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Furiae Correctional Facility > Weeping Woods

  1. Leave Me Alone!
  2. Running away
  3. Darkness
  4. Looking for a home away from home
  5. Searching for Forever
  6. Box of Chance
  7. You and Me and Me and You
  8. Tears of Anguish
  9. A simple walk in the dark
  10. I hate that I need you right now.
  11. Starless Night
  12. save me for a minute
  13. The Shack by the Seashore
  14. Please can I keep it?
  15. Sad Eyes
  16. You Who Belong to Me
  17. Inhuman Beings
  18. Spy
  19. Into the Woods
  20. Are We Really So Different, You & I?
  21. No harm in looking
  22. Moonlight Sonata

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