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Mai Takeda - June 20, 2011 07:19 PM (GMT)
Mai always found the Korean aversion to the sun quite fascinating. Back in Japan it was quite common to see people walking around during the summer, their skin practically the color of beef jerky. They were on the extreme side of the spectrum, but such extremes were practically unheard of in Korea. Koreans were obsessed with silky smooth white skin; ironic because they tended to have more acne-ridden skin when compared to the Japanese. Though Mai shared their views on preening –usually spending up to two hours every morning getting ready to leave her apartment- she simply couldn’t understand why the white skin was so desirable. A light golden tan could bring so much sexual allure to a person; without it Mai felt she lost her luster. Thus, today she had taken advantage of the ample sunlight.

She was currently nestled atop one of the stone benches that surrounded the fountain, sunglasses topping her face as she allowed her upper body to recline backwards. While Mai usually adhered to the Korean standards of dress, at the moment in order to optimize her sun intake, the woman had stripped off her outer blouse to reveal a plain white skin-hugging camisole. Her legs, encompassed only by a pencil skirt hiked up as high as plausibly possible, were lightly splayed from the knees outwards. Obviously Mai had no qualms about putting on a show, so long as the CEO wasn’t around to witness it.

With a deep breath the Japanese woman lifted a perfectly manicured hand to remove the sunglasses from her eyes as she dropped her head back down. The courtyard was relatively busy – it was lunch time and a beautiful day outside. The tables were full, people were outside playing with their nasty little dogs, and the general atmosphere was anything but relaxing. Mai didn’t care. She wasn’t the type to allow an overcrowded area to annoy her; she thrived on such activity. Still, as a dog came trotting up to the fountain to take a few laps of water, Mai couldn’t help but curl her top lip in disgust. If it weren’t for the pay and the chance to work with some talented artists, the very fact that animals were allowed in the building was almost enough to make her leave. Mai could not comprehend just what people saw in the filthy animals. They crapped, pissed, and shed everywhere – there was absolutely nothing appealing about them.

Mai inwardly willed the creature away, relaxing only when it was far enough from her that she could make a face at it comfortably. She returned her attention to the far end of the courtyard where the majority of the people were grouped, under the shade. As she absentmindedly brought the straw of her frozen hazelnut coffee to her perfectly painted pick lips, Mai spotted a woman walking across the lawn. She had seen this person before, though at the moment she could not recall the woman’s name. Still, Mai knew enough to know that she was a fashion designer and had designed some of the clothing used for FATE. Not exactly Mai’s taste, but the woman would do for now. Mai was itching for some chit-chat. She raised her free hand and beckoned for the woman to come over, even going so far as to speak up – though rather rudely – to get her attention, ”Hey. You. Come here.”

EunSun Rhee - June 20, 2011 11:04 PM (GMT)
It was these kinds of summer days that Eunsun enjoyed the most: warm and bright without being obnoxiously so. Yet, this blessing was also a curse to the fair-skinned woman: a fact she did not ignore. With each languid step, she strategically placed herself under the few trees that lined the walkway and although she relished the idea of being able toss her cares to the wind the ingrained memories of sunburns past sent pricks down her skin. She could live with the burn, but the peeling... Going a week without wearing those cute summer dresses was an unacceptable alternative.

Having lived in the city for while, the sometimes crashing sounds denoting crowds of people were somewhat soothing to her. Eunsun kept a calm smile as she passed. Her aim: to silently go over the names of the people she passed. She had been working at Epika for only a short time but names were important. Could you imagine if someone mixed up Chanel with Mackie? It just wouldn’t happen in the fashion industry, and that’s what she was on and off the clock: a personification of the industry she loved. She was doing well, but then she saw it.

Honestly, it was a terrible thought to have about a living thing but she didn’t exactly feel inclined to suppress it. Eunsun’s eyes widened, slowly creeping around her surroundings looking for an escape route. Oh god, it was getting closer. Unless she wanted to make a b-line through that group of people she was stuck. It’s just a dog she told herself, but she had heard it yap that annoying little high-pitched yap and that sealed it. Click, click, click: dog nails on stone counting down until her demise. She couldn’t prevent it; she froze. As the owner and her pet passed Eunsun’s eyes darted down: Geeze, it was even wearing one of those tacky rhinestone collars. One more reason to hate the stupid thing. Why couldn’t people own nice things? Like cats. Or turtles. Heck, even that rumored skunk hanging about would be better.

