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 [Profil] Taguchi Junnosuke, First "T" in KAT-TUN
Posted: Jan 16 2011, 10:41 PM

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Group: Moderator
Posts: 1,844
Member No.: 10
Joined: 28-December 10

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• Nama: 田口淳之介 / Taguchi Junnosuke
• Nickname: Junno, Guchii, Tagu-chan
• Tanggal lahir: 29 November 1985
• Tempat lahir: Kanagawa, Jepang
• Tinggi: 180 cm
• Berat: 64 kg
• Golongan darah: AB
• Zodiak: Sagitarius
• Keluarga: ortu, 1 kakak perempuan (Itarasuke), 1 kakak laki-laki (Ryunnosuke)
• Masuk JE: 16 Mei 1999
• Grup sebelum debut KAT-TUN: Beautiful American Dreams (B.A.D), J2000, Dajare troop (di Shounen Club)
• Sub-unit setelah KAT-TUN: NTT

Drama / Film / Guest Star / Musical
• SHOW geki SHOCK (2001-2002)
• Shounen wa Toori ni Natta (2001)
• Omae no Yukichi ga Naiteiru (2001)
• Mouhouhan (2002)
• SHOW geki SHOCK (2002)
• SHOCK is Real Shock (2003)
• Ganbatte ikimasshoi (2005)
• Hey! Say! Dream Boy (2005)
• Dream Boys (2006)
• Happy! (2006)
• Happy 2! (2006)
• Hanayome no Papa (spring 2007)
• Yukan Club (2007)
• Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo (2009)
• Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto (2011)
• Legal High (2012)

• KAT-TUN Style (2006 – 2012; Nippon Broadcasting System)
• The 33rd Nippon Broadcasting radio charity music-thon (Dec 24-25, 2007; Nippon Broadcasting System)
• KAT-TUNのがつーん [KAT-TUN no Gatsu-un] (2012 - present)
• 田口淳之介のTAG-TUNE DRIVING [Taguchi Junnosuke no TAG-TUNE DRIVING] (2012-present; Tokyo FM)

• 11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Oktober-Desember 2007): Best Supporting Actor for Yukan Club


Nama "Junnosuke" diberikan ibu Junno, karena beliau menyukai novelis bernama Yoshiyuki Junnosuke.

Junno menempuh pendidikan SD di Ounuma Asamizodai Elementary School, Sagamihara. Kemudian SMP-nya di Kamitsuruma Junior High School, Sagamihara. Setelah itu, Junno melanjutkan pendidikan SMU di sebuah akademi seni bergengsi bernama Nihon Geijutsu Kotou Gakuin (Japan Art Academy School) *tes masuknya terkenal susah*.

FYI, Junno merupakan siswa populer di sekolahnya. Semenjak SD, SMP, hingga SMU, dia dah punya fansclub sendiri.

Cowok paling tinggi di KAT-TUN ini, merupakan fanboy-nya SMAP (gara2 nonton TV show SMAP x SMAP). Kemudian pada kelas 6 SD, Junno mengirimkan sendiri lamarannya ke JE, dan diterima.

Tahu enggak minna-san, tahun 2004, Junno pernah cedera lutut kiri, sampe mesti dioperasi tanggal 13 Februari. Habis itu, dia mesti istirahat, sampe akhirnya tampil kembali di konser “SUMMARY” bulan Agustus..

Di KAT-TUN, Junno dikenal sebagai personel yang senyumnya "bright", juga mahir memainkan kata-kata (dajare), memainkan beberapa bola secara bersamaan (juggling), serta menari tap/tap dance; seperti pemain akrobat, Junno bisa melakukan dua atau tiga hal tadi SEKALIGUS. Keahlian Junno ini biasanya diperlihatkan dalam konser-konser KAT-TUN.

Junno bisa disebut "otaku". Ia memiliki minat yang besar terhadap game, anime, manga. Dan karena bakatnya sangat besar dalam olahraga, Junno juga jago lho main baseball, sepak bola, voli, atletik, tenis meja, skateboard, dan yachting (berlayar). Junno juga bisa main piano.

