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welcome to knotwood.
Welcome to Knotwood, a medieval fantasy RPG. Two kingdoms who could not be more different from each other have joined by way of the political marriage between King Erikson Ravencrest and Queen Brynn Duskwither. Ravencrest, a near totalitarian society now must loosen its strict rules in order to fit into the more democratic kingdom of Duskwither. Despite this union, the lands of Knotwood are still restless. Not all are pleased with the joining of these two worlds and the people of both countries rest uneasy as rumor persists that Erikson wishes control over both lands completely. In a show of good faith, the two kingdoms agreed to create a joint Fellowship, a shining example of unity, trust and justice. The group consists of the most elite warriors of the kingdom an is led by members of both Royal houses. However, the rivalry between the two countries and their political views places hairline fractures in an otherwise sound group of young individuals. It can be agreed however that both sides want peace and both sides work diligently towards ensuring that. With the ever encroaching threats of rival factions, evil beasts and fantastical creatures of which the people of Knotwood share this land with one thing is assured in that adventure in this vast and amazing land is never lacking.

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Iunius, Year 784. There are 30 days in this month. It is currently late spring in the lands of both Duskwither and Ravencrest. Summer brings scorching heat to the mainlands and excruciatingly more to Emmersend.
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Knotwood Admin Posted on Mar 28 2011, 01:29 PM
user posted image

The Kingdom of Emmersend

The rough and barren terrain of the Kingdom of Emmersend was said to be unlivable, and these lands became the place in which the humans were cast to live after the end of the Great War. This area was regarded as a detention camp to hold the humans after Duskwither left their occupation of this place it was expected that the human population would die out.

They did not.

The human beings rolled up their sleeves an achieved that in which was thought impossible. They made this desolate island a home. Three cities were formed. Emmersend City (their capital), Eldred (a fishing community) and the Longshore (their main army base). This is what is known as 'The Delta', as the formation of the island curves and provides a small bay that of which protects them to a point militarily. The Desolace became a place for the nomadic tribes of Woodlanders and Fae that of which did not agree with the segregation or enslavement of humans. Those Woodlanders and Fae brought with them the traditions of their people on the mainlands.

In the past 500 years they have formed an alliance again with Duskwither. The friendship between Vivienne and Brynn solidified this, though with Brynn's marriage to Erikson, this friendship has faltered somewhat. This was more of a strategy for Brynn, as Ravencrest was set to swallow Emmersend whole after Beatrix's death. Because of Duskwither's policies towards Emmersend, Ravencrest is not allowed to take any aggressive actions against the small island nation.

There are little resources in Emmersend. Water is a precious commodity and there is little of it. There are strict rules against its use and these are enforced more than some harsher crimes. The Desolace is a large, desert like area. It's barely inhabitable, save for a few nomadic tribes that have made it their own. Life exists on the island regardless of how desolate it is. The Delta is lucky enough to have some good land, and they use this to their advantage. Small farms provide the majority of the food but it is their fishing fleet that brings in the majority of the food in which the people eat. Being a fisherman here is an honor and they are treated better than most royalty because of the work they do. When larger catches arrive the people usually celebrate. They aren't a depressed people, wallowing in the wrongs that have been done to them. They are resilient and strong people and will continue to be as such until their last dying breath.

The Royals of Emmersend

The country for the most part is ran democratically, with their Queen/King being leader but this is voted upon by the members of the different tribes of which make up Emmersend. It is now a matriarchal Queendom under Vivienne Archer's rule as after the disappearance of her husband, the people wished for their Banshee Queen to lead them. The Royals of Emmersend are hardworking people and she moves out into the Kingdom, working hard along side of the people in order to continue Emmersend's self-sustainability. She has three children: Viola, the eldest daughter and Gideon and
Gervasio, the twins. All three have the same sensibilities and sense of duty towards their country.

The late Beatrix Ravencrest is from one of the woodland tribes that of which settled in the Longshore. It was on an expedition here that Erikson had met and fallen in love with her. The Lighthall family still exists here and created the Lighthouse, a large spire structure with a constant fire that burns at the top that of which no only helps ship locate the harbor in the Longshore but also represents towards being guide to what some refer to as the lost children of Emmersend (the humans who still chose to live in Duskwither or Ravencrest). Beatrix had wished to be a bridge in between her country and Ravencrest and had been a voice in stopping the enslavement of humans. It was only a lesson that Duskwither heard, as shortly after her death, the Queen of Duskwither freed a great deal of the humans as slaves.

