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welcome to knotwood.
Welcome to Knotwood, a medieval fantasy RPG. Two kingdoms who could not be more different from each other have joined by way of the political marriage between King Erikson Ravencrest and Queen Brynn Duskwither. Ravencrest, a near totalitarian society now must loosen its strict rules in order to fit into the more democratic kingdom of Duskwither. Despite this union, the lands of Knotwood are still restless. Not all are pleased with the joining of these two worlds and the people of both countries rest uneasy as rumor persists that Erikson wishes control over both lands completely. In a show of good faith, the two kingdoms agreed to create a joint Fellowship, a shining example of unity, trust and justice. The group consists of the most elite warriors of the kingdom an is led by members of both Royal houses. However, the rivalry between the two countries and their political views places hairline fractures in an otherwise sound group of young individuals. It can be agreed however that both sides want peace and both sides work diligently towards ensuring that. With the ever encroaching threats of rival factions, evil beasts and fantastical creatures of which the people of Knotwood share this land with one thing is assured in that adventure in this vast and amazing land is never lacking.

month and weather
Iunius, Year 784. There are 30 days in this month. It is currently late spring in the lands of both Duskwither and Ravencrest. Summer brings scorching heat to the mainlands and excruciatingly more to Emmersend.
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For questions, please post here if an admin isn't about. The main admin runs on EST. Please read all info before asking, and for questions regarding stats and activity, click here.
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 Rules and Regulations
Knotwood Admin
Posted: Oct 6 2010, 11:39 AM

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Rules and Regulations

1) This board is open to those only over the age of 17. If you are under this age, you will not be permitted to join our board. We have mature content on this board, so you can understand why.

2) Respect those on this board and the administrators. It is at the administrator's discretion if they do not allow you to have a particular character.

3) No excessive violence or excessive sexual situations. This board is rated a dirty "R". Please mark thread as "Mature" or [M] in the title if a thread walks this line. What is excessive? A full and detailed description of all the dirty details and violence for the sake of violence or shock value. Violence and sexual situations in posts, when done well don't have to describe these things to the fullest one can make it out to be. Administrators will stamp your thread if we find it mature and you haven't stamped it. If it is too excessive, you will be informed and it will be removed.

4) Date your posts. Refer to Dynamic Time. Important. This is the code we use:
[i]Date,  Time[/i]
[i]TAGS:[/i] If it applies to which character

5)No god-modding and manipulation of other people's characters without their permission. Do not assume what another character thinks of your character. Ask permission wherever it pertains to another person's character if you want to use it in some way in your posts. Respect your fellow players and the direction they wish to take their characters.

6)Register with a FIRST and LAST name ONLY. (ex. John Doe) No OOC accounts are allowed save for administrators. No singular names allowed. Only Madonna has that right.

7) AV size is 200x300 PX and signature must NOT go over 500x250 PX. If you are unable to make graphics, please talk to an administrator, or request a graphic from the graphic request thread. No anime, cartoon or drawn avatars and signatures please. You WILL be asked to change it if you do post these types of pictures.

8) Read Posting Procedures and Dynamic Time. The rules in these posts must be followed or you will receive a warning. Any consecutive warnings will result in you being banned from the RPG.

8) Do not take any graphics from a website without crediting if you are posting in the Bestiary or Auxiliary information. Any graphics created for characters on Knotwood belong to Knotwood, and if you use them on another site, you must first ask permission and then credit Knotwood accordingly. Not all graphic creators will give you permission, therefore, it is important you ask.

10) Powers can be edited to fit a particular theme your character has but the basics of the spells itself must stay the same. For example, Andrika has Arcane Arrows, but her arrows glow a bright white where as another ranger's arrows could glow a dark red, etc. Mostly, these edits should be cosmetic, and if they are anything more than this, it must be approved first. As well, all characters are allowed one latent power aside from their main set. This has to fit into the line of who your character is or be connected to them in some way. Again, for example, Andrika's mother is a cleric, therefore her latent power is being able to cure light wounds.

11) Biographies must be posted as per the instructions in the character sheet and must be up within one week of your registering. If you have not posted, your account will be deleted. If you have not posted within three weeks, your account will automatically be deleted by the system and your face claim will be taken off the list. If you know you will be absent for a greater period of three weeks, inform an administrator to save your account from deletion.

12)There is only a character limit to players who make characters and never play them. If we see that you have been making characters and then abandoning them mid-thread to make another, you'll be asked to either kill off that character or put them aside. We understand when a person doesn't feel the character they make, but please inform us of this so that we know this is the case.

13) Creativity is allowed as long as it stays true to the core ideas that are set out in the Information and Race and Class section. This is so that we have an even and set story base and lore.

14) We do not have a word count, but we do ask for at least 1 paragraph of text per post. Posting procedures gives a further insight into our posting rules here. There will be no harassment of those who misspell a word or two or who might not have entirely proper grammar. Sometimes these things happen. We only ask that posts be well written and are readable.

15) These rules can change at any time and at the Administrator's discretion.
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