Sweaty Skydragon

As Spring gives way and the sun comes to play, things in the Weyrd begin to get quite warm. Reports of lawns catching on fire - and not the usual randomly-colored fires of the PIF - and lakes having less water than they really ought to abound as the Weyrd's denizens attempt to stay cool by whatever means necessary. Thankfully the shade of night offers a pleasant respite, and those who stay out to stargaze may find the stars beginning to form the telltale constellations of the season. Forms of dragons promise the good times of the season of the great giver, the Skydragon itself.

Umbra by Elly - Closed

When the Light Begins to Fade
Phoenix by Crow & QC - Closed

A Clue A Clue!
Shafa by SCP - Closed

The Expotition To The North Pole
Epolos by Sephisso - Closed
Sad And Sweet, I Knew It Complete
Gryphons by Terra - Open
Strut Your Stuff
Tzingani by Raine - Closed

Ctf- It's Life Or Death
Klicks by SCP - Closed

A Night Under the Stars
Skydragon Holideer by Hiba - Closed
In Need of a Warrior
Barghests by Gallows - Closed
A Playful Call
Umbra by Karjan - Open
You're Poison
Wyverns by Mangle - Open
Cavorting Constellations
Skydragon Festival 7/14-7/28

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Brand News
7/5 Mini-Newspost

You're The Only North Star
7/14 Mini-Newspost





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ISNIT WEYRD latest news: You're The Only North Star
Welcome back; your last visit was on Aug 28 2016, 07:22 AM
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Rules, History, and other vital info may be found here, as well as being accessed from the sidebar links. Please read it all carefully before applying with your character!

13 27 Nov 14 2015, 02:49 PM
In: Last PostThe Bestiary
Records Office
Come here to add yourself to the birthday list, snag a face claim, request thread closings, report bugs and typos, and all sorts of good stuff!

10 181 Aug 23 2016, 10:41 AM
In: Last PostError Reports
By: Avalon Gallows
Once you've read all the info, fill out the application form here and post it for admin approval.

2 1 Mar 10 2015, 12:12 AM
In: Last PostCharacter Creation Guide

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Hear about everything new and exciting here first! New Bondings, Chases, Contests, and more -- it'll all be announced here.

93 301 Jul 14 2016, 05:36 PM
In: Last PostYou're The Only North Star
By: Henry
Thread Trackers
For keeping up with all your roleplays/stalking other people. We approve both these activities!

87 565 Aug 23 2016, 06:47 AM
In: Last PostA Rabbit Foot In My Pocket
By: Mirrin
1: Read rules.
2: Enter contest.
3: ????
4: Profit!

35 320 Aug 6 2016, 09:48 AM
In: Last PostLineart Coloring Contest
Creature Creation
Post your ideas for Isnit creatures here!

32 47 Aug 9 2016, 07:07 AM
In: Last PostOryxia
By: Saoirse

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Town Square
The center of the Weyrd, both literally and figuratively, is the Town Square. It stands at the heart of the village, surrounded by the market, villager homes and The Wandering Dragon. It has a large fire pit in the middle, scorched and charred from large bonfires, and this is where special ceremonies and announcements occur.

13 127 Jun 29 2016, 03:01 AM
In: Last PostWe're Just "borrowing" ...
By: Judas
The Wandering Dragon
This is Isnit Weyrd's largest and oldest Inn, dating back to the days of the Weyrd's founding. It is three stories tall, made of hardwood and river rock, and sports a large, leafy tree growing from the center of it. The Wandering Dragon is the center of all gossip, news and newcomers in the Weyrd, not to mention the best brandy and ale this side of Planet. Stables out back and two floors of tidy, comfortable rooms give ample space to those dropping by for a drink and a night's rest.

17 159 Aug 28 2016, 03:49 AM
In: Last PostSad And Sweet, I Knew It Co...
By: Zachariel
Training Green
A large flat stretch of soft grass inside the town walls. This place is used to train your bonds and keep them in peak physical condition. Sand pits, hurdles, water traps, high bars and dummy horses have been set up for the convenience of the townfolk. This is also a good place to hold the bondings of any "tame" creatures, since it is wide open and filled with fun things for baby creatures but still within the protective confines of the village walls.

12 124 Aug 27 2016, 08:52 PM
In: Last PostStrut Your Stuff
By: Nocturnal
Residential District
At one point during the Weyrd's history there was a defined District where the settlers kept their houses, bounded with the Dragon and Needle Street on one end and the city walls on the others. Nowadays, though, the term 'Residential District' is often used loosely for anywhere any Isnitian calls home, whether in the Weyrd proper or not.
This board may be used for storing characters' house descriptions or for any thread that takes place at someone's home.

