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welcome to knotwood.
Welcome to Knotwood, a medieval fantasy RPG. Two kingdoms who could not be more different from each other have joined by way of the political marriage between King Erikson Ravencrest and Queen Brynn Duskwither. Ravencrest, a near totalitarian society now must loosen its strict rules in order to fit into the more democratic kingdom of Duskwither. Despite this union, the lands of Knotwood are still restless. Not all are pleased with the joining of these two worlds and the people of both countries rest uneasy as rumor persists that Erikson wishes control over both lands completely. In a show of good faith, the two kingdoms agreed to create a joint Fellowship, a shining example of unity, trust and justice. The group consists of the most elite warriors of the kingdom an is led by members of both Royal houses. However, the rivalry between the two countries and their political views places hairline fractures in an otherwise sound group of young individuals. It can be agreed however that both sides want peace and both sides work diligently towards ensuring that. With the ever encroaching threats of rival factions, evil beasts and fantastical creatures of which the people of Knotwood share this land with one thing is assured in that adventure in this vast and amazing land is never lacking.

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Iunius, Year 784. There are 30 days in this month. It is currently late spring in the lands of both Duskwither and Ravencrest. Summer brings scorching heat to the mainlands and excruciatingly more to Emmersend.
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Knotwood Admin Posted on Mar 8 2011, 01:57 PM
  ravencrestCharacters that have an allegiance to Ravencrest.

Erikson Ravencrest king of ravencrestHe was not always such a vile and vicious man with a thirst for power. He had once been the people's champion, a highly skilled and powerful paladin who's goodness overshadowed his father's more darker and tyrannical rule before him. Since taking the throne, many of Ravencrest's prior rules had been loosened. This was part in part due to his marriage to Beatrix Lighthall, a beautiful and mysterious druid from a small island country far off to the east. Their marriage was arranged but Erikson was instantly smitten by the young woman, falling deliriously in love with her. They had three sons: Drake, Kael and Vincent. (Age order: Drake, Kael, Vincent) When the three oldest children were roughly all around the age of 12, Beatrix fell ill. She had always been somewhat sickly, but it was always hard to tell because the woman always had a smile upon her face and made efforts to hide such things to be strong for her boys. Unfortunately, she died two years later after her last son was born. Wrought in tragedy, the King began to revert to darker tendencies. While he had always been stern, that had slowly turned to wickedness. He became distant from his boys, more so after the loss of the third boy. It was claimed by Erikson that the boy was killed by wolves while they traveled through the thick forests on the Duskwither side of Ravencrest. After this incident however, that claim has come under question, though nobody dares say a word towards it. Left with two sons, he carried on. An alliance was forged between the Duskwither and Ravencrest families. The oldest son Drake died in battle. His son Kael is his only surviving son. He married Queen Brynn to solidify alliances between Duskwither and Ravencrest, but sand seeks control of both countries.His Woodlander tattoos are of thorns, all over his body that glow red when he's in battle. Race & Class: Woodlander Paladin Usage Notes: If you are a Royal of Ravencrest and/or a direct relation, you may use this NPC freely without permissions. Any other usage should be first asked by me.

Beatrix Ravencrest late queen of ravencrestWarm, fair and compassionate. These words sum up perfectly the spirit of Beatrix Lighthall. She came from a small island kingdom to marry Erikson, and fell in love with him shortly after. She gave him three sons. Beatrix was a very good mother and focused her attention on making her boys strong, upstanding men. She trained with them, she even went as far as cooking meals for them despite Erikson's pleas for the woman to let the servants do the work. The woman was not opposed to hard labor and wanted to give that sense of work effort in her boys. Beatrix wanted them to have a deep sense of pride and appreciation for their country, as being future leaders she wished that they carry on the direction of a more peaceful and free Ravencrest. Unfortunately, she was not always the most healthy of women. She hid it, though at times the men in her life could see how her body was slowly falling apart at the seams. She died roughly around the age of when the three oldest were about 12 in age her youngest around 3.Her woodlander symbols intertwined. She had a dragon and a wolf intertwined around a large tree that stretched along the whole length of her back.Race & Class: Woodlander Druid Usage Notes: Beatrix is deceased. She can be used by the Ravencrest family characters for flashback purposes in writing in any way you so choose. Any others, please ask permission first toward usage.
Knotwood Admin Posted on Mar 8 2011, 01:56 PM
  duskwitherCharacters that have an allegiance to Duskwither.