A command coming from the fountain snapped her out of her bitter thoughts. Eunsun looked up to see a tanned hand waving her over and, deciding it wouldn’t be too bad to chat, complied with her request. Eunsun had seen this woman around and, truth be told, had been a little bit jealous of the curves the woman had. Oh, the things she could do for her… And despite the somewhat…unflattering look she had going on at the moment, Eunsun knew that she could “get the job done”, so to speak. That was enough to earn her a freebee for the time being. However, being called out so informally was somewhat jarring to her: she didn’t think they had ever actually talked. But after that dog incident nothing was going to shake her composure for the rest of the day.
”Ah. Annyeonghaseyo, Takeda-sshi.” The last part of her greeting had the remnants of a question and she secretly hoped she had the right name. Of course, Eunsun would forever be scolding herself if she had forgotten someone so bold right under her own nose. “What can I do for you?”

Mai Takeda - June 21, 2011 03:32 PM (GMT)
Mai was rather pleased to see the younger woman so diligently respond to her rather rude request and begin to pick her way over. The woman was a pale creature, and from what Mai had seen, she obviously went out of her way to maintain her cream-colored skin. Mai was tempted to raise a lip in disgust, but she stayed her expression and instead upturned her flushed lips into an inviting smile. The greeting was expected and waved aside with a manicured claw. Mai reached over and patted the area next to her casually, ”Sit down.” For the life of her, Mai couldn’t recall the other woman’s name. It wasn’t unsual – the Japanese woman was prone to being forgetful, especially when it came to particularly forgettable things. This woman was one of them. Nothing particularly stood out about her, save for her nose, but even then a minor detail like that could easily be glossed over in Mai’s mind.

It really didn’t matter to Mai if the woman refused her hospitality. She was, of course, offering the other the only spot of shade offered in the immediate vicinity. That way she could sit and chat and maintain her light complexion. Mai on the other hand was quite content to bask in the sun. The warmth of the rays that licked at her skin was very much appreciated and Mai found herself melting back against the backing of her seat, her frame basically embodying relaxation at it’s finest. She continued to speak, regardless of Eunsun’s reaction, her words distinctly sharp and fast, ”There’s nothing in particular that I want done. I’m bored. You’re interesting to me. So I decided we should chat.” Mai was used to taking the lead on everything. She had been in the spotlight for several years – she obtained attention and then kept a hold of it by any variety of means. Eunsun was practically obligated by now to sit and listen to the promiscuous woman’s prattling.

”We’ve never spoken but I’ve heard of you. You’re a fashion designer, right? You do some nice work. A bit…lack luster… but nice none-the-less. How long have you been doing what you do?” Mai was genuinely curious. Any woman with a penchant for fashion, no matter how doughty that fashion sense may be, warranted some attention from Mai. The woman took another sip of her melting coffee, wrinkling her noise slightly as she found it to be a lot less frozen than she quite wanted it to be. She eyeballed it disdainfully before she redirected her light eyes towards the other woman, ”Your name?”

EunSun Rhee - June 21, 2011 07:28 PM (GMT)
Coming to the realization that Miss Takeda’s tone wasn’t going to change, Eunsun allowed herself to plop down next her on the bench rather unceremoniously. She figured if Mai wanted to play it casual, then she could as well. In some ways, this relaxed her: Eunsun tended to get lost in the formalities of her language and sometimes longed for the simplicity of her mother’s madame, monsieur, and the like. But there was an edge to Miss Takeda’s words that warned Eunsun against lowering her guard completely.

Miss Takeda’s explanation of calling her over here washed over Eunsun: she figured she should be flattered that she could be considered interesting to someone so seemingly wild. She knew that she could hardly be considered an anomaly but this is what allowed her to be good at her job. The more flamboyant the designer, the less they seemed to care about what actually looked good on their clients and, instead, went for what could be considered the most abstract of art. A terrible trend that, with any hope, would soon die. As Miss Takeda continued, Eunsun made no effort to conceal her eyes flitting across the contours of the tanned woman’s body. Colors flashed in her mind as an invisible fabric wrapped around her subject. The pieces were coming together and Eunsun’s fingers were beginning to itch with inspiration when the words “lack luster” hit her. Her brows furrowed slightly in annoyance, but she managed to keep a cordial smile on her lips. If this woman was not her superior—she couldn’t distinguish an age but Miss Takeda had definitely been working at Epika longer than her—Eunsun would have had a few remarks to make herself. Holding her tongue was burning her, but she would rather have a job than have the last words.

