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Title: Shadows of Ithamar
Description: Medieval/Fantasy Kingdom Rp

The Will of The Gods - September 10, 2011 04:30 AM (GMT)
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It is the 78th year of the Eleventh Age and the King is dead.

His cause of death is still unknown and, to make matters worse, he has no son. The Queen is too old to remarry and the princesses cannot take the throne, for only a male may rule the country. Therefore, the High Counsel and the Queen have decided to have the eldest princess, Gwendolen Stidolph, will take a suitor to become her husband, and more importantly, the King. Every unwed male in the Kingdom is able to marry the princess, but they must first prove that they are worthy of the title. Tournaments will be held to find the strongest men, while balls and feasts will be hosted to see who can hold their own in the political field.

While the Kingdom is mourning their king, they are also preparing for the festivities in hopes of a distraction. But in the wilderness and small villages of Ithamar, ominous events are unfolding. People are starting to go missing and animals are getting more aggressive. Some people have even reported unnatural beasts roaming the darker areas of the countryside. Are they just the peoplesí nerves getting the better of them or are these signs of something darker to come? Something from the shadows of Ithamarís past.

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