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Title: Laundry Day
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Corrigan Livingstone - March 1, 2011 02:41 AM (GMT)
The big thing about Furiae Correctional Facility was the lack of facilities, and Corrigan doesn't mean torture facilities. That was something that Furiae had a lot of. No, the big thing about Furiae was that there was only one bathroom (that Corrigan had found so far), and in it was just one deep basin sink for washing, and it was currently broken.

That left Corrigan with one set of the dingy gray robes he was currently wearing, and one set of robes bundled in his arms. Now, if he had been anywhere else, playing Exploding Snap or practicing Quidditch or preparing for Auror school or whatever else it was that normal seventeen-year-old boys did in their free times, Corrigan Livingstone wouldn't give a lick for laundry. That was what Hogwarts had house elves for, after all. But when one was issued exactly two pairs of robes, two pairs of robes that were meant to last for one's entire jail sentence (fortunately Corrigan's had been extra-long when he'd arrived, but even so that was when he was eleven; the pair he was wearing now reached well above his ankles), one learned to take care of them. So Corrigan diligently stitched, mended, hemmed, sewed, patched, washed, scrubbed, and cleaned his robes as often as necessary. He, like many of those who had been in Furiae for a long period of time, cared far more about a nick in his robes than he did for a gash in his own flesh.

Whistling with a carefree ease, he plunged into the river at a slope and bend where the water was deep but calm. He'd procured lye soap from somewhere - a rarity in the prison - and drew out the little bar from one of his pockets and dunked the cloth under.

Ariya Loch - March 1, 2011 03:08 AM (GMT)
Grumbling quietly to herself about clothes, tears and dirt, Ariya knelt down on the bank of the river. She hiked up her skirt, folding it up into her lap slightly so she wouldn't get that messy as well and pushed her other skirt under the water, rubbing at it with her fingers, trying to get a couple stains out. This week really hadn't been a very good one. First they had transfered from one hell hole to the next, then after fighting her way to the bed she wanted, Ariya realized that there was a draft that came in from just above that had managed to keep her shivering half the night from cool air that had wafted in. Now to top it off, she had managed to rip her skirt rather badly and put a hole in her sock... not to mention they were thilthy.

She had found the river yesterday while wandering, it hadn't been too hard, she could hear it fairly easily after a five minute walk. The water seemed safe enough, she would rather drink it than some sort of potion some company had concocted... so to her it was safe enough. and perfect for washing clothes.

Scrubbing at her skirt, she sighed heavily and frowned. It was difficult to get the dirt out without soap, she had known that a while ago but she also knew better than to skip up to someone and ask for it.

Ariya had been scrubbing away for a good seven minutes before she paused to listen, hearing someone coming towards her the girl tensed up and her hand slid into the pocket of her robes, fingers wrapping carefully around the wand that rested inside. Even if she didn't know exactly how to fully use a wand yet, she had figured out a couple defense spells by now. But a moment later she watched a blond boy make his way towards the water a little further downstream. Her posture relaxed slightly and the girl frowned, keeping her eyes on him unmoving for a few moments until he took out his bar of soap and instantly her interest peaked.

Raising her eyebrows, the little girl slowly stood up. She didn't know him, and she wasn't too sure what sort of an inmate he was, there was such a range in personality that you could never tell, so naturally she treated him as dangerous.
One step affer another she came closer, dripping wet clothing in her arms and clearing her throat quietly, she paused a moment.
"Umm... where'd you get that..?" Her head nodded slightly towards what he was using.

Corrigan Livingstone - March 1, 2011 11:37 AM (GMT)
While Ariya hadn't been entirely certain what type of inmate Corrigan was, that type was anything but dangerous, at least on purpose. But Corrigan couldn't blame Ariya for her initial hesitation. Furiae was full of psychos.

He'd soaped up one of his robes and was busy scrubbing the fabric against itself, making the water immediately around him cloud. While lye soap wasn't known for sudsing up much, the clean aroma was unmistakable.