She finally caught eyes with her counterpart who, despite her words, seemed interested in everything around but Eunsun herself. She gently nodded her head Miss Takeda’s direction, “Eunsun Rhee. I’m glad to finally meet you.” Looking upwards, she tapped a thoughtful finger against her rounded chin, glints from the sun reflecting off her ring occasionally catching her eye. “As for how long I’ve been doing this—I’ve been here for about…six months. But,” she returned her gaze to the woman, “I’m sure you realize that fashion is a lifestyle, not a hobby. I’ve always been ‘doing what I do’.”

Eunsun continued on without waiting for comment. “Frankly, I’m surprised that we haven’t talked earlier. It’s nice to find someone with some knowledge about fashion and even so,” a lazy grin spread across Eunsun’s face, “a debate is good every now and again.”

Eunsun could sense that she probably wasn’t living up to the woman’s expectations and that was fine. In her experience, when these types said, “Tell me about yourself” they really meant, “Ask me about myself.” It was a routine that Eunsun had grown used to and no problems participating in. A slight breeze pulled a few strands of her darker hair from behind her ear and splayed them across her face but her attention was now devoted to Miss Takeda. “I’ve heard that you’re very skilled yourself, Takeda-sshi. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been dancing?”

Mai Takeda - June 23, 2011 09:13 PM (GMT)
Mai was completely unaware of the effect her sharp tongue may have had on Eunsun. It was a good thing the fashion designer had chosen to hold her silence; had she spoken up in defense of herself, Mai would have jumped down her throat faster than she could finish her sentence. The Japanese woman was a bitch at heart – what she said went and anyone who challenged her would be met with a fierce retaliation, regardless of their status. Mai was used to being in the spotlight; the world revolved around her, she could commit no wrong. It would have been quite foolish for Eunsun to spill her inner objections to Mai’s assessment of her skills, despite how harsh they seemed to be.

On the other hand, Mai had been offering a genuine compliment. What was tasteful to the woman sitting beside her was not necessarily tasteful to Mai, but the skill that Eunsun possessed was worth acknowledging – even if Mai would never wear a piece of it. Eunsun’s response to her question brought a soft chuckle to Mai’s lips. It was a throaty chuckle, a bit out of place coming from a woman one would normally suspect to giggle like an air-headed girl. This woman had a sharp tongue along with a keen eye. Mai briefly praised herself for her decision to call the woman over; it was paying off immensely.

”Dancing?” Mai raised a thin eyebrow as she allowed her gaze to linger on Eunsun’s pale visage. A smile toyed at the corners of her lips and she embraced it, allowing her porcelain teeth to shine, ”Since I was a child. My parents felt it would make me more cultured.” She snorted softly. If her parents even had the slightest inclination of just how uncultured she could be they would fall dead where they stood. Mai took another sip of her coffee before she decided that continuing to nurse something that had died was no longer worth the effort and thus discarded it onto the bench beside her.

Drawing herself up, Mai crossed her legs though she did not bother to pull down her skirt. The tight-fitting item slithered further up her flesh, practically baring her rear-end for the world to see. Mai paid it no heed. Eunsun was playing her little game quite nicely and she felt it was time to vest more interest into the other woman, ”Have you ever attempted dance, Eunsun?” Mai felt she knew the answer to this, but she stayed her tongue in that respect and continued on without waiting for the woman to respond, ”It’s an exhilarating art form. To excel you must be born with an affinity for it - much like your eye for fashion.” She watched Eunsun steadily, ”Unfortunately our fields share a common trait – and overabundance of people who seem to think that hard work will gain them the skill they need to succeed.” Mai clucked her tongue in slight agitation, ”If only I could burn that idea out of some of my failures Epika likes to call students…” She trailed off. It was hard to tell if she was being hypothetical or not, though knowing Mai it was quite possible that she actually would brand her students if the opportunity arose.

