From a human point of view, the death of Heaven and Hell was quiet. Mortals did not notice any changes, but that doesn’t mean that there were none. Hell has risen, slipping up through the cracks, and Heaven has fallen, burning through our skies and landing them both on our humble Earth. Demons and Angels have taken human vessels and walk among the mortal humans, forced out of their homes for an unknown reason. The Apocalypse? They don't know if this is it. Neither can get in touch with their leaders, the Devil or God, so they are left to wander the Earth helplessly, but not alone. The Undead, Were-animals and Skinwalkers, beings of Hell, are also there, though having been on Earth for quite a while with Hunters on their trail. Mediums can sense these presences; more and more are realizing their power since the residents of Heaven and Hell arrived. Hundreds of other kinds of supernatural creatures roam the Earth. After all beings who couldn't take a mortal vessel have perished, leaving the rest to be imprisoned in the earthly world. Even in small town Texas, where our story takes place, mortals can not escape this otherworldly drama.


March 2012




New subplot - Sweet Dreams - posted and looking for victims and hunters for a nightmare curse. [link]


Angles and demons needed. PBs: Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Gina Carano, Tom Cruise, and Paula Patton. [CLICK FOR MORE INFO]

Childhood fae buddy needed. PB: Eric Szmanda. Character's name negotiable. [CLICK FOR MORE INFO]

Have your character work at the Tucker Family Farm in Redgrove! Positions always open, a good way to get your character to know people. [CLICK FOR MORE INFO]

In need of former solider hunter friend. Played by/name/details negotiable. [CLICK FOR MORE INFO]








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   and i'm off to the races, [open]
leanna harlaw
Posted: Apr 25 2012, 07:07 PM

played by Zach
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The bank on First Street was a notoriously easy target, with overweight, lax security guards that scared easy and it was far away from the police (and now FBI) station, which definitely tipped the situation in her favor. Mary-Anne gave her the go, that most of the squad was investigating a corpse or something of the like across town, while Billy would distract the rest with a fire. Set in five... four... three... two... (she checked her watch, a casual glance, perfectly calm despite the situation she was about to enter) one.

Leanna got the confirmation text a few moments later. She smiled; Billy had quick fingers. At the very least, she wouldn't have the whole force on her ass. She wouldn't mind seeing those fine young men in the uniform another time, especially out of uniform, but with a duffel bag full of money and a ticking clock, she would have to take a raincheck.

The woman strode down the hall, bag in tow and gun in hand, ticking down the seconds in her head. She was making good time, the pace she was going, but there were always complications. Always. Leanna tried to be a careful woman, though--she had taken care of the entrances and the exits (which, there was only one entrance and one exit, really), the cameras, the security (the lone, middle-aged guard who hadn't had his morning coffee yet)... Just a quick in and out, a trip to the bank, thank you and goodbye. But she couldn't help but feel that something was amiss. She had to keep moving.

Twelve minutes. The police would be here in maybe twelve minutes. She had Ashton and Walter out there, but she couldn't expect them to stop anyone from making a call. Someone always made the call.

Leanna realized her mistake when she crossed into the bank lobby and found both Walter and Ashton on the floor, in varying states of injury. She paused, saw the one figure standing up, fearless, staring her down. She had miscalculated. No one had gotten in, had they? No. Someone was already in here. Leanna raised her gun and smiled at the hero of the day, slow and cold and sweet. What was that saying, about leaving a man to do a woman's work? Oh, right. Don't.

"Hey there, cutie. You gonna be the one to try and stop me today?" Eleven minutes, but she wasn't counting anymore.

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orlando hoover
Posted: Jul 17 2012, 12:04 AM

played by Charlie
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Lando had learned something very, very important from his mother: a penny saved is a penny earned. He and his mother had always had money trouble, struggling to get by on what little money the absentminded witch came across. By the time she died, leaving her son to fend for himself, she had left him with the knowledge that wealth is not forever. However, this unstable childhood so intertwined with money troubles and never knowing if there would be enough meant that Lando funneled all that into the idea that money equals stability. Lando loved money not for the things he could buy, but what it symbolized. Money could buy you anything; power, freedom, love, sex, information... Whether people liked it or not, those green pieces of paper held a lot of status in the human world.

However, there was another kind of wealth Lando was interested in today.

A few weeks ago he was faced with the tiresome reality that he was on the hit list of many parties. He had managed to earn himself a reputation with those he interacted with and sometimes it was not interpreted as a good one. He had "borrowed" a "harmless" object from a "friend" of his several months ago. Until very recently, the absence of said object had gone unnoticed. To keep it safe, Lando locked it up in a safety deposit box, so unguarded and mundane that his unhappy "friend" would never guess it's location. The lock box was under another name, at a different bank than Lando used for his own finances. He had taken care of the problem he had with his "friend" by disposing of said "friend", so now he came to retrieve the item. It was highly useful and he had plans for it.

