friend and fighting with her girl best friend that is actually been dating him for two years and can’t see that Adam and Kate hiding both feeling just to not hurt her feelings as both got accepted at the local town college just to stay close to her younger sister who is now starting high school, also dealing with their absent mother who comes and goes as she wants trying to get hold of money to buy drugs, which Kate is major in Pre-law to help children to get out or bad family when she couldn’t leave her family. Katnip well i'm 23 years old i been rping for a long time neopets was my first, i go to a full time college so it will take time to write post when college is sucking all the muse but i full muse for Kate and no where to put it so i'm placing it here. i live in Montana so i know whats going if people need any help for the weather.
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JENNA M. DIETRICH twenty-three | nurse | residents | karen gillan "Have you ever just...looked back at your life growing up and gone 'well, I sure did live in a bubble, didn't I?' No? Well, I did. Do. I do, and actually I really hope that you don't because it's kind of ridiculous. Kind of...unfair, really. Not that I...want to make it sound like I was so protected and so repressed or anything like that because that isn't the case! It was just a lot of Mom going 'don't do that, you could hurt yourself!', 'don't eat that, it's bad for you!' and 'for God's sake, put some pants on it's too cold for that skirt and you don't need the entire town seeing you half naked don't you argue with me young lady that isn't a skirt it's a piece of cloth now go upstairs and change rightthisinstant!'...Yeah, Mom has this thing where voice gets really shrill and all her words come out in a jumble when she's really upset. I've gone out of my way to avoid sounding like that because it's really annoying....Don't you dare tell her that I said that.Oh God, what was I even saying? Should I start over? I'm going to start over. Hi. I'm Jenna. Obviously. And I grew up in a bubble. It was a bubble where my dad, town physician, and my mom, thrift shop owner extraordinaire, only wanted what's best for me and my older brothers, so they went out their way to make sure that we were all one hundred percent safe, one hundred percent of the time. It was done out of love, I know, but...sometimes I would have really just preferred to wear the skirt instead of the slacks, you know? At least once? So. Yeah. That was fun. But really, how can you argue when you have your dad, Doctor Dietrich, standing over you, telling you what's best for your mind and body, right? I mean, he's a doctor, and he's also your dad. So he's a doctor and your hero. So I a little.Oh, that sounded really really bleak, didn't it? This is the worst getting-to-know-you...thing....ever. Should I start over? Never mind, I'll just try to get back on track.So. Jenna. That's me. Dad is Doctor Dietrich. Doctor Harold Dietrich of the local clinic, so he knows everyone -which is mortifying because no one knows me, so he'll talk to me about how he saw so-and-so like I should know them personally too, but I don't so I'm just sitting there, nodding and feeling sorry for myself- and Mom is Janie Dietrich. She owns a thrift shop, and she also owns a share in the local gossip network, if her busybody know-it-all nature is anything to go off of. Don't tell her I said that either. I love my parents. A lot. But. Bubble, remember? I have two older brothers: Daniel and Adam, but they've been lucky enough to have not only left the nest, but flown away at jetspeed. Adam's backpacking across Europe right now because he is the worst and didn't smuggle me into his suitcase like I'd asked him to, and Daniel is currently doing something musical-theater-y in New York. Again: didn't smuggle me away with him either.I have since disowned them for being traitors and consider myself an only child. ...No, not really. But I threatened to!But my brothers were sort of the...Dietrichs that everyone saw and knew, so no one is really surprised that they went on to do great things. I was the Dietrich who was the baby of the family...the only girl of the family...and in the bubble. Don't get me wrong, I had friends! I...went to parties in high school! One. I went to one party. And I had half a drink before someone else dove off the coffee table in the living room and cracked his head open, so I sort of...tossed my drink's ice into my scarf and held it to his forehead until we could get him stitched up. So. Ruined my scarf, but realized that I wasn't icked out by blood! So that's what got me to......To where I am now. Dad told me how he was proud of how I'd handled it (because I'd gone home right after that incident, like the incredible cool kid that I am...sigh), and that was the first time that I'd had that kind of praise tossed my way. So I...went with it. I decided that I wanted to be a nurse! Which was a little weird because up until that point my life goals had involved art and maybe a cafe or marrying a French billionaire so I wouldn't need to work, and at only point I'd wanted to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones and discover ancient magical mumbo jumbo contraptions...but none of those really came through, obviously, so I went for the nursing thing. That was pretty safe. Ignoring the...blood and stitches and stuff I had to deal with.Dad's a doctor, so it was easy to get connected. After I finished nursing school, I had big plans to save up and move out and find a really cool roommate who would help burst that bubble and help me really, really live, you know? And then. Then I had my twenty-third birthday and I'm still living at home. Which is embarrassing, but, hey! Free rent! That's...something, right?So, I'm a nurse. Jenna the Nurse. Hi. I still do arty things in my spare time! I like to paint and draw...I like to doodle on napkins at different diners and cafes and stuff and give them to people who look like they're having a bad day as I'm leaving. Is that weird? Probably a little, yeah? Well it's not as weird as the dolls I make! Well. Okay wow...that wasn't what I was trying to say at all. Oh my God, open mouth, insert foot. Gah. I make, er, modify, figures. Too. It's my hobby. I sell them online, by request, for extra money that goes toward my move-away-ASAP dream. I can make one of you, if you want!
