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Aiyu - June 2, 2011 09:34 PM (GMT)
    * Epika has an open door policy. This is why all offices are open offices. This is meant to develop a friendlier, more familial atmosphere. All employees have access to practically anywhere on Company grounds.
    * Epika is also pet-friendly. Employees are invited to bring their pets (of any size and type) provided that they are perfectly behaved and practically silent. It is the job of the employee to make sure that there are no messes or activities that could interrupt the work of other employees. Should the pets step out of line one too many times, Epika may request that particular pet be removed from company grounds.
    * It is advised that if an employee expects to be severely busy or running from place to place that they refrain from bringing any animal with them.
    * Epika Entertainment's apartment building is pet-friendly and even has an in-house service for pet-sitting when an artist and their manager are gone for prolonged periods of time.
    * Epika employees are not issued ID's. To get in and out of the building they must supply a password to the door and then have it checked and approved by an actual guard. Employees must not repeat their password to anyone.
    * Employees are encouraged to not discuss their work outside of company hours.

    * These are generalized.
    * School starts in March. The first semester is from March to July.
    * Summer vacation starts mid/late July and into August.
    * The second semester starts around late August or early September.
    * Winter vacation is from late December (usually around Christmas) to late January or early February.
    * There are about two weeks of school after winter break before the end of term but often regular classes are off these days. After that there is spring break until school starts in the first week of March.
Student Ages
    These are the standard ages (Western/Man) for school grades; on occasion there are those that start school a year earlier or later but by far most students start elementary school at age seven. Those born in the months of January or February normally go to school early and are a year younger than their peers by birth year.

    Middle School, 1st Year: turns 13 that year
    Middle School, 2nd Year: turns 14 that year
    Middle School, 3rd Year: turns 15 that year

    High School, 1st Year: turns 16 that year
    High School, 2nd Year: turns 17 that year
    High School, 3rd Year: turns 18 that year
    All high school students in their third year are scheduled to take the Suneung (College Scholastic Ability Test) that year. Suneung is normally on the Thursday of the second week of November. Suneung is a standardized test that is the generally accepted requirement for universities.

    * If you have yet to notice, this forum has taken a few liberties when it comes to real life.
    * In real life it is highly unlikely that you would find pets in the workplace.
    * In real life, contracts would be a lot stricter, employees would be in suits, and we would be basing height, weight & age on metric and Korean standards.
    * There are a few more differences that, if you're familiar with K-entertainment you will recognize them.
    However, in an effort to expand the target audience of this forum, make it a bit more fun, and to allow people who have a working knowledge of Korean entertainment companies to be a bit more lax with their characters, we have strayed from what would happen in real life. Our objective here is to have fun. If you have any concerns about realism or find something blatantly wrong, please feel free to PM us with your concerns.

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