13 132 Jul 8 2016, 06:19 PM
In: Last PostA Blank Slate And A Perfect...
By: Jay
The Library
The library is a long flat building near the edge of town. It is made of brick and river rock, and the four lamp posts that stand in front of the building, evenly spaced along the exterior, flicker with pale blue electricity. The library is four stories, although instead of building up the floors are sunk into the ground. Each floor is roughly one square acre, lined floor to ceiling with books. Long strands of brightly-glowing filament streak the ceilings and give the rooms their light. The librarian is a giant silk worm, and she is very protective of her books; do NOT damage them!

10 55 Aug 27 2016, 06:28 PM
In: Last PostLosing Yourself In Literature
By: Saoirse
Doppelganger Railway Station
Said to have been built by the ultimate purveyors of illusion, this correspondingly-named Doppelganger Station is a center for meeting and transport, and is located quite centrally on the outskirts of the Weyrd. The large ovular building is carved from red brick and white marble, and like spokes on a wheel, the train tracks radiate outward from the station in all directions. Though the ticket booth and the terminal all gleam and glow with that shiny new steampunk smell, the makers of the Station did not neglect their magical inclinations. Guests may find themselves mirrored in the moving artwork displayed on the walls, and the patrons who brave the midnight trains are said to disappear for months at a time.

3 65 Apr 26 2016, 02:48 AM
In: Last PostWe're Not In Kansas Any...
By: Star Berlize
Temple of the Skydragon
Just outside the town walls stands the Skydragon Temple: an unimpressive building that might normally be overlooked if not for the cemetery that lies beyond and the scent of incense that lingers in the air. But upon entry one can clearly see that this is no ordinary building. A grand fountain stands just beyond the doors, a statue of the Skydragon itself standing guard, incense burners held in each claw as water spills down its wings into the fountain. Stepping around the fountain leads to the central chamber where groups can gather for various ceremonies. Beyond that lies a great labyrinth of passages, alcoves, and comfortable rooms where a person can always find a quiet place for solitary reflection and meditation.

1 4 Sep 29 2015, 10:05 PM
In: Last PostAll Temples Hold Treasure.....
By: Raeshe
The Underground Arenas
The Underground Arenas were recently rediscovered by a poor, unfortunate citizen whom fell into an alley, crashed through the old bulkhead entrance that had been ignored for many years, tumbled down the steps and lay dizzily at the bottom. The arenas are huge and expansive, set snugly against one another in a long line and complete with aerial stands from which to spectate. Near the entrance is a small niche set aside for billboards, to which are tacked betting odds, competition lists, and available empty arenas for the day. Since its discovery the arenas have been restored and are currently run to hold fights, races, and other monies-related events.

5 31 Jun 24 2016, 01:56 PM
In: Last PostHolo-arenas: The Future Of ...
By: Opal
Needle Street
Once, when Isnit was first founded, there was only one merchant on this street. She was a needle maker, and so the street came be known as Needle Street. Today a wide variety of stalls and shops line the twisty street, including the Wild Creature Stall and the infamous Voodoo Stall. Alas, there isn't a needle shop in sight.

23 740 Aug 27 2016, 01:01 AM
In: Last PostVoodoo Stall
By: Judas

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Northern Plains
To the North of the Weyrd stretches a vast rolling plain. It goes on for several thousand miles and covers most of the northern end of the continent. Grasses can grow to be taller than the average human man, and the landscape is either flat or hilly, with little to no in-between.

10 150 Aug 21 2016, 07:49 PM
In: Last PostBy Starlight
By: Vexel
The Caverns
Lacing under the entirety of the Weyrd- all of the way from the Northern Plains to the Southern Forest- lies an underground network of caves, ranging from tight crawlspaces to large, spacious caverns lit with bioluminescent fungi. The tunnels don't appear to lead anywhere in particular, although there are openings to the outside world scattered in random places throughout the wilderness, and in the darkest bowels of these caves you never know what you might find.

3 54 Aug 26 2016, 11:30 PM
In: Last PostCrawl Out Through The Fallo...
By: GiGi Antilo
Southern Forests
The forest that stretches to the south of the Weyrd is home to large hardwoods and towering evergreens. Small sheer cliffs roped with vines pour cascading waterfalls into thin streams, and it is always cool, since the sunlight has a hard time reaching the ground through the leafy canopy. Redwoods and sycamores are not uncommon, and oaks, aspens and maples clump together in thickets. It is an old forest, so there is much space between most of the trees, and large granite rocks covered with moss dot the forest floor.