"Umm... where'd you get that..?" Lost in his own world, it is safe to say that Corrigan was genuinely shocked to hear someone else over the sound of the flowing river. He was, in fact, shocked enough to drop the bar of soap, which plooped under the water and was immediately lost.

"Oh no!" Corrigan lost absolutely no time. He chucked the sopping-wet ball of robes to the bank and collapsed in, flailing around and churning up the mud and generally looking absolutely hopeless until, in one sudden movement, he shot up triumphantly, the bar of soap in his hand. With a dopey grin, water streaming down his face from his hair, he waved the bar triumphantly at Ariya and said, "No idea! W-ah-want t-to use some?"

Ariya Loch - March 1, 2011 12:00 PM (GMT)
She really should have been smart enough to realize that if she was sneaking like this, he wouldn't have heard her very well... but that possibility had been lost in her mind the moment she had seen the bar of soap and she hadn't meant to shock him but it seemed like that was exactly what she did.
Dropping it made her jump and she instantly felt a little guilty, knowing that really was something you should feel proud about having but she didn't expect him to jump in after it.

Ariya was her own sort of shocked then, staring as beads of water sloshed up and splashed her robes. He emerged a few moments later, grinning stupidly and holding the bar of soap up for the world to see.
The girl was still sort of in a freeze from the chain of events that had just occurred and she gave him a look that said nothing less than she thought he was completely insane, but his offer wasn't something she could refuse and nodding her head a bit she reached both her hands out to him.

"Need some help?" The bank looked a little slippery now and this kid was holding her bar of soap, she didn't want him falling back into the water. Not to mention it was her own fault for scaring him enough to have him in there and even if she was half his age she was still helpful.
"I'm sorry, I didn't... mean to scare you. I guess I'm just used to being quiet.."

Corrigan Livingstone - March 2, 2011 12:02 AM (GMT)
"I'm sorry, I didn't... mean to scare you. I guess I'm just used to being quiet.."

"Not at ah-ah-all," Corrigan was saying, clamoring ungracefully to the shore after having waved off the assistance. Despite how thin his robes were, the water was clearly weighing him down as he waded through, but luck (ever astoundingly present with Corrigan) kept him afoot: after looking like he was very clearly about to slip over slick stones, a misstep, and the dirt collapsing under him when he did reach the bank, he still made it in one go, splashing up to join the other inmate.

He immediately liked Ariya, feeling (perhaps) a bit of kinship with her as two people who clearly agreed upon the principle of clean clothing.

"Here. I'm p-p-pretty done with it," Corrigan said, holding out the little bar for Ariya to take. He added then, "I'm Corrigan, b-ah-by the way. Corrigan Livingstone, n-number oh-oh-eleven."

The teen said the last bit with no hint of irony, like it was a natural addition to his name, and perhaps it was. Once you'd been there long enough - and, having arrived when he was eleven and being seventeen now, Corrigan boasted the unglamorous achievement of having the longest stay of any inmate currently at Furiae - you just sort of got used to certain things.

His cloak, lying on the bank, was purple, which told Ariya his House.

"Oh! I remember." Corrigan snapped his fingers, brightening. "I g-got that in a bet l-last year with ah-ah-ah-one of the m-marshals."

Ariya Loch - March 2, 2011 12:23 AM (GMT)
Wading back a few steps to avoid more splashing of water, Ariya's eyebrows rose in a small amount of amusement as he struggled his way up onto the ground again. She almost reached forward when it looked like he was going to fall but he made it, surprisingly enough and the girl bit her lip and just grew quiet, listening to him go on.

The moment the bar of soap was held out to her, the fourteen year old's eyes lit and she glanced at him only a moment to make sure before reaching out and letting it slide into her palm. The feel of soap against her fingertips was amazing and she smiled a little to herself, not a full out grin or anything as the little girl rarely smiled that much anymore but kneeling down next to the bank, she let her clothes she had with her lay off to the side, the edge of a red robe peeking out the side distinguishing her house the same way Corrigan was doing with his own, and disregarding it she started to scrub her skirt clean.

Glancing up at him when he mentioned his number she nodded her head a little, curious as usual. "Ariya Lock... twenty two." She introduced herself, turning her eyes back down to the material in her hands, flipping it over and scrubbing a little on the other side.

