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 A Wish To The Stars, A Historical/Fanasty RPG
Daenerys Targaryen
Posted: Apr 14 2012, 03:52 PM


Make it count...

In three separate worlds, three wars are being fought. In the Enchanted Forest, a dark curse is spreading throughout the kingdom unleashed by the Evil Queen Regina, who wants nothing more then to get her happy ending and to ruin the Fairest of Them All's dreams of happiness at the birth of her child. In another world in the land that is known as Middle Earth, the war of the one ring is being sought after by a war from the land of Mordor. A young hobbit has broken the Fellowship and is nearing the Ash Mountains with help from an unlikely creature called Gollum as the Kingdom of Rohan is battling the Isengaurd Orc army under the darkness of rain. Lastly in the world of Westeros, a war is coming unlike any other, one from the far north led by Lord Robb Stark for revenge and another from across the sea by Deanerys Targaryen, who has hatched three dragons under the red comet signaling the start of the what was to be the war of fire and ice, but when these three wars start all that the same time it causes a deep time rift that brings not only them, but others of worlds unknown and of the eras of Earth to an unlikely place that is doomed to the icy waters of a great sea. The Ship of Dreams. The Titanic.

Just moments before this time rift occurs, in the year of 1912 in the world called Earth, crowds flocked to the White Star Dock to send off the grandest ship of all The Titanic. A vessel unlike any other, housing the richest to the poorest of passengers bound to New York City for a better life or to return home. At 11:00a.m sharp, the grand ship moves out of South Hampton with crowds flocking to the decks and portholes to wave goodbye, it is only at this time does the first small wave of the time rift occurs. Only a few days later, after steaming west of Ireland the real first wave occurs. People from different worlds and times are beginning to pop up all over the place dressed in odd fashion which causes much disturbance all over the ship. No one on board knows who they are or where they are from, unless they are from this world. Some befriend one another while others turn a evil eye. With all of these people on board the Titanic anything is possible. Lives can be alerted, Love itself can become rather difficult for some, although with the grandest ship of all heading for it's unlikely doom, could it possibly be reverse or will the fate of all of the wars including the Titanic continue.

Only time can will tell as we make.... A WISH TO THE STARS.
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