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Title: Edward Adams - Experimental Charms Researcher

Henry Hunter - July 29, 2011 05:44 PM (GMT)
All through Hogwarts (Ravenclaw, in case you wanted to know) Henry Hunter made it very clear to everyone in his life that he wanted to be An Inventor. He challenged other students to "build-offs," botched school projects in an effort to make them more interesting (his Charms professor was not delighted when he turned in a shrieking cat instead of a singing tea kettle), was constantly at his books (although not any sort of school books, but rather things like Experimental Enchantments and You and Twinkle, Winkle, and Blink: When Charms Go Wrong) when he wasn't otherwise engaged in work, and generally both a nuisance and a delight to teachers everywhere.

Now Henry Hunter was a boy (a man, now) of fierce rivalries. He enjoyed a good competition, but really only when he knew he'd win in the end. So nothing irked him more than Edward Adams.

Edward Adams was a boy in Henry's year, and like Henry he was talented, bright, and had a special knack for creating new things. Unlike Henry, Edward's approach to projects was not chaotic - the boy was methodical, pointed, scientific, purposeful. Edward might have be slower than Henry at arriving at the conclusion of his work at times, but his painstaking methodology and the care he put into his work often resulted in his projects (as frequently opposed to Henry's) being 1) Actually Functioning, or 2) Functioning More Effectively, or 3) Less Prone to Explosions, or 4) More Applicable to Every Day Life.

Yes, Edward Adams, also a Ravenclaw, was the bane of Henry's existence. The boys became sometimes infuriated, sometimes good-natured rivals. They worked closely on many projects and sabotaged others. It had always been Henry's dream to be an inventor; it was Edward's too. Right after graduation they both applied at (and were accepted by) the Ministry of Magic in Britain to work in the Experimental Charms division. After 20 years, Henry was sacked for constant explosions, general destruction, and a certain disregard for authority. Edward went on to continue working but - even though they had been occasionally bitter rivals - he found the work not quite as rewarding with Henry gone.

The relationship between Edward and his wife - already strained with accusations of infidelity from both sides (Edward was gone all hours, and his wife had made very close friends with the next door neighbor) soon deteriorated entirely. They split up, and Edward - feeling lost and somewhat defeated - realized he badly needed a change of scene. His two children were out of the house (he'd married and had kids in his early twenties), and he had nothing else keeping him in Britain. He looked up where his childhood enemy and friend had gone, and submitted his own application to instruct at Furiae.

Edward Adams is 42-44. He attended Hogwarts in Henry's year as a Ravenclaw. He is divorced. He has two children, both in their early twenties. He will be a Change Specialist. Ideally they will split the office - you can start him in either Arrival or Arrived. Either way, he will request "a laboratory to work" and Sicila will say that he and Henry can share because they have "a common background and [she] can't go around turning every potential classroom into a ridiculous playpen for overaged boys" and that will be that. Playby is your choice, but recommend Oscar Trepanier - pic1 pic2 pic3

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