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CHRISTIAN R. ST. JAMES twenty one| college student | student | darren crisschristian ryan st. james was born christmas eve twenty one years ago to the parents of theodore and emily st. james. now theo and emily were opposites growing up in the small town of Bailey; see Theo's father was a pastor also of the very same church but Theo rebelled, he drank, he smoked, he loved sex and was the troublemaker but Emily? she grew up on a ranch outside of town and was the shy girl next door; so yes they had that landon/jamie romance in a walk to remember and yes they had the dying part later on. so anyway they got married and had two sons right off the bat, Samuel and Lucas only twenty two months apart, life was good and their family was complete...right? well Christian, he was a surprise and then about two years later isabella came along. now from the beginning of that pregnancy emily knew she may die, why? she was older and it was a dangerous pregnancy and everyone including her husband told her to abort but she couldn't give up a child, especially after learning that izzy was a girl. well then after she was born emily died, actually it was either emily or her daughter and emily had specific instructions to save her little girl. well after that? things weren't really the same, the family grew apart. see theo loves his children, in his own way he does and he wants the best for them and he sets really high expectations; it was easy for the two older children, they are a doctor and lawyer but for christian and his sister? well they were more around their father, he started falling apart and spent more time behind the bottle than with a bible. of course this, its a well kept secret and everyone thinks of theo st. james as this perfect father and pastor. well things for Chris weren't so easy, see he knew he was different; he couldn't stand sports, he had crushes on boys and he spent his time on the stage, in theater. well he manages to keep this to himself until high school, this is when Billy comes along. Billy is a new kid, he is a transfer from another town and he instantly becomes mr hot shot, he was a hockey player and girls wanted him and guys wanted to be him, of course for Chris it was way more complicated. it was around this time he developed a crush on the guy, of course Billy was not a nice guy, that's an understatement, he's a bully and harassed anyone different and anyone that wasn't in his circle of friends. so yes the next few years Chris was shoved into lovers, into trash cans, called names, punched, hit in the head with a baseball bat, it was hell. see most kids could tell he was gay, even before he could and even if to this day he won't admit it to most people. of course Chris took it, he didn't want to let others see that it did effect him, until junior prom. see somehow or another Billy's friends found out about Chris' little crush and told their leader, what does he do? he does a total 360, he becomes the nice guy, he basically woo's Chris and yes Chris falls for it, its an act. well then at prom he was made a fool, Billy and his friends basically outed him out at school, called him a freak and threw him in the janitor's closet, wait what? yes that's correct, a janitor's closet. to some it isn't that bad but for Chris? he is extremely clastophic so you can imagine what that was like. it wasn't until the next morning when the janitor came to clean that he was let out. needless to say this became his breaking point, (not that most people know). the next part is a blur because he remembers going home and then waking up with his sister over him. he was very close to killing himself but Izzy found him just in time. well this is when he admits to her he's gay, she doesn't care because really she already knew. right after darius parcell came into the picture, who is he? well basically his father loves charity work, giving himself a good name and so to him darius was this person, darius had a rough life and his parents were abusive and so the st. james took him in, it wouldn't be the first. well right away even if they were there years apart darius and Chris became friends and Chris started to like him. nothing came of it until Darrius admitted to Theo that he was gay and moved out. so yes Theo doesn't kick him out, he does lecture him all the time. well this is when Chris admits he likes Darius and they start dating but his father is against anything with gay's and so Chris hasn't told his father. this is when Mia comes into the picture. the two families have grown up together and her and Chris were always close, as friends. well Chris needs to tell his dad something, Theo keeps wanting his son to date, have a wife , have the job and take over the church, that's not happening. of course Chris does blurt out that he and mia are dating and so yes they are pretending; even if she's had the same boyfriend for the last five years and it seems everyone but theo st. james is aware. everything is cool..right? well no because Theo St. james has a secret, a dirty little secret, what is it? well he's a drunk, he is always drinking, but he hides it well, unfortunately Chris seems to be his favorite target, his punching bag. see his sister rebelled and moved out, his brothers have their own lives and don't even live in Bailey and so its Chris that swears to protect Izzy and so he is getting abused. will he admit it? no, not even to himself; he tells himself that he deserves it. what is going to happen? well secrets in this town won't stay that way for long and the truth will come out. LIKES his boyfriend darry, musical theater, performing, art, drawing, his sister Izzy, movies, english, dance, making up storiesdislikes: his father, hiding who he is, drinking/drugs, feeling worthless, secrets and lies, bullies, assholes, prick's. LAURAadmin...glee fanatic....rper...charrie to torture ppl...ok bye!
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twenty-one | ranch hand/student | student | liam hemsworth