Menurut Junno, yang saking kerennya bahkan pernah sampai ditawari kerja di host club ini, daya tariknya yang terbesar itu adalah matanya, tapi sayang... matanya "hilang" kalau dia tersenyum lebar biggrin.gif

Kata-kata Junno yang terkenal:
- Iriguchi, Deguchi, Taguchi desu~ [dajare nama]
- Boleh gw coba?
- Apa pun yang terjadi, tersenyumlah!!

Posted: Nov 9 2011, 02:47 PM

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Group: Moderator
Posts: 1,844
Member No.: 10
Joined: 28-December 10

Taguchi Junnosuke
Hal2 Favorit

Q1 Your favourite food?
Yakiniku. I have it once a week. I like beef tongue with salt seasoning.

Q2 Your favourite colour?
Blue. I like the colour of the sky like light water. Do-re-mi-fa sky colour. [googling this gave some seriously suspicious looking female idol videos, so I'm hoping it's something else I've never heard of // add: it's probably a pun about sky colour (sora iro) sounding similar to the rest of the vocal scale (so-la-ti-do). thanks to ryogrande for the hint.]

Q3 Your favourite number?
7. The Lucky Seven is auspicious. It stirs up the gambler's blood.

Q4 Your favourite fashion?
If I had to say, casual. Because it's comfortable.

Q5 Your favourite route to drive?
Driving on Tokyo's freeways at night. It feels great how the pretty scenery goes past.

Q6 Your favourite genre of literature?
Manga. Lately I'm a lot into the work where a policeman is risking his life in an undercover investigation.

Q7 Your favourite movie?
I love romantic comedies! I also like action movies like the James Bond series.

Q8 Your favourite music genre?
Lately I like Hip hop and R&B.

Q9 Your favourite (video) game?
A game I play on my cellphone for English vocabulary.

Q10 Your favourite drink?
During lives, green tea and water. For meals Oolong tea, and carbonated drinks with curry.

Q11 Your favourite cellphone emoji?
The lightbulb. I often use it when saying "Understood!"

Q12 Your favourite sports?
For playing basket ball, for watching soccer.

Q13 Your favourite time?
In the morning, after taking a shower and learning for the kanji test. After I'm finished with it, I feel accomplished.

Q14 Your favourite country?
I like Japan and I'm interested in Korea. I want to speak Korean!

Q15 Your favourite animal?
Dogs. When I look into the eyes of a puppy, it puts me into a good mood.

Q16 Your favourite anime character?
Female idols like sprites of the milky way, which appear in SF anime.

Q17 Your favourite senpai/kohai in Johnny's?
I'm often in touch with Kanjani 8's Yokoyama (Yu)-kun.

Q18 Your favourite type of girls?
One who is only gentle towards me, who listens to my whims.

Q19 Your favourite fashion item?
Sneakers. Since I end up buying them before I realise it, I maybe have about 30 pairs.

Q20 Your favourite sports player?
The soccer player Hasebe Makoto. Even though we're of the same generation, he is representing Japan. [It literally said "carrying Japan on his back", but I'm not sure if that sounds that great in English]

Q21 Your favourite tv show?
Of course variety shows!

Q22 Your favourite body part of yourself?
All of it. Because I love myself, I cannot choose one part.

Q23 Your favourite bento side dish?
Karaage. Ideally soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside.

Q24 Your favourite phrase?
"Good fortune will come to those who smile".

Q25 Your favourite date course?
After eating at a kushiage restaurant going to karaoke. I'll raise the mood singing my own songs.

Q26 A part of Kamenashi Kazuya you like?
How he's reliable. It's cool how he's giving his best in "Going!"

Q27 A part of Tanaka Koki you like?
His talent for rapping. I still want to do more as NTT~

Q28 A part of Ueda Tatsuya you like?
How his thinking is easy to understand. It's comfortable because you don't have to be careful.