Social Classes

All are considered equal in the land of Emmersend. This doesn't mean that there are not biases, as some make more money than others and social classes by this effect form. The government however is adamant that each try and help their own neighbor, but this isn't always the case as Emmersend is a harsh land and sometimes it becomes a matter of 'everyone in for themselves'.


While small, the Emmersend Army is a strong enough force that of which could tip the scale in a battle between two other rivaling countries. Their main base is located in the Longshore. Their sea fleet has evolved into something formidable, but is in no way strong enough to go up against either Ravencrest or Duskwither.

Important Points

People have to remember that before the Great War, human beings were wicked and they had enslaved the elves, woodlander and the fae. Nobody in either country is more guilty than the other where it concerns the enslavement of different races. It's a good thing to keep in mind out of character regardless of in character perception.
Knotwood Admin Posted on Mar 3 2011, 12:30 PM
  The Kingdom of Ravencrest.

The Kingdom of Ravencrest is a military based society, who only follow one god and their lives basically are intertwined with the military. Ravencrest is populated by a more 'advanced' Woodlander type of human. By advanced, I mean they are just Woodlanders who congregate more in the cities than they do in the woods and have foregone the traditions that Duskwither Woodlanders follow. Its heavy into the military, where everyone has to serve for at least 10 years before they are allowed to leave and make a life of their own. By then most people just give up entirely and remain in the military. Some people get exemptions to their service if they come from farming, mining or fishing families. Human beings are treated far more severely here as servants to the people and the only way they can have any freedom is if their 'owner' releases them. The Fae and the Elves are the minority here, and the fae colonies are even smaller. Sometimes, they send their young to the larger settlements in Duskwither to train but the Ravencrest government decrees that they must return on their 18th birthday to serve in the Military or their family is branded traitorous, subject to ridicule and given a downgrade in social class.

Their ruler is King Erikson Ravencrest. He and his wife Beatrix had three sons. The Ravencrest line has only ever had sons. Not one woman has been born into the family for over 200 years. This is why the appearance of a daughter after the Queen's death has brought curiosity upon the people of Ravencrest but nobody has had the courage to ask questions. Two of the King's sons died. One in battle and the other at a very young age. His only son still left alive is Kael Ravencrest. When he was still young, Erikson remarried the Queen of Duskwither, moving back and forth from their kingdom to Duskwither. Since the marriage, rules in Ravencrest have loosened but it is still very much a military and strict society.

What art, music and fashion is usually trended by the government. Everything is watched very closely. The schools for the classes and training areas are all government run with the exception of the ones in Shadowbank, though it is rumored they too have funds injected to them by way of the government. The territory of the land extends from just above Springmeadow on the Duskwither side and encompasses the whole Isle of Ravencrest. Their navy is one of the most powerful in the world, only second to Duskwither. Their ships are made from dark black oak and their sails are bright red. Ravencrest also have Fellowships in order to protect and patrol the areas. In this RPG, the characters from Ravencrest belong to the Fellowship as commanded by the King's second son. They are meant to be rivals to the Duskwither Fellowship with no name.

Cities are described here. Their capital city is Ravencrest City. In terms of money and import/export, its basically the same as Duskwither with the exception that they are importing a lot more food and goods because their island is much smaller. They rely heavily on outside sources.

Ravencrest Class Structure

The class structure of Ravencrest, like the kingdom of Duskwither, consists of Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class, but that is where the similarities end. There is no chance of advancing ones class status. You are the class you are born into unless you are female who is able to marry up. Marrying above ones status is not a common practice and is frowned upon most of the time unless there is an approved reason granted by the King himself. Lowering ones status is something all too common and usually happens when someone has disappointed the king. Once you fall from the kings good graces and you are considered lower class there is no returning to glory.

The Upper class of Ravencrest consists of Royals, Military officers, Religious leaders and Merchants. They are a small group but strong and they control everything within the kingdom. The gap in wealth between the Upper class and Lower class has always been reason for anger for the lower class but revolts are often squashed before any real progress can be made. Their children are highly educated often speaking more than one language. Men and Women of the upper class are treated with great regard. Daughters are able to train along side brothers for positions of power. The homes of the wealthy are elaborate. They also tend to own several different homes through out to kingdom. Human slaves serve these families. Royals are the only members of this class who are not taxed by royal decree.