She could have sworn she had heard of him before though... her eyes turned back up towards him again and she paused sitting back on her heels a moment. "How old are you?" She asked curiously, her voice quiet as it usually was, she didn't usually socialize much and just kept to herself.

Letting her hair fall back into her eyes she went back to scrubbing a moment later, smirking slightly at the last bit. "Really..? What kind of bet?"

Corrigan Livingstone - March 2, 2011 02:00 AM (GMT)
"How old are you?" Ariya asked while busying herself with starting her own clothes.

"Seventeen," Corrigan replied, stepping a little away. He slipped off his boots and stripped down to his boxers, apparently unconcerned about Ariya's proximity; it wasn't like one could really afford to have shame, or personal space, or boundaries, or anything else that was particularly private at Furiae. While his muscles were defined from whatever menial tasks the facility was constantly assigning, he - like most anyone here - was a little too thin for someone at his age. After wringing whatever water he could get from his clean set of robes, he slipped them on again and moved to join Ariya to clean his other set, crouching down. "Won't t-turn eighteen though 't-til next year." Eighteen was the important year. It would be Azkaban for Corrigan then. He seemed unconcerned by it. "You?"

He borrowed the soap back long enough to suds up the center of the cloth, using it sparingly, and went about to scrubbing, working the fabric under his fingers.

"Really..? What kind of bet?"

Corrigan grinned lopsidedly. "He d-didn't think I could win a fight w-ah-with a minotaur. You'd be surprised w-what you can w-w-win a fight against if y-ah-you've got a p-prize on the line."

Then, oddly, he winked teasingly at Ariya, although the gesture seemed out-of-place and a bit rusty.

"So, have you b-been here long?"

Ariya Loch - March 2, 2011 02:11 AM (GMT)
The second he said seventeen, Ariya's interest peaked once more but a small shudder slid down her spine at the same time. She was not in any way looking forward to her older years at the prison. She didn't know how long it would take her to get out of this place but even out all that would happen was they would shove her in another stupid foster home.. probably with another abusive parent.

But judging on what she had heard in here, Azkaban was much worse than a foster home. Then again, she still wasn't sure how seriously she took this magic stuff and was hoping even now that during the car wreak years before or maybe in some beating somewhere she had been smacked on the head a little too hard and was only dreaming, because being arrested and finding out magic existed in the same day had been a little much.

She stared at Corrigan a little longer before pursing her lips and finished washing out her skirt, ringing the water from it before laying it out on a patch of dry grass, grabbing the next article of clothing and making herself a bit more comfortable on the bank. "Oh..." She murmured, eighteen was definitely not something to look forward to. "Fourteen." She used a little more of his soap, making sure she didn't hog and use up the whole bar.

She paused again when he said minotaur and had to stare out at the water a little to wrap her mind around that. "Oh." She mumbled again, rather stupid sounding to her but she still couldn't believe half the stuff that happened here.
"Those things are real too then... lovely." The girl grumbled a bit to herself, looking at him from the corner of her eye she was thrown off a bit by the wink but like most other things she disregarded and sort of shyed away back to what she had been doing, ringing out the socks and grabbing her cape now. That thing was the worst because it actually had colour to it, screaming I'M NOT FULLY HUMAN to anyone who looked at it but she did need it clean.

Starting to work on that fabric now she shrugged "Not a full year yet... but almost I guess." She mumbled shaking some long red hair from her eyes, while she wore it like that ninety percent of the time, it did get a little annoying once in awhile. "You..?"

Corrigan Livingstone - March 2, 2011 02:22 AM (GMT)
"Since ah-ah-ah-I was eleven," Corrigan replied, stopping what he was doing to look at Ariya with a new interest. Something was a little off about the interaction, about Ariya's responses. He would've expected a lot of reactions toward his wink - outrage (it always surprised Corrigan when someone was offended by something like grinning or laughing, like the only proper emotion was no emotion), rolled eyes, perhaps a wink back - but Ariya shied away.