EunSun Rhee - June 24, 2011 08:04 PM (GMT)
At the mention of Miss Takeda’s early exposure to dancing Eunsun nodded knowingly, the calm smile never leaving her lips. Having one side of her family live in a completely different country with a way of life so different from her own led her to have her own experiences with attempts to make her more ‘cultured’. The effectiveness of her French relative’s efforts were usually hit and miss but dance rode along the grey area. However, she doubted she could call the experience “exhilarating”. Educational? Maybe. Scaring? Certainly. As much as she enjoyed and appreciated the art of dance the woman—that dark-pocked, boney instructor—took her witch-y features to heart and was a terror on and off the stage. Pain was perfection, Eunsun supposed, and when Miss Takeda’s views on her students came to light perhaps that was why she felt more of a familiarity with her co-worker rather than disgust.

Eunsun leaned forward cradling her head amongst laced fingers, elbows resting on her slightly spread knees,“True enough. But, if we didn’t have to sift through the coal, the diamonds would look far less remarkable.” She gently leaned her head to one side causing her hair to give up the fight and return to its natural position, covering one eye entirely. “Of course, it would be nice if people would recognize their own limits… Eunsun trailed off. Never had Eunsun believed in others giving up but too many times she had seen others break down in the face of pressure. Not realize they weren’t up to par until it was too late. What was the point of subjecting yourself to something if it made you so frustrated? That is what she didn’t understand. As someone with a talent that was so easily found, Eunsun didn’t understand how people could hold onto something so desperately when they just didn’t have the skills for it. “Such a waste of time.” She mumbled against her hand.

As she realized she was drifting into her own thoughts, Eunsun’s eyes widened an almost comical amount, contrasting with the ever-even tone of her words. “That’s right. You asked me a question,” She pulled herself from her slouched position, “‘Attempted’ is an apt word. I have a couple years of ballet behind me but I’m not anything special.” An urge to imitate her old teacher crossed her, but she decided against it. “A dance like that is beautiful, certainly, but it’s so rigid. No one ever smiles in ballet. Of course, say that and they think putting you in interpretive dance is the solution,” she scoffed. You would not believe what a joke that was! And the things they had us wear? I thought I was going to die.” Her mother had called those one-piece abominations 'cute'. Any clothes that required the use of glitter glue had no right being anywhere near cute.

Mai Takeda - June 28, 2011 02:56 AM (GMT)
Mai nearly snorted in laughter at Eunsun’s analogy. It appeared as if she had a philosopher sitting next to her. This little woman was a deep thinker, something Mai would not have expected from a fashion designer of all people. Of course, Mai was a shallow creature. She was capable of deep thought when she so desired, but most of the time she was content to live her days in the superficial world. It was where she shone the brightest. Still, the fact that Eunsun agreed with her delighted the older woman and she allowed her face to break out into a dazzling smile, one that was frightfully more animalistic than should have been possible on such a pretty face. It belied her inner beast, a sinful creature devoid of actual compassion that reared its head quite frequently in her area of work. Mai was prone to terrifying her students, something she actually enjoyed. She had been told by Epika management more than a few times to tone down her classes, but she ignored them and they didn’t press the issue too much. She turned out results – that was all that mattered in the long run.

The Japanese woman found herself tapping a finger against the concrete they sat on a bit impatiently when Eunsun appeared to drift off into lala land. She opened her mouth to snap at the woman, only to shut it again when Eunsun began to speak. Her words were not surprising, nor was Mai’s inner reaction as she took immediate offense. A sneer topped her luscious lips, darkening her somewhat jovial expression, ”Rigid?” Her lip twitched as Mai scratched her nails lightly against the concrete, though she was completely unaware that she was ruining them in the process. She practically glowered at the other woman, her sharp eyes narrowing. However, this expression lasted mere moments before it was whisked away for a more apathetic look. She upturned her nose, casting her eyes away from Eunsun as she spoke, her voice laced with poison, ”I suppose to the uneducated eye ballet can be considered rigid.”

She brought her hands up and folded them in her lap, her keen eyes taking notice of the chips she had inadvertently caused in across their perfected canvases. Mai hissed between her teeth sharply before she turned her attention back to Eunsun, a sickly sweet smile on her lips, ”I guess I should thank you for not pursuing the art any further. The current pool of dancers is tainted enough.” They had, after all, been talking only moments prior about those without talent sticking to a field of study they had no hopes of succeeding in. Mai’s mockery of a smile faded. The vindictive woman wouldn’t soon forget Eunsun’s little folly, but she would forgive her for now. After all, Mai couldn’t expect everyone to understand the perfection that was ballet, especially a fashion designer. Taking a deep breath, her nostrils flaring, Mai leveled her eyes with Eunsun’s, ”Do you make your own clothes Eunsun, or am I to assume you love shopping just as much as the next woman?” Mai was obviously trying to change the subject, and her eyes suggested that it would be a good idea for Eunsun to play along.

