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This board was made to appreciate, discuss, and SUPPORT Dr. Ian Devlin (Seamus Dever) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).If you have any questions just IM an Admin or moderator.


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 March Transcripts
Posted: Mar 5 2008, 05:56 AM


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March scenes between Ian and Sam
Posted: Mar 5 2008, 10:42 PM


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~*~March 4th~*~

Regina: The doctor will be right with you.

Sam: Thank you.

Lucky: Excuse me.

Sam: Hey.

Lucky: Hey.

Sam: Shouldn't you be lying down or something?

Lucky: Not with Diego Alcazar out there.

Sam: No, no, no. You cannot go out there -- he is crazy, you're hurt. Come on.

Lucky: Hey, I'm okay. I got plenty of practice at the walking wounded.

Ian: You'll have to excuse us, please.

Sam: Hey. Be careful.

Lucky: You take care of her.

Ian: I tried once. This time, she's not getting away so easy.
Posted: Mar 6 2008, 04:36 AM


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~*~March 5th~*~

Ian: Well, it looks like you've gone and ruined all the wonderful work that I have done. Oh. You know, if you wanted to see me again, all you had to do was schedule a followup, ma'am.

Sam: Oh, man. I bet that line actually works on some women.

Ian: Not on you?

Sam: Look, doc, I am in far too much pain and I have gone through way too much to flirt with my doctor. And you are a doctor, aren't you?

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: Really? Or are you just some guy who came off the street and put that thing -- his blue suit on and took a peak under my sheets?

Ian: Miss, I am twice a doctor. Reconstructive surgeon to oncologist, remember?

Sam: Well, I don't see the connection.

Ian:Ou don't need to. Well, it looks like you've -- well, popped out a few things that need to get popped back in again.

Sam: Oh. Whoa, that was technical.

[Sam chuckles]

Ian: I figure why bore you with all the medical mumbo-jumbo or scare you with all the gory details after the night you've had?

Sam: Thanks.

Ian: Uh-huh. Suffice it to say, it's not an emergency, but you should get this taken care of sooner rather than later. I can repair all the damage you've done, inside and out.

Sam: Huh? "Out"?

Ian: Yeah, a scar that you're going to have. I take requests, you know.

Sam: What?

Ian: Yeah. Designer scars. Oh, yeah, it's all the rage. Yeah, for virtually the same price, I can make it completely invisible. Or I can doctor it up to be a little bit more aesthetically pleasing. A simple tribal symbol. Maybe your initials, a quick haiku.

Sam: Oh, yeah, good. You're kidding? You're kidding. Yeah?

Ian: Yeah.

Sam: Good.

Ian: Of course I am. But it took your mind off the pain long enough to let the meds take the edge off, didn't it?

Sam: Oh, god -- I'm ok. So you are too smooth to use one-liners. Let me think -- plastic surgeon, oncologist, two different types of doctors. Are there two different types of men behind the degrees?

Ian: How badly do you want to know?

Ian: Mary riley.

Sam: Oh, is that another patient?

Ian: No. It's a name that popped into my head. Mary riley, elizabeth frankenstein, lucy seward -- all brave and beautiful women, seduced into the shadows by men of madness and debauchery.

[Sam scoffs]

Sam: What are you talking about?

Ian: Dr. Jekyll, dr. Frankenstein --

Sam: Ok.

Ian: And everybody's favorite blood bank bandit, count dracula.

Sam: Hmm.

Ian: They all led double lives. And those lives ended for the women who became too curious about them.

Sam: Interesting bedside manner you have.

Ian: Two, actually. Clinical and compassionate, and fast and furious.

Sam: Ok. Well, which one am I seeing now?

Ian: Neither. Which makes me curious about you. And -- it makes me think another doctor should take up your case.

Ian: I'm sure dr. Drake can recommend a colleague that knows his way around a hip and I know at least a few hundred plastic surgeons out in L.A. Yeah, you go out there and you -- you pick them off the celebrities like ticks.

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: Oh, ok. Well, what if I want you?

Ian: I reserve the right to refuse my service to anyone.

Sam: No. I will not let you. You're the reason I'm back in here.

Ian: Excuse me?