"Those things are real too then... lovely."

He decided his robes were as clean as they were going to get and took them out of the water, wringing them out. He commented off-handedly, "Sure, b-but there're great things t-too."

In spite of his marks in class, in spite of how he played around and generally didn't know the answers to various questions, in spite of what the marshals thought (though they thought this about everybody), Corrigan really was quite smart, or at least intuitive. Perhaps this was why he had made it so long in Furiae with his sanity (what was left of it) and good-spirits, he could figure out what was going on around him, and why. And as a Muggle-born himself, even if he'd adapted quickly and enthusiastically, he remembered what it was like and could guess what had happened to Ariya. It wasn't like the Furiae marshals bothered to explain much.

"See, w-w-watch."

And Corrigan, whose magic use consisted mostly of sheer damnable luck and invented spells that backfired badly, took out his wand and conjured a tiny sparrow. The bird perched uncertainly on his wand-tip, blinking in the light, before it suddenly took wing and landed on Ariya's head.

Corrigan tried not to look absolutely delighted that that had worked. Instead he said, trying to sound like this sort of thing happened all the time, "There's l-loads of great things y-ah-you can do. Just... you s-see the worst of it ah-ah-ah-here. You c-can't let that sp-spoil your view though."

Ariya Loch - March 2, 2011 01:13 PM (GMT)
Ariya stared at him again, almost in disbelief. "You've been here that long?" She asked, mumbled more like, almost in shock and it took a few moments to recover before she turned back to laundry, finishing up and giving him back his bar of soap and rinsing off her cloak, putting it on the bank to dry as well.

"I doubt that..' She muttered, there was nothing great about magic. It was stupid, it wasn't real, this was all a dream, or at least that's how she liked to think about it.

She wasn't expecting anything when he pulled his wand out, she almost cringed away from it. Some of these kids had gone to that school... some of them knew how to blow someone's arm off or put a gash in.
What he did though, surprised her and she paused, staring at the bird as it sat on his wand tip, then fluttered over to her head and she almost smiled.

Reaching up slowly, she put her finger there, waiting and felt the bird's feet climb confidently off her hair and onto her hand, she brought it back down and sat back, watching it curiously, defenses dropping slightly and she looked back up to him then, frowning slightly.
"I haven't seen any of it until I got here.." She murmured, sitting down full and folding her legs at her side, unrolling her skirt so it reached her knees again. "It's what got me here too... that and... tearing people apart in the middle of the night when I don't know about it.." She mumbled. "But how was I supposed to know I was a werewolf if I was brought up by muggles?" She mumbled, thoughtfully to herself but almost with a grumble in her voice, absentlygazing at the little bird.

Corrigan Livingstone - March 3, 2011 02:55 AM (GMT)
"You've been here that long?"

Corrigan shrugged very slightly, trying to look like he was bothered by it but trying to not be bothered by it. Ariya's was a typical response, and he didn't reply. He got tired of explaining his rational, how he didn't mind, how he liked it here, just all of it. Corrigan had found that in some cases, it was just easier to bite his tongue and pretend.

The bird cocked its head, peering up at Ariya with one eye and then the other. It shifted and every now and then would hop from side-to-side on the girl's finger just the slightest, wings opening partway and closing quickly in a rapid flutter to keep its balance, but it never flew away. It was, like all birds, impossibly light, as if it should be far heavier than it actually was, and it seemed delicate, almost as if it could blow away in the next breeze.

When Ariya sat, Corrigan sat too, crossing his legs as he plopped down into the grass. His still-damp robes immediately attracted dirt particles wherever they brushed the ground, but he didn't seem to notice. He took the soap and pocketed it.

The teen let Ariya continue, not flinching when she revealed her crime - he'd been here too long to be surprised by the horrible things that a person could do - and more delighted when Ariya revealed off-handedly the reason why she bore a cloak of red. He held back the grin though. It was inappropriate, and Ariya wouldn't understand he was grinning because of his partiality to her race. Corrigan leaned forward a little.

"No one c-came t-to get you?" His brow creased a little at the idea, almost looking concerned. "Ah-ah-I mean, when you were eleven. N-no one came, from th-the wizarding school?"

