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Title: The golden crown of autumn trees
Description: plotting with James

JAMES DAVIS - April 25, 2012 01:42 PM (GMT)
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<center><div style="width: 420px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: arial; font-style: italic; font-size: 8px; line-height: 86%; color: #000; text-align:justify;">Itís been a long road, getting from there to here. Itís been a long time, but my time is finally near. And I can feel the change in the wind right now. Nothingís in my way. And theyíre not gonna hold me down no more, no they're not gonna hold me down. Cause Iíve got faith of the heart. Iím going where my heart will take me. Iíve got faith to believe. I can do anything. Iíve got strength of the soul. And no oneís gonna bend or break me. I can reach any star. Iíve got faith, faith of the heart.</div></center>

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Meet James Davis, a paramedic in the town of Bailey. He was born and raised here but spent about 6 years away from home. Firstly because he enlisted with the US Marine Corps and had a few deployments overseas, but also because he took a while after he returned home to simply travel around in the Great States of America.<br><br>
He is a nice guy and will often do all he can to help others. It is a side effect of his job as a paramedic probably that he canít just let anybody be left alone to their own problems. However James does have problems of his own. He does still have occasional nightmares due to the enormous stress he was under when at war in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But this is not something he likes to talk about and certainly tries to keep hidden from people. He can tend to become a bit aggressive when he had a streak of nightmares that interrupted his sleep for a few nights in a row, but it is not that bad really, however it can be a shock to people who never saw that side of him.<br><br>
<u><b>FRIENDS</b></u>:<br> Everyone has friends, I mean even the worst people on earth has someone they trust and who trusts them. And in jamesí case this can be old school buddies or whatever can be thought up. This was his home for 18 years after allÖ and now the latest 2 years as well.<br><br>
<u><b>ENEMIES</b></u>:<br> Even saints have enemies and while James is no saint there certainly must be someone who dislike him, whether because he is too helpful at times or just because he said something they didnít really like is all possible.<br><br>
<u><b>LOVE LIFE</b></u>:<br> Weíll see if anything comes up hereÖ I have nothing planned.<br><br>
<u><b>OTHER</b></u>:<br> I am always open to ideas


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