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We are a Harry Potter-based, post-book game set in the present day. Lord Voldemort has been defeated and the wizarding world is back to business as usual, and business as usual for thousands of underaged wizards and witches world-wide means skipping school, drinking, cheating, stealing, and fighting. Play as an inmate, a marshal, or one of the creatures native to the island.

Welcome to Furiae Correctional Facility, the only international institution that will whoop your children so you don't have to.

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 BAILEY, Alvita, out-processed
Alvita Bailey
Posted: Jun 20 2011, 11:09 PM

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AGE. 22.


FULL NAME. Alvita Sunshine Bailey
AGE. 24
BIRTHDAY. May 12th
GENDER. Female
CURRENT WAND. Bendy oak, Pheonix feather, 13 inches
RACE. Human
POSITION. Wild specialist, Head of Alecto.


AVATAR. Bre Scullark
Ms. Bailey has soft chocolate colored skin, dark brown eyes, and soft curly hair that is extremely thick and usual in an afro style. As far as her face it’s very softly defined and beautifully plain. Her figure is thin and lean, a barely visible six pack lives on her tight strong stomach. When it comes to stature, Alvita stands at approximately 5’5, about average for a fully grown woman. She alternates between casual muggle clothing and witches robes, but definitely does always dress professional. She is very laid-back when it comes to style.

Alvita Bailey is very intelligent, and has always achieved high scores and done well academically. It came very natural to her, as she was interested in learning. But more so than just being smart, Ms. Bailey has always been very hands on. To this day she is active, and is a huge fan of field study, and even quidditch. She loves to be involved, and get out there into the world like it’s a playground. Learning through doing, it’s simply how she works and excels. Never has she been a perfectionist, but Bailey seems to always do just a little more than good enough, always there to succeed. She lives to work, but not in the work-a-holic sort of way; in the ‘gaining experience and enjoying the fruits of life’ sort of way. Alvita is very outgoing, strangers are simply friends you haven’t met yet in her eyes, and though she is very down to earth and friendly, she is accepting of people the way they are. She has befriended people who hate muggle-borns, though she strongly disagrees with it, she isn’t out to change the world to her point of view. Instead she directs conversation to things that they do agree on. For her, there is no point in not getting along; it’s really the hippy side of her.

Ms. Bailey has a strong passion about wildlife, muggle creatures and magic. She has spent many of her years studying them, both professional and as hobby, and has even written a few articles for different literature about her studies. Ms. Bailey is very friendly to the inmates, and is the one to go to if you’re in need of something. In fact, she’s even been known to supply cigarettes and even marijuana and alcohol to some of the kids (as long as she knows they have been behaving well). She’s sort of like the corrupt police officers you’ll find in muggle prisons. Ms. Bailey loves the kids, and knows what it’s like to be in their positions, but she doesn’t do it for free. She’s kind and generous, but not Mother Theresa.


PARENTS. Abeth Jane Bailey (nee Smith) & Robert Lee Bailey
SIBLINGS. Aliz Bailey (18) & Marley Bailey (16)


OFFENSES. Supplying specific items to the students, and other scandalous things. N/A
Alvita Bailey was born to pureblood parents of Jamaican decent in London twenty-seven years ago. Her father was a very talented auror and her mother was a quiet and speculative unspeakable. Both made decent money, and she had a very nice upbringing in a nice home with plenty of siblings and friends; Nothing traumatic really, nothing unusual, just a regular pureblood wizarding family in the heart of the city of London. Weekly trips to Diagon Alley, visits to Quidditch Cups and other events such as Magical Artifacts Museum of Scotland, etc. Her mother was very intellectual and a perfectionist and her father was very humorous and brave. Alvita ended up being a good blend of the too, but more like her father as her mom was—as she would put it—quite anal. Just as expected Bailey got her Hogwarts letter, and was sorted to Hufflepuff. Her mother had been in Ravenclaw and her father in Gryffindor. At first she was disappointed, but she realized it was because her strongest traits were kindness and loyalty. It was her goal to be the most bad ass hufflepuff you’d find at Hogwarts, and she did a damn well bloody good job of it, according to her mates. She excelled in her classes, and had a lot of school spirit (but went home every Christmas with her brothers, Marley and Aliz). She got in a bit of trouble here and there, but not as much as her two younger Gryffindor brothers which, was rightly expected. In her third year she joined the quidditch team as a chaser, and did very well at that, assisting in a few wins and even a quidditch cup in her fifth year. There were boyfriends, there were break-ups, there were best friends, there were frenemies; all quite a normal Hogwarts life for a teen. She made prefect and head girl, and graduated happily.

Her first step out of school was a year abroad, she was off studying Crumple-Horned Snorkack in Sweden, then off to Normandy studying Dragons; even spent some time with veelas, giants, and a group of vampires in a club (though that was more of a party than a field study). After her year of learning and fun, she became sort of a ‘temp’. She began her career ventures by applying for an internship at the Ministry of Magic, UK. For a long time she worked in the magical artifacts department, but was quickly promoted to an Obliviator by making friends with all the right peole. This was a job she didn’t enjoy to much, especially when you screw up the spell and have to obliviate somebody’s memory of you obliviating their memory; very confusing stuff after awhile. Turned out, the poor young woman couldn’t decide what on earth to do! For a while she was the Candy Trolly pusher on the Hogwarts express (not good enough pay, a knut an hour was just ridiculous), then she was a mediwitch at St. Mungo’s (it’s much too sad to see those poor witches and wizards suffering from incurable ailments), then a professor at Hogwarts for Creature study, then Herbology, then she was let go for supplying alcohol to minors; they decided to drop the charges as long as she didn’t do it again. Alvita was well respected by the wizarding community and they honestly didn’t want to soil her reputation; she really was a good witch, just a wee too playful. Bailey’s almost done it all, from desk jobs at Gringotts to the Magical Law Enforcement Squad (those were good times, actually..). She has definitely been around and trained in many fields; and seen a lot of random doings go on in both the ministry, the muggle world, and the educational world. This she all managed to do in seven years of adulthood.

Then, word hit her of a facility for misbehaved juveniles; this was her next adventure. When she heard they needed a new head of house she signed right on (money!), and she actually enjoys the students. To her, they’re like a big group of class clowns. Though the murderers she’s still a bit iffy about. Alvita arrived a couple days ago, and is just getting settled in and preparing to provide was she can to the facility.

ABILITIES. Over the years Bailey has developed 100% accuracy on her spells, and is a very talented and quick thinking witch. Her intellect on creatures is something to rival.

Posted: Jun 21 2011, 05:41 AM

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You have been

Hurrah!! Very excited! biggrin.gif I recommend doing an intro-post like Perry did! I now recommend skimming THIS POST to see the unique item(s) a faculty member receives.

You are a new Wild Specialist and the Head of Alecto. Please add your character to your RP organizer.

You have been added as a member of the Story Council, and expectations for your role are details in the Story Council forum. If you become idle in the future, you may be removed as the Head of Alecto; you are free to request this role back at any time.

You may start and join threads in any location. We recommend looking through the Roleplay Organizers for ideas.

Welcome to Furiae.
Posted: Jul 22 2011, 01:18 AM

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By request, you have left the island to handle issues that have arisen at home. You have been classified as Out-processed and are living off of the island. At any point, you may choose to return and resume instruction at Furiae Correctional Facility. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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