Ariya Loch - March 3, 2011 03:50 AM (GMT)
The bird on her finger was fascinating, the little girl could have stared at it for hours and not been bored. Then again, Ariya loved animals and you didn't see a whole lot of them at Furiae... or... at least you didn't see a whole lot that didn't want to tear your head off.

She squirmed a bit, getting comfortable as she could where she was sitting and kept her hand as still as possible. She didn't know if the bird was exactly magical or a real creature, but she really did like it quite a bit. Looking towards the older boy when he sat down she had to force herself not to shift away from him, but she let her hair fall slightly over her eyes, shielding part of her face from view. It was just a protection detail, she didn't notice she was doing it half the time but it was a habit she had come across while she had been fostered.

His question made her frown, but she shook her head no. There was no point in lying and saying something along the line of 'oh yeah! they came and got me I was just stupid enough not to go!' She didn't know magic for a reason and she half didn't believe this place existed.
"My parents... when I lived with them, they thought the letters were a hoax or something and I only saw one once." She shrugged a little, not having exactly explained this to anyone before so it was as much a reflection for her as it was a new thing for him. "Then... I got bit, and they put me in foster care and so I was passed around a lot and I didn't get one again after that." She frowned, her eyes still focused on the bird.
"The first time someone told me about it, I thought I killed someone with a car and then they arrested me right after for a whole bunch of crap they listed off, I didn't listen to half of it." She muttered quietly.

"Why... was someone supposed to come?"

Corrigan Livingstone - March 3, 2011 04:56 PM (GMT)
Corrigan frankly wasn't certain if the bird was a real creature or a magical construct either. It was definitely one of those two things, but he hadn't studied magical history at all enough to be able to make up his mind.

Or care.

If Ariya stiffened or became a little defensive when he sat down and made himself at home, Corrigan didn't seem to notice. The easy-going teen could be relaxed in almost any environment, really. He listened to her tale in silence, nodding occasionally.

"Why... was someone supposed to come?"

"Yes," he said simply. "They d-do for ah-ah-all Muggle families. Or th-ah-they're supposed to, at l-least."

Then he shrugged it off with a casual roll of one shoulder, offering Ariya a slow half-grin, as if inviting her to share in a joke. "B-but we wouldn't b-be here if we ah-ah-ah-hadn't gotten screwed in some way, huh?"

The bird chirruped up at Ariya curiously.

Corrigan said, "Wh-ah-when I g-got my letter, we thought it wa-was a hoax too, b-but a M-m-ministry worker came along eventually ah-ah-ah-and t-talked to me and m-my parents." He admitted then, "It was p-pretty cool."

Corrigan hesitated. He'd been wanting to ask, but there didn't seem to be a polite way to do it, and since Corrigan wasn't known for his politeness, he just decided to go for it.

"How d-d-did you get bit, if you d-don't mind me asking?"

Ariya Loch - March 4, 2011 02:22 AM (GMT)
She frowned, listening to him going on about his letter and she frowned when he mentioned someone needed to come get them. Great... she had been left behind there too. If she would have gone to school, maybe none of this would have ever happened... she wouldn't be a werewolf, she wouldn't be in prison with no idea how to use magic... stupid ministry didn't know what they were doing did they.

The bird chirped and she looked down at it, smiling a little and reached up gently running her finger over it's back, being as gentle as possible. She really loved animals, it made sense... she sort of was one, but ever since she was a kid she loved nature.

"Mm... great." She mumbled, sighing and then paused looking at him a moment. "No... I don't mind.." She paused a minute before sighing. "My parents and I never got along... and we got in a fight one night and I said I was leaving... and so I did, and I was out in a forest behind our house for about three hours and it got dark and I couldn't see properly." Ariya frowned turning her attention to the bird. "And then there was a howl and I ran off too quickly and it saw me and bit me and I got knocked out because I woke up nearer to the morning and went back home."