EunSun Rhee - June 28, 2011 05:29 AM (GMT)
Eunsun noticed the viper words that slithered their way from Miss Takeda’s mouth and also did not fail to recognize the mercurial emotions playing across her superior’s expressions. She hadn’t meant to insult the woman, but somehow the fashion designer felt vindicated: trading compliments and insults, back and forth like verbal tennis and she had just scored a service ace. Or had it been an out? Either way, she inwardly chuckled warily at the reaction.

She didn’t believe it was anything to get worked up over—merely an opinion and not an evaluation of Miss Takeda’s skills by any means. However, she herself had just gotten flustered at the mention of her own tastes. So, she was a hypocrite. She blinked her eyes closed for longer than normal, hiding whatever expression was trying to bubble its way up. If she were to smile, certainly Miss Takeda would take it the wrong way and perhaps even begin to suck the life out of her. Wait, that was vampires not snakes. Yet if Eunsun were to down turn those pale lips of hers, Miss Takeda would probably also take it the wrong way. She was at an impasse and rather intrigued by the social puzzle she had just trapped herself in.

She blinked a few more times before finally allowing her eyes to move on their own volition and settled into a muted expression, a white flag, if you will. “Yes. But it’s reassuring to know that at least Epika can rely on you to weed out the less savory dancers, Takeda-sshi,” the reply made in all seriousness was accompanied by the slight upwards turn of her lips. Readjusting herself on the bench, Eunsun backed off from the annoyed woman, closely watching the cues from the tanned face. Miss Takeda, too, seemed to back down only slightly and at the cusp of a new topic relief breezed through Eunsun’s mind.

Shopping. Now there was a topic she could go on and on about. Perhaps it wasn’t a requirement to be competitive in her field, but it for sure made things a little more simple. And a little more dangerous, especially so close to Seoul. She used to take excursions—although in her case they could have been harkened more to expeditions—into the city. Should have slapped wings on her and called her an angel because Eunsun was in heaven. That glow wore off quickly, however, when she couldn’t afford her rent and had to take part in an “unsavory compromise” to make it. Even then, she barely skidded by for a couple weeks. This mixed with the sudden abundance in workload (not to mention the 15-some pairs of unworn shoes staring at her sadly from her closet) had left her with very little time to shop. In fact, the last place she had actually shopped was one of the chain department stores. She figured she would leave that little tidbit out.

“I can’t deny that there is a joy from wearing my own creations but, she tilted her slender form in an almost bashful manner “I love shopping,” she finished rather bluntly. It was not only finding that perfect accessory or fabric that made the experience enjoyable to her, it was also seeing the other people walking around. Perhaps she had made some judgments in her time, but she appreciated how the sidewalks and aisles could become like catwalks. Eunsun continued, a playful smile tugging the curves of her mouth: “You’re always so fashionably dressed, Takeda-sshi. You must be a very astute shopper yourself! As an olive branch for prodding a sore area, Eunsun thought flattery would be the best way to go, given the circumstances. And while she was being completely honest, the words were said to hopefully frost over the impression she had made. It was an obvious ploy, to be sure, but what woman doesn’t like being told their beautiful?

Aiyu - June 30, 2011 03:12 PM (GMT)
Random Narration

A few seconds after Eunsun finishes speaking, a medium sized dog (a mutt by the looks of it) comes bounding up to see the two women. In its excitement, the canine leaps up onto the concrete bench they are sitting on and proceeds to knock over Mai's liquified coffee. The drink's top pops off and the contents spill all over Mai's lap.

Then, as quickly as it came, the dog leaps off and vanishes, chasing after a stray ball.

Mai Takeda - July 4, 2011 11:04 PM (GMT)
Though she recognized it for what it was, Mai was not immune to brown-nosing. She took Eunsun’s compliment for what is was: an obvious attempt to quell her temper, but fact all the same. Her lips pursed slightly before she opened them to speak. Unfortunately, Mai never got the chance. At that moment a slobbering beast of a dog jumped up beside her and proceeded to spill the coffee she had just moments earlier set down. The top popped off and the cold brown liquid spilled all over her black pencil skirt-clad lap and splattered across the front and side of her white camisole. Mai immediately shrieked, lunging from her position and batting at her lap with her hands in an attempt to rid her skit of the substance. But the damage was done. Her camisole was ruined and she now carried a distinct hazelnut coffee aroma. A string of curses in Korean and Japanese left her mouth and Mai shot a furious gaze across the courtyard in search of the mutt that committed such an atrocity. When it was nowhere to be found, Mai attempted to compose herself, well aware that by now she was drawing stares.

