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Welcome to Knotwood, a medieval fantasy RPG. Two kingdoms who could not be more different from each other have joined by way of the political marriage between King Erikson Ravencrest and Queen Brynn Duskwither. Ravencrest, a near totalitarian society now must loosen its strict rules in order to fit into the more democratic kingdom of Duskwither. Despite this union, the lands of Knotwood are still restless. Not all are pleased with the joining of these two worlds and the people of both countries rest uneasy as rumor persists that Erikson wishes control over both lands completely. In a show of good faith, the two kingdoms agreed to create a joint Fellowship, a shining example of unity, trust and justice. The group consists of the most elite warriors of the kingdom an is led by members of both Royal houses. However, the rivalry between the two countries and their political views places hairline fractures in an otherwise sound group of young individuals. It can be agreed however that both sides want peace and both sides work diligently towards ensuring that. With the ever encroaching threats of rival factions, evil beasts and fantastical creatures of which the people of Knotwood share this land with one thing is assured in that adventure in this vast and amazing land is never lacking.

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Iunius, Year 784. There are 30 days in this month. It is currently late spring in the lands of both Duskwither and Ravencrest. Summer brings scorching heat to the mainlands and excruciatingly more to Emmersend.
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 Briarwood, Maius 30
Andrika Duskwither
Posted: Apr 29 2011, 12:27 PM

The Archer
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Maius 30, Early Morning.

Her home was hidden in a mossy hill, just barely visible against the Knotwood forest. She had a choice between any number of castles and homes in and around the territory of Duskwither to choose from but she chose this place. It had been abandoned and then so rightfully restored to the Princess simple instructions. Inside there were no ornate things. A table, a small seating area in front of a fireplace and stairs that wound around to the upstairs nook that was her bedroom. Draperies hung and billowed from the ceiling and there was a small, narrowed view of the forest though after a few feet, there was nothing but a wall of trees blocking any view of the horizon.

Andrika hunted and cooked her own food. She preserved things in jars that filled the cavern under the house. The woman always made too much and gave it to those around her. What she made was quite often very good and nobody ever had much complaint towards it. The people of Briarwood were loyal beyond a fault. They knew of the wishes of the Queen and so accordingly, the Princess when she made this place her home as well. She was never bothered. This place was what she called her own personal perfection. At least, it had been.

After the Fellowship's encounter with the Undead, it had left the leader depleted and injured. Healing could bring her so far but she was still somewhat weak. Bodies that were meant for Limbo became susceptible to undead injuries and healing took that extra step further. As she woke this morning she felt her limbs sore and she stretched her bare arms across the bed. Fingers padded around for a simple dress to pull over her frame and as she sat upright her head stared into the sunlight that peeked through. The only exception to this particular trip home was the guards who lingered outside of her door. The King had insisted and despite her heavy protest two paladins of the Ravencrest were stationed just outside.

It was an insanely absurd concept considering how well she could defend herself but the King's behavior of late was taking a more drastic turn. Her mother couldn't disagree with his logic, at least not yet. The undead had taken her father as well and Andrika could see the worry and fear laced across the woman's delicate features. This move was only during this short recovery time, at least she hoped. One could never keep Andrika cornered for very long and already the urge to leave had sparked in her. The woman cooked for the two men who barely spoke a word to the unusual princess who differed harshly from the Royals of Ravencrest. They didn't feel like risking their jobs to make pleasant conversation. Pity, because she was utterly bored.

Andrika stepped out of the cabin barefoot. She did not wear shoes here. Shoes felt wrong in the forest and she never minded her skin being scraped as she tromped through the forest. When she did go out to hunt, the Paladins were never far behind. Watching, but not participating. She wanted to lie to have them leave but she could only assume that would get her mother into more trouble. With her bow and arrow strapped to her back she walked out towards the edge of the forest, fully prepared to catch a bird for breakfast but instead she found one of the Paladins with a dead bird on the end of his sword.

She frowned just slightly but then perked up with a thankful nod. Hunting wasn't so much fun when you didn't kill it yourself.
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