Corrigan Livingstone - March 4, 2011 02:40 AM (GMT)
"You're l-lucky you weren't ki-ki-killed," Corrigan said fervently, blue eyes wide. "I w-w-wonder wh-ah-what scared it off..."

He trailed off speculatively and then shook his head, dismissing the whole thing. "He l-looks l-like he likes you, d-d-doesn't he?" The teen chuckled, a small wave indicating that he meant the tiny sparrow, who seemed to have settled down onto Ariya's finger for what looked like for a while, kneading its little feet one and then the other, gripping and ungripping gently.

Corrigan half-joked, "Going t-to name him?"

If pets were something that was allowed - and Corrigan guessed that they were not - small birds would probably be the last on the faculty's list of approved ones. But Corrigan didn't generally adhere to rules, particularly when they disagreed with fuzzy animals. Not that Corrigan was in to fuzzy animals, exactly. Just that he usually disagreed with rules.

Ariya Loch - March 5, 2011 03:54 PM (GMT)
Glancing to him she shrugged.
"I guess I could have been... I dunno, I don't really know much about them except that... I go into this weird phase and I can't remember who I am until I wake up the next morning." She sighed before smiling slightly and turning her eyes on the little bird on her finger.

She shrugged. "Nah... did you want to?" She half smiled, something rarely done by her anymore but it seemed like the bird was changing that.

She wouldn't chance bringing it inside, someone would probably kill it some way or another, hell they killed the kids, it definitely wasn't safe for animals.
"I don't know why people were going on about outside being dangerous..." She murmured looking around. "I like it out here much more than in there."

Corrigan Livingstone - March 5, 2011 04:11 PM (GMT)
"I guess I could have been... I dunno, I don't really know much about them except that... I go into this weird phase and I can't remember who I am until I wake up the next morning."

"That's t-typical," Corrigan replied confidently, sounding - for once - like he actually knew what he was talking about. As someone who was oddly fond of the breed, lycanthropy was one of the few subjects that Corrigan could speak about with any sort of real knowledge. "Unl-l-less you take a p-potion for it, weres c-can't think as a human wh-ah-ah-while they're transformed. A l-little like if you g-get Transfigured, I think."

For the bird, he chuckled. It had stopped hopping around and now had tucked its head back, diligently preening the feathers on its left wing. Corrigan suggested, "Um, Feathers?"

No, Corrigan did not have a history of creative name-picking, thanks for asking. The cat he got when he was four he named Kitty. Things hadn't changed much since.

"I don't know why people were going on about outside being dangerous..." Ariya was saying, "I like it out here much more than in there."

"It is n-nice," Corrigan then agreed, looking around at the forest. "I d-don't know how this p-place is. The old island w-was really d-dangerous. D-did you ever get to see the P-poppy Fields?"

He glanced over at Ariya curiously, continuing, "They were these great b-big things--" He spread his arms expansively, "--miles and m-miles of p-poppies separating the ocean f-from the facility. It b-bordered the island, right?"

Corrigan lowered his arms and shrugged. "They were p-poisonous though, p-people would die if th-they tried to run away."

He realized then that he might not be helping Ariya at all in feeling more comfortable with magic, and hastily added, "B-but everyone knew t-to avoid them."

Ariya Loch - March 5, 2011 04:27 PM (GMT)
She paused, looking up at him suddenly.
"You can take a potion for it...?" She stared. "W-... what kind? How do you get it?" She asked, her voice suddenly speeding up. "No one's ever told me that... does it make it stop hurting too?" She asked, suddenly for once having a bit of faith in this weird magical community thing they had going on.

She paused when he named the bird and smiled slightly. "Original.." She mumbled but didn't argue and just reached up again with her other hand, gently brushing a finger over the soft feathers. Still she was curious about this potion.

Shaking her head when he asked about the poppy fields she kept her eyes on the little animal.
"I didn't go outside much there." She admitted, pausing when he mentioned the poison and glanced at him through her hair again. "Oh... wonderful..." She mumbled softly.

Corrigan Livingstone - March 5, 2011 07:01 PM (GMT)
Corrigan blinked in surprise as Ariya revealed that she had never heard of the potion before. Well, he allowed mentally, it wasn't as though things pertaining to werewolf-ism were high on the priority list for their educations.