Brynn DuskwitherQueen of Duskwither Write up here.Race & Class: Elf Cleric (Level 15)Play-by: Amy AdamsUsage Notes: NPC used only by Amy or Dawn.Xavier BowenThe Late King of Duskwither Write up here.Race & Class: Woodlander Ranger Play-by: Christian BaleUsage Notes: NPC used only by Amy or Dawn. Xavier is deceased.Isabel PallanénThe WindroseIsabel Pallanén is the leader of the Windrose, an elite organization which deals with the safety and defense of the Duskwither Kingdom. Isabel is a good friend to the Queen Brynn and the Royals of Duskwither, but has never been trusting of the Ravencrest faction. The woman is always calm and cool. It almost seems like she is detached but that is far from the truth. Her personality is caring and warm, being very much like a mother figure to those around her and under her command. She is the brave and selfless type that of which most people would call idiotic but her stubborn nature doesn't allow for anything less. Isabel would give her life for the kingdom of Duskwither. Those who belong to the Windrose to not believe in any specific god, but rather believe in nature itself. It is that which they draw their abilities from. They are clerics, paladins, druids and wardens. There is rumor that some higher level officials in the Ravencrest faction have a secret alliance and membership with the Windrose of Duskwither, but even the smallest rumor of this can cause trouble for that person or persons in their native land. Isabel is a level 6 Warden.Race & Class: Elf WardenPlay-by: Troian BellisarioUsage Notes: NPC used only by Amy.
Knotwood Admin Posted on Oct 6 2010, 11:33 AM
  non-played character listThis is a list of administrator and moderator run characters that serve to move story lines. They are listed as either having an NPC account or not. If they do not, you may use these characters in your writing as long as they are used within reason.neutralCharacters that have no allegiance to either Ravencrest or Duskwither.

Rodrigo and Hagatha The SwinehollowsThe Pirate Rodrigo had been sailing on his ship, the Smarmy Beast when in the distance, he heard her calling.The beautiful voice beckoned him, and when he approached the small, rocky cliffs just on the edge of Violet Island... ...there she was. The ugliest woman on the planet. After some bickering and amazing sex, Rodrigo fell in love. A burlap sack helped. Hagatha was regarded by the sirens as one of their most beautiful creatures, but she gave up that life to come to the surface and live as a human. Her talent for sex gave the pirate Rodgrigo an idea. He would settle down, marry his beloved and open a brothel. The Smarmy Beast Brothel now serves clients from all around the continent and is located in Violet Bay. On his travels, Rodrigo found a young thief child named Hytia. For a short time, she lived with the two. They regard her like a daughter. Despite Rodrigo being loud, boisterous and perverted, and despite Hagatha being ugly as sin, both are very warm and loving people who welcome travelers and the like into their home and treat them fairly and with respect. Come into their brothel, and you're treated just the same though to get the 'warmth' you had better pay up. Race & Class: Pirate/Brothel Owner | Woodlander/Buccaneer Hagatha: Whore/Brothel Owner | Siren Usage Notes: Use at will when you're in Violet Bay.

Blexham Montaguenox maneo leaderLeader of the Assassin Guild, Nox Maneo, Blexham is known for being the first leader in many generations who did not earn his title by blood relation to his predecessor. He has successfully held the helm of the guild for almost two decades, now just shy of seventy years old, though his leadership has been initially questioned a few times due to his heritage and race as it was most often a Woodlander would hold the position. However, the tension had dissipated over the years as he had proven himself beyond worthy and no one has had any attempts to question him since. It is known he follows the group code of rules to the utmost extreme and expects the same from each of its members, already known for being quite harsh when they are broken. As almost every Assassin, there is a darker edge to him that seems to prevail most when he deals with matters related to the guild, leading through both respect and fear. He is highly skilled but his abilities are not frequently witnessed, more often than not managing his subordinates than being given the opportunity to fight himself, forced into playing the part of the diplomat and spokesperson. It’s a job he takes willingly and gladly, always going above and beyond to secure the group’s well function and maintain the status it had for long before him.Race & Class: Elf AssassinPlay-by: Rupert FriendUsage Notes: NPC'd by Alex

