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We are a Harry Potter-based, post-book game set in the present day. Lord Voldemort has been defeated and the wizarding world is back to business as usual, and business as usual for thousands of underaged wizards and witches world-wide means skipping school, drinking, cheating, stealing, and fighting. Play as an inmate, a marshal, or one of the creatures native to the island.

Welcome to Furiae Correctional Facility, the only international institution that will whoop your children so you don't have to.

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 The Terrible Case of Timothy Smith, [experiment] [plot]
Sicila O'Dair
Posted: Aug 13 2011, 10:36 AM

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Group: Story Council (Faculty)
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Continued from: The Curious Case of Timothy Smith
Continued from: Thunder Moon

Played by: Elijah

It was over. Timothy Smith had been murdered, and his murderer confessed, and Sicila O'Dair had instructed Penny Lowe and several other inmates to meet her down in the belly of the prison. When the evening approached, she swept into the Tisiphone barracks hoping to catch the House Head as he preparing to take the lot to the Safe Room, but was pleasantly surprised to find that they'd already been moved. At last, someone who wasn't entirely incompetent on her staff! Naturally, she proceeded immediately to the safe room, berated him sharply, and collected the werewolf Aiden Chiskovi. She explained nothing further, only ordering him to follow her. She would use force if necessary.

The Warden swept into the large expanse of an area that Tobias called his work space, Banishing the number of no doubt delicate potions and other experiments that were under way.

This would do.

In her hand she held a small box, closed for the moment. To Aiden she gestured vaguely, not looking at him. "Settle in somewhere. We are expecting several others." With a wave of her wand a table appeared and she set the box down, lifting the lid to reveal rows of small, glass vials. The liquid in each was bubbly and blue, except a single vial in the corner. It was clear.

Sicila O'Dair never exaggerated a threat.

Penny Lowe
Posted: Aug 13 2011, 11:41 PM

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Group: Inmate (Megaera)
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Almost immediately on entering the room, Penny was aware of two things. The warden and the boy. He was naked, which meant he was the werewolf, but that wasn't what bothered her. It was the fact that she was the one in this room right now rather than Valkyrie Black that was still grating on her nerves.

It was just so irritating. She'd set Black up perfectly. Sicila O'Dair should have been thanking her, not punishing her.

With a snort, she pushed the resentment aside and smiled cheerfully at the woman and then the boy. Knowing she was looking forward to this would doubtless make the warden even angrier, and frankly, Penny thought she deserved it.

"Evening, all," she said.

Johnny Strychnine
Posted: Aug 14 2011, 09:27 PM

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Group: Inmate (Megaera)
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Johnny was pretty bored and he couldn't find anybody he knew so he went back to his barracks. When he opened the door he saw that it was pretty empty so he laid down on his bunk and stared at the ceiling for awhile. He didn't have any homework yet to do or anything and after awhile he got bored staring at the ceiling so he rolled over on his stomach and played a game he made up to keep himself busy.

He started it by pulling little pieces of fuzz off of his blanket and rolling them up into balls. He put them in piles and one pile goes up by his pillow and the other pile goes down by his feet. Each pile is a country and the countries must trade with each other to survive. The pieces of fuzz that are the most valuable are the biggest or the cleanest or the softest.

It takes two little dirtier ones to trade for a bigger cleaner one. These trades are very important to the countries, guns are traded for food, sewing needles for moth balls. But unfortunately there are problems. Maybe the sewing needles have holes where the points should be or maybe the guns that were traded backfired and killed half the army during practice because they were stuffed with rotten peanut butter from last months trade.

Little things like this mean instant war. The countries start trading there best pieces of fuzz for pieces of plaster from the wall that are battle ships. It takes five big clean pieces of fuzz for one wall plaster battle ship. The enemy ships sail to the middle of the open sea of Johnny's mattress. Both fleets are destroyed and the countries must rearm again.

This time they are more careful. Hit and run raids take the place of battles. At first the presidents of each country are pleased at the slow rate of death of their own men, but then they realize that the enemies death rate is slow to. The mattress ocean becomes a sea of death and danger for all nations.

"Inmate 0089 you are to follow me to the Theurasterium." At first Johnny looked up at the marshal and then longingly back at his mattress. He hated to leave his nations in the middle of open sea war but then he remembered that it didn't really matter and he brushed both countries onto the floor and got off his bunk and followed the marshal.

When the marshal dropped him off at the Theurasterium he walked into the room and saw the warden, a naked guy and a girl. He wasn't sure what the heck was going on but he definately didn't want to ask so he just stood there and pretended to know what was going on. And if anybody else didn't know and they asked him he would whisper "Shhh, what do you mean you don't know what's going on you big dummy?!"

((Sorry its so long and stupid i started writing about a game i use to play when i was sick and i got caught up in it sorry.))

Penny Lowe
Posted: Sep 23 2011, 01:42 AM

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Group: Inmate (Megaera)
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Joined: 26-June 11

Penny looked over the newcomer. He seemed harmless, yet he must've done something wrong to have ended up here.

"So, what's your story?" she asked him.

She kind of regretted not forcing the other possible murderers to join her in this misery, yet was sure that holding the "favour" over their heads was a better plan in the long run. Not to mention the possibility of threatening them with infection if they didn't comply with her demands. Since when was becoming a werewolf such a bad thing, anyway?

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