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welcome to knotwood.
Welcome to Knotwood, a medieval fantasy RPG. Two kingdoms who could not be more different from each other have joined by way of the political marriage between King Erikson Ravencrest and Queen Brynn Duskwither. Ravencrest, a near totalitarian society now must loosen its strict rules in order to fit into the more democratic kingdom of Duskwither. Despite this union, the lands of Knotwood are still restless. Not all are pleased with the joining of these two worlds and the people of both countries rest uneasy as rumor persists that Erikson wishes control over both lands completely. In a show of good faith, the two kingdoms agreed to create a joint Fellowship, a shining example of unity, trust and justice. The group consists of the most elite warriors of the kingdom an is led by members of both Royal houses. However, the rivalry between the two countries and their political views places hairline fractures in an otherwise sound group of young individuals. It can be agreed however that both sides want peace and both sides work diligently towards ensuring that. With the ever encroaching threats of rival factions, evil beasts and fantastical creatures of which the people of Knotwood share this land with one thing is assured in that adventure in this vast and amazing land is never lacking.

month and weather
Iunius, Year 784. There are 30 days in this month. It is currently late spring in the lands of both Duskwither and Ravencrest. Summer brings scorching heat to the mainlands and excruciatingly more to Emmersend.
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For questions, please post here if an admin isn't about. The main admin runs on EST. Please read all info before asking, and for questions regarding stats and activity, click here.

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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Knotwood Admin Posted on Mar 17 2011, 09:53 AM
  Player Statistics (OOC)
Board Age: 1 month invisionfree, three months prior on a different board system.
Players: 19 (People have multiple accounts)
Activity: Some people post daily, some people post 1 per week. We are a fairly laid back board but are committed to a long term story.

Character Statistics (IC)
These numbers reflect characters belonging to players and not non-played characters as functioned by administrators.

Numbers by...

  • Duskwither: 17
  • Emmersend: 4
  • Ravencrest: 11
  • Male: 16
  • Female: 16
  • Elf: 4
  • Half Elf (Full Elf, Full Woodlander/Human): 5
  • Half Fae (Full Fae, Full Woodlander/Human): 2
  • Sidhe (Half Elf and Half Fae): 3
  • Hybrid (Any child of more than 2 mixed blood): 1
  • Fae: 3
  • Woodlander: 9
  • Human: 5
  • Thief: 3
  • Bard: 2
  • Spellthief: 2
  • Buccaneer: 3
  • Ranger: 2
  • Paladin: 2
  • Assassin: 3
  • Barbarian: 2
  • Mage: 1
  • Warlock: 1
  • Shaman: 2
  • Darkbringer: 2
  • Cleric: 3
  • Druid: 1
  • Mystic: 1
  • Warden: 2

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