She hissed between her teeth as she set about adjusting her skirt and smoothing out her top. She ran a clawed hand through her hair before she bent down to pick up her sunglasses that had fallen to the ground when she had jerked up out of her seat. Though she said nothing, Mai’s face was furious, her brown eyes darkened with spiteful anger that suggested she wanted nothing more than to destroy whatever foul creature had just done this to her. At the same time, Mai was a veteran celebrity. She could allow herself minute amounts of public-displeasure, but to throw a temper-tantrum in the midst of a crowded courtyard was entirely too unbecoming a public figure (even if she was no longer one). Drawing in a deep breath, Mai looked back to Eunsun, ”Eunsun-ssi, I’m going to need access to your in-company closet.” It was more of a demand than a request. Mai was well aware that the fashion designers had access to the stores of clothing and stage-costumes for all artists. Eunsun would no doubt have a wardrobe full of previous stage outfits for Kaeul or FATE or whoever she dealt with.

The Japanese woman darted a hand out to grab her discarded blouse. She tossed it over her right shoulder, slipped her sunglasses on top of her head and again took in a deep breath. By now she had a grip on the situation, but underneath the surface she was just itching to kick a dog out of spite. What little amount of love she could have mustered for the horrible creatures before the incident was completely gone. Mai was a very vengeful creature. She would not soon forget this instance, even if she was unaware of just what particular animal had caused the catastrophe. Drawing herself up straight, Mai started off across the yard towards the main building, her stiletto heels clicking rather obnoxiously as she strutted as if she were not currently covered in coffee that dripped down her leg. She paused only briefly to glance back towards Eunsun, one eyebrow raised, ”Come.”

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EunSun Rhee - July 7, 2011 10:11 PM (GMT)
Her eyes were still round as dinner plates as Miss Takeda's actions whirled through her head, the sharp demand just barely registering. Placating her superior was now the furthest thing from her mind and quickly Eunsun scanned the courtyard if only to make sure that the dog was gone and that it hadn't brought any of its brethren along with it. As her eyes settled on the dark patch of concrete that was now the iced coffee's tomb, she came back to reality in time to catch the Japanese woman's back quickly fading into the distance. It would not be a good idea to keep her waiting. No, in fact there was a sense that the Korean woman's life could very well be in danger if she didn't keep up tout suite. Eunsun practically sprung up from her seat, took a second to smooth out her dress and tried to match Miss Takeda's strides.

It was a silent walk back to the office, even the expected noises surrounding them were dulled leaving only the crunching of grass under foot as music for their journey. At their speed, the sounds of foliage quickly turned into clicking on stone and pounding on linoleum. The office came into view yet Eunsun still wasn't completely sure if she should allow Miss Takeda access. True enough, the artists hardly ever wore their outfits more than a couple times during tour but would they be offended if someone else wore them? Furthermore, would any of them actually fit Miss Takeda: these outfits were precise in their measurements and her clients weren't exactly blessed with the curves of the Japanese woman. With the opening of the white metal door, there was a resolution that she would make it work. With an understated hand-wave, Eunsun motioned to the contents of the closet. “Please, help yourself.”

As Miss Takeda sifted at her leisure through racks of clothes, Eunsun walked over to her desk, pulling out the tools that would be necessary no matter the outfit chosen: measuring tape, pins, and threads. Tilting her chair towards the closet, she plopped down and gladly enjoyed the small moment of relaxation it was granting her. Somehow, she felt so completely drained. Maybe I should pick up a tart tonight, she wondered to herself. She had been deprived of her sweets during lunch but she would certainly make up for it later that night. Just thinking about it made a dreamy smile waft across her lips. Intermingled between images of candied fruits and powdered sugar Eunsun pondered this woman in front of her. Certainly it would be presumptuous for them to be called friends, she herself was somewhat unwilling to call them that. But perhaps someday they would run into each other on the busy streets of Myeongdong and be able to do more than just give a nod or wave out of courtesy. Yes. That would be nice.

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