it was a cold december night when kaiden alexander o'connor was born to kyran o'connor and haleigh o'connor nee hobson. he was four whole months early and bailey's hospital did not have the proper facilitites for a premature baby so haleigh was rushed to the hospital in butte by ambulance. at the time kaiden's three older siblings were two, four & six. kyran and haleigh had always known each ohter; they both grew up in bailey and they started dating in high school.

kryan worked as a ranch hand at one of the ranches in bailey and his family lived there on the ranch with him. haleigh stayed at home and looked after the kids once they had some. they were only married a year and a half when kaiden's older sister was born. two years later they had their first son. then another two years later they had another girl and then finally two years after that on december 15th 1990 they had another boy. they named him kaiden alexander o'connor.

growing up on a farm/ranch kaiden was always around horses and cows and all that. the ranch his father worked at was actually a cattle ranch and there was lots of cows. there was also a few horses and kaiden learned to ride a horse at the age of five. by the time he was ten he was helping his dad out with his work duties.

in high school kaiden worked as a separately paid ranch hand so that he could make his own money and save for college since he knew there was no way his parents would have the money, even for a state college. neither of his parents had gone to college for that same reason. so when the time came kaiden applied for a bunch of scholarships and even got one for hockey, since he used to play on the icebergs along with zachary walker.

for as long as he can remember kaiden has been friends with both zack and kate caffery. but then he is the type of guy who tends to make friends easily and despite the fact that when he was in the icebergs he was considered popular just because he was on the hockey team kaiden was never your typical popular jock. he talked to everyone, made top grades and even offered to help out those who weren't doing so great in school. despite the fact that he often helps out on the cattle drives on the ranch where he works kaiden still does pretty okay in school, although he has discovered that college work is a lot harder than high school work.

kaiden is studying to be a veterinarian so he can do more to help out on the ranches around bailey, but especially the one he works on. because of his major kaiden still has a lot more schooling left despite the fact that he is twenty-one and almost done his pre-vet school schooling.

all the info you need to know is on the app for phoebe jameson.

graphic by random firl of atf
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welcome to life in a small town. bailey, montana is so small that you can't find it on any map. however it is located between helena and butte. it is in every way a country town but it is also a highly obsessed hockey fan town. please remember to register in all uppercase when you make your account. we'd like it if you registered in FIRST and LAST only; ex: RAELYNN DAVIS.


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montana skies;; was made just for life in a small town by kara

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