The Middle class of Ravencrest consists of farmers, Fishermen, and Miners. They are able to make more of an income and are able to educate their sons. They usually own their own dwelling. It is not uncommon for them to own one or two slaves for labor though it is more common for them to hire on lower class citizens for a meager wage. Their homes are smaller though their land tends to be vast. It is not unheard for a middle class family to be both farmers and fishermen, families pulling their resources together to set up their own communes. They are taxed by the king but not as heavily as the lower class. They sell their wares to the merchants of the upper class. They are only able to keep small personal amounts of their wares for themselves and there is no trading allowed with other members of the middle class. All second born children of the middle class are required to join the military, they are the only members of this group required to serve.

The Lower Class of Ravencrest is the largest group of the dynasty. They live in poverty and normally do not own their own homes. They are heavily taxed on their income which is small to begin with. The only members of this class who are able to learn to read and write are those who are from families of artists; whether they be writers, painters, musicians, etc. This is open to male and female children who show talent which must be proven and then give Royal blessing for education. Other within the kingdom are issued a trade when they reach the age of 10 and they begin their apprenticeships.
Knotwood Admin Posted on Oct 6 2010, 11:32 AM
user posted image

The Kingdom of Duskwither

Nearly five hundred years ago, the Kingdom of Duskwither was founded. The first people on the lands were the elves but some say the fae have been here far longer than that, just not sentient as a humanoid would be. The Woodlanders are said to be evolution or a de-evolution of the elves, but this is all just rumor. Before the Kingdom was founded, the Great War had stripped all knowledge of what had gone on in the past and little remains in terms of information towards how and why the people are here.

The land itself is in the shape of a dragon's head and has many different types of terrain that make up its surface. The majority of the land is covered in dense and rich forest called The Knotwood, specifically for how some of the tree's branches seem to twist and knot as they get older. Two large mountains rest near the head of the dragon. Mount Borin and Mount Brom, named after a legendary rival elf brothers who had their hands in creating Celestial City from the ground up.

Celestial City is the capital of the Kingdom. It is where the Royal Family makes their residence and is the main training area for the Army of Duskwither. It has all of the major amenities and is located in the valley of the main mountain range of Brom. It's fortification is a huge, white wall that surrounds the city. Everything here is modern and mostly is home to military families but has a range of all sorts of classes behind the white wall.

The forum descriptions offer some insight to different areas and major cities and villages are listed here.

Currency is mostly gold and silver. Technology wise they have yet to create guns or machinery. All of the weapons are medieval by nature but creativity in using other types of weapons that are NOT guns is welcomed like for instance, if you wanted your character to have a katana sword. Clothing is about the same feel, maybe a twist of modern here and there for certain articles of clothing.

Forms of transportation include horses (or horse and carriage), sea turtles, griffins, speed oxen, and wyverns. Airships exist, but these are rare. Duskwither also has a small naval fleet.

The Royals of Duskwither.

It rose from the ashes of strife and conflict over five hundred years ago when the Duskwither clan of elves rose to power. They calmed the people and brought order to the land. Their leaders have always been of the female persuasion and when they start their time 'in office', it's tradition that they be both a seasoned warrior and virginal. Usually their marriages are arranged. Their current ruler of Queen Brynn Duskwither, who's reign has caused some controversy as she married a Woodlander, Xavier after the first King died young in defense of the country. She had one daughter, Andrika. Her sister, Lirit is second in line to the throne. The death of Xavier came while Andrika was still young and soon after, Brynn married Erickson of Ravencrest to solidify political ties. While she is married to the King, only Brynn has a final say on what goes on in Duskwither.

The Social Classes

Duskwither has three main classes: Royalty, Warrior/Military, Worker class/Merchant, and Slave. While the kingdom itself is a free one for its people, not everyone can afford to be free. Slaves however pretty much scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to money and the only real way to get out of this poverty is to be smart in business or to join the military. Most humans are surfs and slaves because of the horrors the humans committed before the elves came to power. That history will be written out, but I will say that the humans slaughtered thousands of elves and fae alike before the war settled.

The Military and the Fellowships

A major reason why the Kingdom lives in peace is how the Duskwithers manage their army. They have a main infantry, which consists of some of the most powerful soldiers in the world, making the Duskwither Army feared. The entire operation is mostly it is a volunteer operation. A branch of the military are the fellowships. Every family requires that at least one of their children serve. A fellowship is a group of adventurers who travel the lands for one to five years, patrolling and keeping the peace. These fellowships usually have one leader, who can be of any class or race. They receive orders from the military back in Celestial City towards specific missions, but otherwise the group is left to their own accord, traveling from city to town, solving problems and helping where they can. They are paid to do these tasks, and many slaves take jobs in the fellowship to rise their social standing.

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