Hannibal the RedThe Red AccordHannibal the Red is the leader of the Red Accord. The Red Accord used to be a fellowship in the Ravencrest faction until King Erikson framed them for a mass slaughter the group had never committed. When they were all set to be executed, Hannibal mounted a daring escape, saving only 15 of the 20 members of his group. Recently, the bard Rexler and his lover the mage Bellhammer parted ways, betraying the Red Accord. The group continues to thrive though its true extent of power is unknown, though it is rumored they have many alliances, including the Blackhawk Alliance (a thieving guild) and the Windrose. The man is a skilled warrior who's intelligence and strength outmatch many a foe. While he is relentless in battle, he is a kind soul. Though he has been subjected to many tortures, the man holds a great compassion for his fellow man, which is why he refused to follow many of the orders given by King Erikson despite the Red Accord being the foremost fellowship at the time.The man stands at 8 feet tall in height and weighs roughly 250 pounds. His body is laced in scars from battle. While he is elven, he was as a child subjected to the tortures of turning him 'Woodlander' and those at the orphanages he was raised in cut off his pointed ears. They healed back to look normal, though his height suggests he is anything but the typical Woodlander, as he holds no tattoos when he is in battle. Some say however that when he is in the throws of the barbarian madness, his eyes glow red, giving him the nickname he is known for.Race & Class: Elf Barbarian (Level 10)Play-by: Jason StathamUsage Notes: NPC can be used by Red Accord members or those who Amy has given permission to. NPC'd by Amy.

Erik AddinellThe Red Accord/Blackhawk AllianceSon of Elize Addinell and Hannibal the Red, Erik had only ever heard legends of his father. He was raised by Elize and is often prone to his mother's criticism though it is always given out of love. She was perhaps the harshest on Erik only because she wanted to see him succeed and for that he is one of the best thieves in both kingdoms. The man is very charming but he isn't a womanizer though he is often successful when it comes to wooing a woman even without trying. He holds an awkwardness around women only when they start to talk about giving birth to his children, then he runs far and fast.Erik is unusually tall for his hybrid class, standing at 6'5. He has a very thin frame, dark hair and gray eyes that resemble his mother's. He has a large deep scar that runs along his back from a battle quite some time ago where he nearly lost his life. It was Thea Vaughan who saved him and for a short time they became lovers. That was until Thea left on a mission for Hannibal. It was a good thing because they were very close to killing each other as they had never really gotten along.Race & Class: Half-Elf (Human/Elf) Thief (Level 4). Play-by: Ed WestwickUsage Notes: NPC can be used by Red Accord members or those who Amy has given permission to. NPC'd by Amy. If someone wants to take him up as a character, I'd prefer it being someone who's been around the board for a while.

Elize AddinellBlackhawk AllianceElize Addinell is the leader of the Blackhawk Alliance, a thieving guild in Duskwither that has no alliance with either kingdom. They are an elite group, though their membership goes from the richest family to the poorest pauper. If a thief has the talent, they are accepted into the group. They are constantly scouting for new recruits into their ranks. The group holds a steady but secret alliance with the Red Accord, a relationship forged by way of Hannibal's relationship with Elize and the son they share. Elize raised Erik on her own, never talking much about Hannibal to the boy but teaching him everything she knows. She refuses to steep the group in politics and often cautions the thieves in her guild to steer clear though not many listen because of the money that of which either government can give for the services of a thief. She is a no nonsense woman who is prone to giving her opinion if you want it or not. Her stubbornness is only matched by her wit and sharp tongue as she will cut you down to size if you attempt to put her, her organization or anyone she cares in harm's way.Elize is a tall, but curvaceous woman. She has fair skin, grey eyes and has long dark hair that is usually tied up half way and out of her eyes. She dresses rather feminine, despite female thieves disposition to dress more like a man. She believes one doesn't have to compromise looks to be a good thief and she proves this undoubtedly. Her family had once been slaves to the Royals until the Queen Brynn released her family into freedom. For this, she is grateful as it has allowed her to achieve the sort of success her parents only dreamed of.Race & Class: Human Thief (Level 10). Play-by: Claire ForlaniUsage Notes: NPC can be used by Red Accord/Blackhawk Alliance members or those who Amy has given permission to. NPC'd by Amy. If someone wants to take him up as a character, I'd prefer it being someone who's been around the board for a while.

The FerrymanGuardian of LimboHe is who you meet upon death and you travel through his dimension in order to ascend to the heavens of the veil or descend into the depths of limbo. This man directs you upon where to go. As assassins pass through limbo to travel from one place to another, they only ever catch glimpses of him if they're lucky. The extent of his power is unknown, though his influence is only felt in limbo and at the point of death.Deals can be made with the man. Usually he gives a task, but this task is impossible at best. Few have ever made a deal with him and survived. If you make a deal with him, you are marked with a black hand in the middle of your chest. This prevents your soul from being carried off while traversing the maze of limbo. If you do not complete the task that you are given, then he then claims dominance over your soul and you are cast into limbo. Those you have brought with you are returned, but their marks remain as a reminder that one day their time will come far more earlier than what was first expected.Race & Class: ??Play-by: UnknownUsage Notes: NPC can be used if you are dead, crossing the veil, or want to make a deal with the man. If its for a deal, give an admin a head's up.

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