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Title: Arrival of the Delegation

Dirae - November 1, 2011 02:58 AM (GMT)
The delegation from the Ministry of Magic arrived mid-morning, porting into the courtyard in the same manner as any marshal or new inmate. If they were expecting a formal welcome, or any sort of welcome at all, they must have been sadly disappointed.


The Delegation
  • Catherine Areate - Wizengamot member
  • Richard Ifel - Wizengamot member
  • Nina Jolie - International Confederation of Wizards
  • Simon House - Dept. Magical Law Enforcement
  • Cassandra Bennet - Dept. Magical Law Enforcement
  • Humphrey Bigglesworth - Civil Service
  • Emily Mockridge - Werewolf Support Services
  • Colin Highgrow - Mediwizard
  • Professor Rachel Pipplington - Hogwarts Professor
  • Theodore Voss - Campaign for Greater Freedom of Wizards (undercover journalist for the Daily Prophet)
  • Miranda Goode - Society for Distressed Witches
  • Olivia Olivander - Wand specialist

Ministry Delegate - November 1, 2011 08:53 PM (GMT)
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Humphrey Bigglesworth

Fastidiously, Humphrey flicked dust from the shoulder of his robe. Travel by portkey was so demeaning, but even his best research had turned up no alternate means of reaching the facility. Even owls had trouble getting here, apparently.

The yard they had landed in was practically empty. Humphrey knew the warden was aware of their arrival, for he had sent her the itinerary himself. Apparently, this was her way of expressing her displeasure at the ministry's interference with her little prison.

As his companions picked themselves up, retched into paper bags brought specifically for those who suffered portkey sickness (a marvellous idea the muggle relations office had come up with), and generally got oriented, Humphrey looked for someone he could enlist as a guide.

Simon House - November 26, 2011 11:14 PM (GMT)
Simon used his portal key to get here. He then looked round and wondered why he was here doing work when he was still upset about the death of his wife. He the remembered that William was here which made him a bit more happy to be here. After all he had only taken the job because William was here. Then again that was why he was offered the job. Simon then wondered why he had sent William here as the place didn't look that pleasing. Then again he knew that his son had to be here to get better as he didn't want to lose any one else.

He then walked down the path towards the main building hoping he would see some one else on the way.

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