"The Wolfsbane P-Potion," the wizard informed, and he even impressed himself a little bit. It might have been the first time that he'd said a potion name and it hadn't been just one he'd made up on the spot. "You h-have to t-t-ah-take it twice a day for a week p-prior t-to the full moon. You still change," he said quickly, "B-ah-but I g-guess you stay human. Like, m-mentally. You d-don't lose yourself."

Corrigan shrugged a little. "B-but it's very complicated. M-maybe you could ask the Head Healer to m-make it up for you?"

Ariya Loch - March 5, 2011 08:22 PM (GMT)
Staring at him she thought about it and frowned.
"Would they make it?" She asked quietly, not quite sure, people here weren't the nicest and she tried to just not speak to anyone.
"They really seem to like locking me up for full moons." She muttered with a frown.

"Anyways... if I can't even get another blanket I doubt they'll make me a potion every month." She sighed and leaned backa little more, being gentle with Feathers and propping herself up with one arm.

"I don't really trust them anyhow.. I've seen what they do to people." She really didn't have much faith in magic as a whole, the stuff was weird and potions was like putting poison into your body.

Corrigan Livingstone - March 6, 2011 12:58 AM (GMT)
"You c-could try," said Corrigan with more confidence than he actually felt. "Marshal O'Dair - not th-the Warden, the ah-ah-ah-other one -" he was quick to clarify, "is usually p-pretty... well he isn't n-nice. He l-leaves the cupboards unlocked though, so ah-ah-ah-inmates t-take like, b-bruise b-balms from him all the time. B-but he's never locked it. He's obviously f-fine with us t-taking them..."

Right? Corrigan was pretty sure that's how it worked.

He shrugged, pushing himself to his feet and then offering a hand to help Ariya up. "What have you g-got to lose?"

Ariya Loch - March 6, 2011 01:41 AM (GMT)
Thinking about it Ariya bit her lip and shrugged, she let the little bird hop off her finger and wrapped her arms around her legs lightly instead.
"I..." She hesitated, stealing was her specialty she knew how to do it easily. "What're the chances of him having wolfsbane potion in there?" She frowned.

Glances at his hand for a moment she took it and let him help her up. Shaking her hair out behind her, she reached down and scooped up her now only slightly damp clothing. "I guess I could try"

Corrigan Livingstone - March 7, 2011 03:27 AM (GMT)
"What're the chances of him having wolfsbane potion in there?"

"Pr-prolly unlikely," Corrigan admitted, shaking out his extra set of robes and then crumpling them up to stuff under one arm. He added with more optimism, "B-ah-but you could ask all the same!"

Far in the distance, a bell began to toll.

"Oh, I ha-ah-have class," said Corrigan, appearing entirely unconcerned. "I sh-should probably go." He looked back to Ariya. "You c-coming or are you g-going to stay here?"

Ariya Loch - March 7, 2011 11:49 PM (GMT)
Smirking slightly and nodding her head she pushed her hair back a bit and shook it out.
"Didn't think so.." She mumbled softly, "That would be too good to be true... especially in this place." She muttered, mostly to herself before glancing at him and smiled just a little at the sudden enthusiasm in his tone.
"Yeah I guess I could ask..." She murmured, glancing towards the prison when the bell went off and she frowned. She had them too but... there was no way she was going.
"I'm... gonna stay out here for awhile." She murmured. "I'll see you later."

Corrigan Livingstone - March 10, 2011 02:19 AM (GMT)
"Later," replied Corrigan. He took a few steps and then paused. "Hey, Ar-Ariya..."

What did he want to say, exactly? Corrigan Livingstone was not exactly the most eloquent with his words. What was he going to do, wish her well? Promise her everything would turn out fine? Eventually he said simply, "See you ah-ah-around."

He headed back to the facility, but not back to class. Corrigan returned to his barracks room and stuffed his damp robes unceremoniously in the chest at the foot of his bed before flopping out on the mattress to sleep. After all, Corrigan rarely went to class.

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