Sam: Yes, you are. You -- you were in the E.R. The night I was run down and patrick said you did an amazing job on me.

Ian: Yeah, I did.

Sam: Yes, yes -- so good, in fact, that you made me heal so quickly that you basically pushed me into the arms of the killer.

Ian: Blackmail, emotional or otherwise, doesn't work with me.

Sam: All right. Then what does work with you?

Ian: I'd like to keep you overnight for observation, if you don't mind.

Sam: Oh! Gross -- now that was a cheap come-on line.

Ian: Don't baby that hip, ok?

Sam: Oh.

Ian: I'll have a nurse walk you up and down the floor. Stay on it as often as possible for as long as possible. There's a guard that's going to be posted outside, so no one's going to bother you for the rest of the night, including me.
Posted: Mar 9 2008, 05:24 AM


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~*~March 7th~*~

Sam: Lucky, please, let's not make this any more than what it was, ok? Maybe saving me wasn't about you doing your duty as a police officer, but it certainly wasn't about you risking your life for the woman that you would die for. Your reflexes to -- to grab me from the brink of death was about you being an amazing, generous, giving man. Your instinct was to risk your life to save someone else. Someone else, ok? My instinct is about self-preservation.

Lucky: Sam --

Sam: No, please, lucky. Please, just let me say this, ok? No more lies by omission or sweeping things under the rug. I thought we were past that the night you threw me out.

Lucky: I shouldn't have thrown you out.

Sam: But you did, and it's ok because it was my fault, ok? I am -- I am the one who destroyed everything that was good between us. I lashed out at jason and elizabeth, and I put innocent children's life at risk to do it.

Lucky: I lashed out at elizabeth -- drugs, infidelity.

Sam: Yes. Drugs, lucky, drugs! You had an excuse! I didn'T. I don'T. I'm just -- I am tired of the hurt. I am -- I am tired of being angry.

Lucky: You said loving me changed you. I didn't want to believe that that night.

Sam: Ok, well, what do you believe now? Hmm? Can you honestly tell me that you believe everything, every single word that comes out of my mouth? You have your truth and I have mine. You know, lucky, there's just -- there's too much hurt between us. I think we both deserve people who can look at us and see the beauty and the promise and not all of the ugly failures, ok?

Lucky: We know who we are.

Sam: And we know who we're not. Can you really tell me that you want to build a future on that?

Ian: Well, as pleased as I am that you're getting some fresh air and exercise, I don't think you should be on that hip for so long. Allow me.
Posted: Mar 11 2008, 08:24 PM


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~*~March 10th~*~

Sam: Well, you know, I'm -- Lucky, I am so sorry. You two have met, right?

Ian: Well, not formally. Dr. Ian Devlin.

Lucky: Lucky Spencer.

Ian: Detective Spencer, right? Huh. So I -- I assume that you're here with some information about Ms. McCall’s hit and run?

Lucky: Yeah, the department is still working on it.

Ian: And are you working on it personally?

Lucky: No, I took myself off the case.

Ian: Oh. Well, then, I guess I won't be interrupting any official police business when I take Ms. McCall upstairs to run some tests.

Sam: Tests? No, no, no -- what tests? You said I was going to leave today.

Ian: Ah, you made that call yourself before. This time, I'm having some say in your future.

Sam: Oh, that's interesting. You seem like you're in a better mood today.

Ian: Well, it's amazing what sleeping in the right bed will do for you.

Lucky: Do you want me to take you back upstairs?

Ian: We have it, Detective. It's okay. I'm sure Ms. McCall would far more appreciate you finding that reckless animal that hit her.

Sam: Thank you for --

Lucky: It's okay. Dr. Devlin's anxious.

Ian: To help heal a beautiful woman -- what man isn't?

Ian: Nurse Johnson.

Epiphany: Dr. Devlin.
Posted: Mar 12 2008, 05:52 AM


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~*~March 11th~*~

Sam: Thank you.

Lucky: There's -- uh -- nothing new to tell you.

Sam: So that's it? Case closed?

Lucky: We're monitoring all the body shops, seeing if anyone's turned in a vehicle with any front-fender damage.

Sam: Yeah, but if no one's turned anything in yet --

Lucky: We're still working on it.