33 373 Aug 28 2016, 04:58 AM
In: Last PostBlood And Battle Wounds
By: Judas
Western Lakes and River
To the West of Isnit lies a giant lake, which is connected to a wide river that flows to the ocean. Several ponds surround the lake, and all of the waters are deep and still. The lake sits in the grassy flat land between the Forest and the Plains, and its beaches are pebbly and rocky, although one portion is made of smooth yellow sand. The ponds around it are usually dotted with trees and lack discernible beaches, and the River, while wide, is fairly shallow in most places, with a silty bottom.

8 35 Aug 26 2016, 10:03 PM
In: Last PostA Playful Call
By: Karjan
Eastern Mountains
The Eastern Mountains are squat, relatively low mountains, similar to the Appalachians of Earth, and reach about 11,000 feet above sea level. They are mostly barren rock, although the Forest climbs up the base a ways until the lack of soil prevents any further growth. Craggy and dark, the mountains protect the Weyrd from heavy rainfall and hurricanes coming from the eastern ocean, which often leaves them shrouded in mists.

27 329 Aug 28 2016, 04:25 AM
In: Last PostLove Don't Live Here An...
By: Zachariel
The Temporal Sands
North of the peninsula lies this classic image of a desert, rolling sands meeting those who travel here for as far as the eye can see. The heat is sweltering and the dry air parches, but for those who brave the sands there may be great reward, for ruins of ancient peoples (likely dragged in from other worlds by the PIF) hide many treasures within their crumbling halls. However, other secrets hide here as well. Strange doorways lead Isnitians into other times, when the desert was a great jungle or a deep ocean, filled with strange creatures and secrets. As travelers leave the desert, the days fade back into their own as if the journey was merely a mirage.

6 262 Aug 17 2016, 06:30 PM
In: Last PostThe Ruins Of Sescheron
By: Henry
Great Ocean
A vast expanse of ocean frames Isnit on three sides, met by rocky beaches to the south, sheer cliffs to the east and and soft sand dunes to the west. A small harbor lies on the southern shoreline, connected to the Weyrd proper by a short railway which goes through the Southern Forests, and in the waters by the eastern cliffs lies a bewildering network of underwater caves. On all sides of the peninsula the horizon is dotted with small islands full of PIF activity which rarely stay long in one place, prone to lifting off and flying to new locations and changing between outlandish sceneries at random.

12 118 Aug 21 2016, 09:06 PM
In: Last PostA Night Under The Stars
By: Aurilia Silverwood
The Dreamscape
Created and controlled by nocturnes and lucid dreamers alike, this land of sleep is perhaps even stranger than the Weyrd itself. Strange worlds and adventures are constructed here, only to be shattered when the dreamer awakens. However, one must be wary. Nightmares, too, lurk in the shadows of the dreamscape, and a pinch isn't always enough to wake you...

4 93 Aug 24 2016, 06:49 PM
In: Last PostGotta Keep On Remindin' Me
By: Rosario

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Weyrd Discussion
For chatting about anything and everything relating to Isnit Weyrd, from ship lists to planning plots.

24 353 Aug 23 2016, 10:20 PM
In: Last PostOpen Threads Seeking Posters
By: Diana Keating
Random Chatter
For discussing anything and everything OOC, playing forum games, etc.

26 284 Aug 14 2016, 09:04 AM
In: Last PostThe Character Questions Game
By: Mirrin
Please post if you're going to be away, for approximately how long, and what roleplays you will be missing so everyone knows!

34 41 Aug 23 2016, 07:50 PM
In: Last PostRenfaires Devour Souls
By: Hibashira
The Studio
Unleash your creativity here! All art forms appreciated, whether written, painted, photoshopped or sculpted! Please limit it to one thread per user.

7 12 Jun 4 2016, 08:07 PM
In: Last PostBirdies Art Stuffs
By: Aislinn
Where you can pimp your sites out! :3 Your site must have a place where we can do the same to you.

1,389 46 Aug 27 2016, 12:23 AM
In: Last PostA City Divided
By: Jenna
This is where old IC threads go. We carefully preserve them for your enjoyment! ;D

2,025 22,651 Aug 11 2016, 10:57 PM
In: Last PostThose Who Have Been Abandoned
By: GiGi Antilo

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