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We are a Harry Potter-based, post-book game set in the present day. Lord Voldemort has been defeated and the wizarding world is back to business as usual, and business as usual for thousands of underaged wizards and witches world-wide means skipping school, drinking, cheating, stealing, and fighting. Play as an inmate, a marshal, or one of the creatures native to the island.

Welcome to Furiae Correctional Facility, the only international institution that will whoop your children so you don't have to.

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 LOCH, Ariya, tisiphone
Ariya Loch
Posted: Feb 26 2011, 10:58 PM

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AGE. Seventeen.


FULL NAME. Ariya Elizabeth Loch.
AGE. Fourteen.
BIRTHDAY. November 12th.
GENDER. Female.
CURRENT WAND. Maple, 11 ½ inches with a griffin feather core.
RACE. Werewolf.
BLOOD STATUS. Muggleborn.
POSITION. Level Two.


AVATAR. Bella Thorne.
Being the child that she is, Ariya is rather short and reaches around five foot one inch. She tends to stand in a rather un-girly way, slouching slightly and takes to leaning up against walls if there are any present. If she’s wearing pockets, her hands will most definitely be shoved right in. She’s a very pretty girl, despite acting somewhat like a tomboy from time to time she has big brown eyes framed with thick, pretty lashes. Her face is somewhat childlike still but not as much as it was when she arrived here. A year at Furiae can do hell to a person and her face has thinned out, still youthful but not as innocent as it once was. Thick long red hair falls in heavy waves down to her mid-back and she almost always wears it down; needing to pay attention when experiments call upon her she uses mostly her sense of smell and hearing and uses her eyes as a third source unlike most of the people at the prison, her being a werewolf helps a lot with that.

ANIMAGUS/PATRONUS. A young juvenile wolf
Prison hasn’t done well for Ariya. She’s not a very sociable person. The girl has a small group of select friends, even fewer whom she trusts entirely. Overall she’s a shy girl, keeping her hair down to hide her face as a form of protection almost. Due to foster care and misunderstandings as well as this whole prison thing she’s been denied love and affection most of her life and craves it desperately… not that she would tell anyone that. She adores animals, and cages make her feel sick as she has been forced into them before and knows what they feel like, in fact she’s rather claustrophobic in that way.

While that’s one side of Ariya you might see, she has another side that you won’t feel as sympathetic for. Protecting herself is one of her top priorities and that means in most any way she can. Not being a trained witch, magic sometimes tends to run wild around this girl. She’s known to explode things if she’s angry or have the light flicker. Not to mention her wolfish tendencies can come out to protect her, growling and hissing at whoever or whatever’s going to cause her harm. She wouldn’t hurt someone on purpose, but no one’s going to guarantee that. She does have a tendency to be rather unpredictable.


PARENTS. Edgar and Cynthia Dublin

OFFENSES. Unregistered werewolf, underaged witch using magic without training, stealing/pickpocketing from muggles and wizard king alike, murder, resisting arrest.
Ariya’s story starts when muggles Edgar and Cynthia Dublin were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, naming her Elizabeth Jane. They raised her up as a normal muggle child, totally and completely oblivious to any unusual behavior she displayed. They were the type of people who liked normal things. That’s all.
Elizabeth was a sweet little girl, taking to nature immediately and constantly wanting to be outside. She was enrolled in school like any other child would be, and she loved it.

But even from the beginning she didn’t like being pushed around. Lizzy was always slightly rebellious, once she turned ten her parents began to have real trouble with her. Their finances were dropping and their nerves high, tolerance for their daughter became lower and lower. Arguments would break out with Lizzy yelling right back, trying desperately to make them understand her point of view.

It was her eleventh birthday that she received a Hogwarts letter, her parents decaring it a hoax, something that got everyone angry. Lizzy loved the thought of going off to learn magic whether it was true or not, but her mom and dad, who weren’t fans of anything irregular were enraged. Throwing the letter in the garbage.

More came, but each time a fight would break out, getting worse and worse, a couple ending up in Elizabeth running away but always her parents would find her.

September first came and went, the letters stopped but the feud between the Dublin’s and their daughter continued. They didn’t understand her, she was a tomboy and Cynthia wanted to enter her into beauty pagents, her father wanting to buy her dresses and things. They told her she couldn’t spend all her time outside, causing a massive ruckus where Elizabeth rushed out, slamming the door after her and starting a sprint away from her home, somehow getting further then she should have in a couple minutes. Odd things like that usually happened…

Due to this her mother and father hadn’t been able to find her, not having a car due to desperate financial issues and it was at least a day later they found their Lizzy crying and trying to walk home, she claimed to have been mauled by some sort of wolf hybrid, it had jumped and attacked.

The parents couldn’t get medical care with their budget so they just treated the wound themselves, no one suspecting a thing when she began to get sick on the few days leading up to the full moon. Her parents thought it must be some sort of virus caught through getting bitten by whatever that animal was. Or at least that’s what they thought until one day Mr. Dublin had been putting his daughter to bed, she was deathly pale and suddenly began to shake. Her skin growing burning hot, eyes turning a yellow and she began to sprout fur.
Horrified he’d run from the room, slamming it behind him just as his little girl turned into a werewolf.

After that night they’d found her sleeping beneath her bed, completely unconscious. Everything in her room either scratched up, torn apart or just destroyed.

This was the last straw for the couple, once she’d woken up her father had marched Lizzy out to the car and driven her to the next city’s foster agency, never to see her father again.
There, she’d changed her name to Ariya Loch, Ariya was the name of her grandmother she’d always gotten along with, and Loch, the last name of the one woman working at the agency that she actually liked.

Being pushed from home to home for the next two years, Ariya soon couldn’t take it anymore. She knew when she would change and she’d run off, people would report her missing and that was normally the idea behind bringing her back, but one house she’d been brought to had quite the… abusive father. Someone she couldn’t stand, she couldn’t take it anymore. That night she hadn’t gone out, she’d stayed right there. Changing into a wolf had been painful, but when she woke and found herself outside in the forest behind the house, she didn’t dare look back. She didn’t remember what had happened but something told her that both the mother and father were dead, leaving her to start off her own life.

She didn’t get very far before being caught up by the wizarding community. An auror by the name of Mark had caught her, and from there it had been a trial and right off to Furiae.

The prison at first had been the worst thing to ever happen in her life, and still is to an extent, but she’s learned how to live in it. The next few years were a blur of torture, whether it was experiments, bullying, trying to master magic or just full moons. The relocation of the prison hadn’t really phased her, except for the fact that here she doesn’t know much else than she did when she first came to furiae, the place is new and she doesn’t like it much, still it’s really all the same, just a battle for survival.

ABILITIES. Pick pocketing, using magic by accident, running, stealing, hiding.

I am Inmate 0022
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Posted: Feb 27 2011, 05:30 AM

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Looks great! biggrin.gif Just throw up an Alliance and a Memoir thing!
Posted: Feb 27 2011, 08:33 PM

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You will continue in House Tisiphone as Inmate 0022. You will remain at Level Two.
Posted: Jun 2 2011, 06:20 AM

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You have been awarded one level promotion based on House Points Award - Promotion Ceremony. You have been promoted from Level Two to Level Three.
Posted: Aug 6 2011, 07:13 PM

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You have been deducted one level as a result of punishment given for the actions of Alison Reddenhurst in No Teddy Bears or Lollies Here.

You have been demoted from Level Three to Level Two.
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