Sam: I just -- I don't understand people like that. I come across these people all the time when we're taping "Everyday Heroes." They have information, they know something about a crime, they could report on it, but they don’t. I feel like that makes you just as guilty as the person who actually did it. And you know what? I can actually relate because I did the same exact thing during the whole kidnapping thing. I just --

[Sam sighs]

Sam: I don't know how these people actually look at themselves in the mirror every day.

Lucky: You know what? You concentrate on getting yourself better, and let us find the person who's responsible for this. If you plan on getting out of here today, I'll just stick around and help.

Sam: You will?

Ian: Sam's not going anywhere with you.

Lucky: She's ready to be discharged today.

Ian: Well, she's wrong. I'm her doctor, and I say she's not going anywhere with you.

Lucky: That's the second time you've said that with me.

Ian: Well, maybe because you're the one acting like a freshman at his first frat party trying to score with the hot coed who's way out of his league. What, were you planning on heavily sedating her to get her around on the hip, huh?

Lucky: What the hell is wrong with you? You're her doctor, not a keeper.

[Phone rings]

Ian: And you can take that to the designated area, sir.

Lucky: Alexis? What is it?

Alexis: Your brother collapsed. I took him to the hospital.

Lucky: Listen, I'm already here. How bad?

Alexis: He's in surgery right now, I'm just waiting.

Lucky: Okay, thanks for calling. Listen, I got to go. I'll see you later.

Sam: That was unnecessary.

Ian: Yeah, but I think part of you really enjoyed it.

Alexis: "And then big bear said to little bear --"

Ian: Sometimes being a patient just sucks.

Sam: I guess so.

Alexis: Okay! Hey, hey -- little ears.

Sam: Oh -- hey, Mom.

Ian: Uh -- my apologies. You recalcitrant daughter needs to be a little more aggressive in her rehab.

Sam: What's going on?

Alexis: Bobbie was called back on duty -- she was going to drop Spencer over at daycare.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, why are you here?

Alexis: Nikolas and I were having a little bit of an argument as to why he's postponing his surgery.

Ian: He has his reasons -- people always do.

Alexis: Okay, so then he collapses, and now he's in surgery.

Elizabeth: Nikolas?

Sam: Well, that would explain why Lucky took off in such a hurry.

Alexis: You were there when I called?

Sam: Yeah, we were talking about the hit-and-run and the new leads he's following.

Ian: I bet if I would've let you go home, you wouldn't have pushed yourself this hard.

Sam: Oh, come on, I am not afraid of hard work -- or pain, at that.

Ian: Desirable qualities in a woman. Good thing I didn't let you go home with your ex-boyfriend, either -- I don't think he would've given you the proper motivation that you need.

Sam: Whoa -- no, no, no, no, hold on. Who said that he was my ex?

Ian: I assumed.

Sam: Okay. Well, you assume a lot -- for a doctor who didn't want to be my doctor and told me to get a new doctor.

Ian: Doctor's prerogative -- I changed my mind.

Sam: Why?

Ian: I may make you my special case.
Posted: Mar 13 2008, 05:08 AM


Group: Members
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~*~March 12th~*~

Ian: Well, I think you got enough exercise for one day. Let's get you back in a room.

Sam: You've got that look in your eye.

Ian: What look?

Sam: I'm not sure at it is. It's that confusing look that I see every so often where I don't really know who I'm dealing with. Are you the kind and caring dr. Jekyll, or the scary, evil mr. Hyde?

Ian: Why do I suspect you prefer the latter?

[Ian chuckles]
Lucky: Hey, big guy. What does he got?

Alexis: You don't like that guy, do you?

Lucky: Who?

Alexis: Sam's doctor.

Lucky: He's just a little too attentive.

Alexis: Well, you know, maybe sam needs that right now. You certainly wouldn't -- wouldn't want to begrudge her that opportunity, would you?

Lucky: What are you saying, I'jealous?

Alexis: No, I didn't say that. I mean, just interesting that you mention that right now.

Sam: Hey, um, do you know what happened to dr. Devlin? He left in the middle of a consultation -- lucky!

Lucky: Thank you.

Sam: Yeah. I will be in the exam room if you get dr. Devlin
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