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Gotta have those rules... READ BEFORE POSTING!!!!
I detest rules as much as the next person, but you gotta have a few.

1. Be respectful of each other. Flame wars and name-calling are not tolerated.

2. Please do NOT post any links to sites where anime and manga can be downloaded. I'm not against downloading, but don't want a lawsuit on my hands.

3. Please only post meaningful messages. Don't post shit such as "Yeah. He/she's right", "I agree", "What he/she said", etc.

4. Asking to become a mod or an admin is the best way to not become one.

5. Swearing is fine as long as it's not directed toward fellow posters.

6. When posting spoilers, please warn of them. When posting a new thread containing spoilers, put SPOILERS in your title. When making a post with spoilers in it, put the spoilers in white text by using the [ color=white ] [ /color ] tags. Be sure to remove the spaces between the brackets and the text enclosed in them.

7. Please don't character-bash, as this causes flame wars. If you don't like a character, post good reasons for not liking them, not just "So and So sux cuz there stoopid".

8. Please, please attempt to type literately. I'm not a pedant, but words typed out in all their glory are much easier on the eyes than "txt tlk".

9. Enjoy the board and have fun.

Rules will be updated as necessary.

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