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Title: The Haunt

Medieval Mod - March 7, 2011 10:01 PM (GMT)
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The Haunt

Holding the appearance of oversized dog-like creatures, the Haunt are always black of color but can be separated from wolves through their unique eyes. Males have a deep set of blood red eyes and females hold an icy gaze of bright blue. Their fur is slightly ruffled and travel in packs of six or seven over great lengths. Usually they live in caves deep in the mountains but have no problem adapting to any other conditions as they can live without food or water for a very long time. However, at every full moon, the males always descend to the nearest town or city, haunting it for food or pure killings, thus gaining their name. The females, however, are more aggressive and just as good predators. The Haunt have an incredibly toxic saliva that also is found in their claws, a scratch making a humanís skin decay and a bite can be deadly.

Concept Origin
Origin: Folklore, Picture: deviantart, Write up: Alex

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