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Title: Revenge All Around

Dorian Rosier - June 23, 2011 04:17 AM (GMT)
Dorian was lying in the barracks just thinking. he wanted to get revenge on Sicila but also wanted to apologize for thinking through his rear and acting on it. He also knew a few of the Alectos wanted revenge on him for screwing them over. He wondered how may were out to get him. Finally he decided he needed to put his mind to rest so he pulled a book out from under his pillow and began reading. It was a book on magical creatures and it wasn't totally controlling his focus but it was better than nothing and it was all he had right now.

Dorian stopped reading and realized he was alone in the barracks. Usually you would find at least one fellow inmate in the barracks if there wasn't a class going on. As far as he knew there wasn't one but he could be wrong. Whatever. He'd get in trouble later. He went back to his book and continued reading.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. He looked down to the entrance and saw the approaching shadow of a person. He continued watching, holding his breath that it wasn't a marshal. Sure enough it wasn't. But Dorian was curious and wondered if this guy would know where everyone was. So Dorian jumped out of bed and walked over to the boy, no clue who he was but seemed about as dangerous as everyone else here. What was the worst that could happen?

Tyson Payne - June 24, 2011 05:13 PM (GMT)
Just over small time period, Tyson’s life had been flipped inside out. He had gone from being so sure and so confident to so confused all in just a matter of a couple of days. He and Valkyrie, his now secret girlfriend, had hooked up just the other night in the Alecto barracks after being confronted with a knife. Things were getting weird. Things were starting to revolve around him – rumours, confrontations, things being said behind his back. It was very unnerving, and Tys felt like his whole world was crashing down beneath him, a feeling that was something that Tys despised so much.

As he walked up the staircase towards the barracks, he wondered if anyone had heard he and V at one point. They had gotten it on at least twice, and Tys was walking a little bit funny. He was slightly sore from it all. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Dorian lying on his bed. He hadn’t really had an encounter with the boy; however, he didn’t really have many encounters with anyone. Walking over to his bed, he set his wand in his robes, crossing his arms. Spinning on his heel, he looked at the boy, raising an eyebrow. ”What’re you doing in here?” he asked simply, his tone monotone.

Dorian Rosier - August 11, 2011 03:36 AM (GMT)
Dorian froze in his footsteps and got a pissed look on his face. He recognized the boy on looking closer. He was the fellow Alecto who was making all the racket banging his ignorant girlfriend last night. Dorian glared at the boy, jealous and furious at the same time, before speaking.

"I am here because I can be you ignorant brat. I AM one of you... well minus the silly walk. What couldn't handle your cow of a girlfriend last night without hurting yourself?" Dorian than snickered and smiled at the boy before continuing. "Maybe you should have called in back up. I would have gladly obliged." Dorian had no clue what had come over him but he was rolling with it, enjoying himself too much. He had a feeling he'd regret it later but why stop while you're ahead.

"Meat head. I only came over to ask you if you knew where the rest of the 'perfect little demons' around here went but I guess you were snoging your girlfriend and wouldn't know. Can i ask, is it like kissing a drooling dog or more like a pig?" Dorian laughed again and than turned from Tyson and went back to his bed, mid climb he turned back and said, "Never mind. Just call me if you ever need help with your girl again? I'll be more than willing to assist." before hopping onto his bed and going back to his book, a smile wide across his face. He felt better. That was all that mattered.

Tyson Payne - August 13, 2011 07:24 AM (GMT)
Tyson’s eyes narrowed as he listened to Dorian’s words, his jaw locked as he ground his teeth, seething in anger. If there was one thing that he couldn’t handle was people, especially those who thought they were superior to himself talk to the blonde haired boy in a way that was discrimination, humiliating – both of which that Tyson would never allow anyone, not even his own family. Then again, his own family wasn’t around anymore. His mother had abandoned him as soon as he got to Furiae, and the teen had killed his father out of anger and sheer blind rage. And already, he could feel his blood start to boil underneath his skin as he looked at the dark haired boy in front of him who was laying out taunts like no other, obviously trying to get to the dark place where he knew that Tyson’s fuse would break, unleashing all hell.

Through gritted teeth, his dark eyes glared into the other Alecto boy’s eyes, narrowing with an intensity. His gaze was filled with such a fury, a passion, which would cause any normal person to break out into a series of shivers. Taking a couple of steps forward, Tyson quickly pulled out his wand, muttering a quick, ”Petrificus Totalus!” as the other boy was instantly bound by an invisible force. A low growl escaped from the blonde haired boy’s lips, pressing his wand to Dorian’s throat.

”Don’t you ever fucking talk about Valkyrie like that again, you hear? I could do so many things to you right now. I could make your life a living hell. I wish I could use the Cruciatus Curse on you so you could take back all of those lies and slander you said. And you call me a pig, you piece of scum.”

Pier Meschelle - August 13, 2011 03:27 PM (GMT)
At first her day had been rather mediocre to say the least, after getting out of her bed and stumbling around a lot she did get all showered and dressed but of course her efforts of normalcy were quickly dashed as she entered the chow hall and some boy spilled some kind of water/juice/who-knows-what on her. Of course she though it was just an accident and did a small clean up with her wand but she still felt sticky and disgusting and had every intention of at least changing her Furiae robes before going back for lessons in the afternoon. As she walked through the main enterance to the barracks she could have swore she heard some other Alectos inside, that in itself seemed odd to her, it was a nice day out, why stay all cooped up? She pushed into the entrance just in time to see the blonde Tyson Payne and the brunette Dorian Rosier going at it.

Or at least seeing Tyson attack poor Dorian, what in Merlin's name was his issue anyways? Dorian appeared to have just been lounging there and then suddenly Tyson and sprung into action, it was only his words to Dorian that kept her from retrieving the useless piece of wood from her pocket and hexing the living daylights out of Payne. He mentioned V, was he standing up for her? How noble. Even though doing it like this was not going to win him any awards, instead it would probably only get him a one way trip to Azkaban since he had technically threatened to use an Unforgiveable on a fellow inmate.

Pier considered just turning around and getting the hell out of there before letting herself get in trouble for something she wasn't a part of but she couldn't pull herself away, "Oh geez..." She said under her breath before going deeper into the barracks. "Ty-Tyson?" Pier said as loudly as she could muster, he didn't even know her why would he even listen to her at all? "You... You shouldn't do this, he isn't worth it and- and V wouldn't think so either." Pier placed her hand on his arm and could literally feel the rage pouring off of him in buckets... "She would probably just laugh at him and call him a fool, that's just how she is... you know that." Her large, saucer shaped eyes looking over to his features and then back to Dorian. Honestly that kid needed to learn how to keep his huge mouth shut.

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