welcome to impossible, an au narnia site! it takes place between the events of the leaving of the pevensies, and the events of prince caspian. the pevensies have returned to narnia to find it under siege by the telmarine people. sides are being taken, and loyalties are being tested. so join in, as nothing is impossible! remember to join with 'FIRSTNAME LASTNAME' in all capital letters. mess up? pm an admin to help you out!

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ISOLDE PEREGRINE Posted on Feb 11 2012, 02:09 AM
  Alright, so… first of all, isn't this picspam just adorable? I feel like it needs to be invoked for this plot (although you can use a different play-by if you absolutely have to). Thing is, the adorableness above is sort-of a lie. Isolde and SLOANE are not that cute yet - and may never be, depending on where their plot goes. For starters, they're total opposites. Isolde is a handmaiden to the queen of Archenland, although in exile that's turned her into more of a scavenger than anything else, just because she's good at it. SLOANE is a hunter based in/near Stormness Head, a simple man who sees the Telmarine invasion as a possible catalyst for better things. (You should probably look at THE CANON LIST and THIS SUBPLOT for more info on his backstory - I'm not going to explain it here.) A few months ago, SLOANE was wondering around in the woods and sort-of crashed into an adorable blonde creature, aka Isolde. As if running into a girl he'd never seen before in the middle of nowhere wasn't crazy enough, she started asking questions and otherwise acting as though their interaction wasn't anywhere near as awkward as it actually was. Since then, they've developed a sweet friendship, finding each other every so often and talking about things for hours on end. They function as equals, and the more time SLOANE spends with Isolde, the more curious he gets about her. See, he has absolutely no idea who she really is. He knows she's a bit broken and out-of-place, but he doesn't know about her affiliation. What he does when he finds out is up to you, but I like the *idea* of them being together in the end so please go with that. They have an unspoken attraction and lots of accidental flirting and it will be absolutely adorable when one of them realizes what's going on (whenever that is). Take him!---- sloane 26. archenlander. hunter. loner. curious. final. dominic monaghan. CREATED BY EMILY (SERENDIPITY *) @  ATF.  


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