Q29 A part of Nakamaru Yuichi you like?
It's enjoyable how our taste in games is the same.

Q30 What's your passion?
Entertainment. I'm really glad I'm living nowadays where there's a lot of entertainment.

sumber: majalah DUET Desember 2011
credit: parasol_odori@kotoba_odori
Posted: Sep 24 2012, 12:09 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 595
Member No.: 1
Joined: 13-December 10

Dari Majalah DUET Oktober 2012
© Haiiro_Yosei

Q1: What kind of food would you like your girlfriend to cook for you?
Curry! If it's beef you have to watch whether it's being cooked at the right heat and it takes time, hence chicken? On the other hand if I cook it would be stir fried salt soba!

Q2: What phrase would you like to say while confessing?
For me, I haven't really had experience of saying it clearly in words. That's because I think we’ll understand each other's feelings from the surrounding atmosphere.

Q3: What would you like to give your girlfriend on her birthday?
Accessories or a bag would be it, right? Since for rings and shoes I would have to ask for her size.

Q4: What would you like to wear to a first date?
If it's at the beach I would wear jeans and a T-shirt, if it's at a restaurant and there's a dress code I would wear a jacket etc. I would dress according to the location.

Q5: What kind of date plan would you definitely be happy with?
If it's a 'nature-type' date we would drive to the beach and eat delicious seafood nearby. If we're in town it would be at a hotel restaurant or something?

Q6: What songs would you like to sing when going to karaoke with your girlfriend?
What shall it be... For me, I sing many types of songs~ Anime songs too (laugh). If it's a KAT-TUN song it would be 'Yorokobi no Uta'.

Q7: At what moment do you think 'I did it!'?
I don't know. I have never thought 'I did it!' about myself before. On the other hand I would like everyone to tell me~

Q8: An action of a girl that makes your heart skip a beat?
When she takes off her shoes at a traditional Japanese restaurant and lines them up casually. People who can do that are great.

Q9: What are the 3 requirements you have for your girlfriend?
Shorter than me, even if it's just by 1cm. To be kind. But, someone who will clearly point out my bad points to me.

Q10: When would you think a girl is cute?
Girls are always cute. I think it would be good to treat girls as 'princesses'. I wouldn't get angry etc.

Q11: If a girl is going to cosplay for you, what would you like her to dress up in?
Nurse! Of course it's a nurse right! I am not particular about the skirt length but please wear a (nurse's) cap.

Q12: What type of cosplay would you like to try out?
Bartender! I want to try wearing a cummerbund and holding a cocktail making shaker. (T/N: Please pardon my general ignorance of evening wear and alcohol related words)

Q13: If you could use magic what would you do?
I want to fly around freely in the sky. I want to try sitting on the edge of the Skytree's observatory platform (laugh). Everyone will be shocked right!?

Q14: Requirements of men that you think are cool?
Someone who is usually silent but able to speak to the point. And, someone kind to those younger than him! Someone tall!

Q15: Please tell us about your current dream!
I want to do a solo live. The main theme would of course be dance right? And I would also like to write some good songs.

Q16: If you could go back to being a student, what are the top 3 things you would like to do?
First is to participate more in basketball matches. Second is the competitors' pledge at sports meet! Third is to hold/attend a class reunion with the feelings of returning back to a student.

Q17: How do you recover when you are feeling down?
I am not the kind to feel down. But in my opinion it is of course important to have time to think so recently I've been taking time to think.

Q18: Recently what items are you into?
A wristwatch I bought on an overseas trip. Although I like it, when I finally notice, I realised that I always forget to put it on. (laugh)

Q19: What do you consider as a small luxury?
Although the 'little egg biscuits' that I'm into recently comes in a set of 5, I usually only eat 1 packet at a time. (laugh)

Q20: What is the thing you want to do the most now?
To practise operating a boat! Because I've been thinking I can go any time, I end up not going. I have to practise!
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