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Knotwood Admin - March 8, 2011 02:05 AM (GMT)

In both the Kingdom of Duskwither and the Kingdom of Ravencrest, the military relies on groups called Fellowships in order to police the lands at large. Fellowships are groups of around 15-20 individuals, volunteers for the most part who travel around their respective countries to provide aid where they can. They deal with all sorts of matters from land disputes, quests, protection to bounty manhunts.

So far on the board, you have the option of joining one Fellowship. As the board expands, we'll split this of to two and so on. The creation of new fellowships are restricted to new players. If you have been on the board for at least four months, you can then submit for a fellowship of your own, pending there are at least three people who will be joining you. You can contact me on my Andrika Bowen account when the requirements are met. It's best however that if you're starting off that you join one of the two groups, or if you prefer, to remain neutral and unaffiliated to any one group.
    The Royal Fellowship (Duskwither/Ravencrest Faction)
    Led by Andrika Bowen and Kael Ravencrest (Rangers).

    The Royal Fellowship is the main group consisting of some of the most elite and skilled warriors the land has to offer in both the Duskwither and Ravencrest factions. They are supposed to be a shining example of unity but the group's two leaders rarely get along. It is the case however that when trouble arises, they all put aside their differences for kingdoms.

  • Rhyannon Duskwither | Druid (Third in Command)
  • Cathal Brynde | Cleric
  • Kristoff Deschamps | Buccaneer
  • Viola Deschamps | Warlock
  • Celaena Mikhail | Mystic
  • Hytia Ranyth | Thief
  • Tinúviel Lúthien | Mage
  • Kadarus Lagh'ratham | Barbarian

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