Unfortunately, just as he was about to be next in line and closer to his prize, the game changed. Chaos broke out in the lobby. Two people burst into view seemingly out of nowhere, shouting commands at the civilians. The innocent people dropped to the ground. Lando, however, did not. When one of the bank robbers started yelling at him, threatening to shoot him, Lando simply frowned, unhappy that he had to do this in such a public place. He didn't want to kill all these people so instead, he had to think fast. With a subtle shake of his cuff, metallic powder slid down from his jacket sleeve to between his fingertips. He rubbed his fingers together, feeling the powder crackle against his skin. With a little bit of muttering, some simple spells and loud bangs that sounded like gunshots, the heavy ceiling began to rain down in pieces around him. Since most of the innocent people were on the floor covering their heads to avoid getting shot, it wasn't difficult to hit mostly just the upright bank robbers. One went down easily, the other was simply thrown off balance. This is where it had to get messy.

The witch didn't like guns very much, however, he did find knives quite useful. While the conscious bank robber regained himself, Lando reached down to his ankle and fished a curved blade out of it's holder on his leg. This was more of ritual knife, but it didn't fail to slice through the flesh and bone of the man's trigger fingers, rendering him virtually harmless. Lando placed the two bloody fingers in the man's pocket, patting the now fainted man's side before stowing the knife away and standing upright again. "Oh, don't be such a baby. You can get those reattached, good as new." People around him weren't paying to much attention to him, they were too focused on being terrified. However, this certainly wasn't part of the plan. Way too look inconspicuous, he told himself silently. Then Lando turned at saw a lone armed person approaching lobby. He stayed standing, looking down for a moment to frown at the man behind him who had scuffed Lando's shoe when he hit the deck. He'd have to polish that out later., but for the time being, he was preoccupied. He could tell that this bank robber was all flavors of cocky, casually tossing a bit of sass his way. The witch didn't react at all, except for a breathy scoff. If Lando had to sum up his emotions in one phrase, it would have to be: girl, please.

"Listen, Catwoman, I'm on a tight schedule. I'm not here to save the day or play hero. I came here to get what I came for and leave. You are interupting that. I don't like that. You are being incredibly rude. Furthermore, what kind of idiot actually robs the bank? Every juvenile delinquent and junkie knows you hit the armored car on delivery." Lando crossed his arms, staring directly back at her. "And the gun? Ha, nice touch. What exactly do you plan to do with that? Shoot me? Whatever gets you going." Lando rolled his eyes, taking a step out of her way. "Hurry up and get this over with, will you? I don't have all day. Finish the job, then go home and educate yourself. You are making a fool of yourself. And these idiots!" Lando hissed, looked down at the accomplices on the floor. "What are these? Your interns?"
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leanna harlaw
Posted: Jul 21 2012, 10:20 PM

played by Zach
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give me them coins
light of my life
fire of my loins
coded by kristen of atf , sp, and caution
It was a man. Of course, it was a man. Leanna wanted to roll her eyes, because goddamn, if she couldn't rob a bank without having a man come and fuck everything up. She waited patiently for his heroic, sassy little speech to be over, trying to figure out if she knew him or not and deciding that ultimately she did not. How disappointing, she didn't know where he lived. She looked at her alleged "interns" without much concern, expressionless as she took in the lack of a finger or two. He was a supernatural, she knew that much from his base confidence and how amusing the idea of a bullet in the kneecap was to him. He was also armed in some way, or magical enough to remove fingers with something that looked very much like a knife wound. Her eyes looked up at the ceiling and she wanted to rub her temples, but that would be very unprofessional of her. God damn, did she hate this guy right now.

"That was cute. Did you prepare it?" The clock kept ticking in her head, but she knew that if she actually let this guy confront her, she was either dead or screwed. Johnny used to cut it and run when things showed the slightest hint of going south; he called it caution, but she knew now that it was just plain being a pussy. There was still something to salvage out of this situation. But she knew she could not leave, not with Ashton and Walter incapacitated. She knelt down and snatched Ashton's walkie from his belt, clicking on it. "Get the fuck in here. Shoot anyone that moves, aside from me and my plus one. Walter and Ashton are down, get them in the car and make room for me. We'll be leaving soon, I swear to God." She kept it on her and turned to open one of the doors for the drivers to stumble in, just as useless as the rest. God, she needed to visit Bunker and get some new recruits, because everyone was sucking today. Once they set to work lifting Walter, Leanna turned to Lando and jerked her head towards the hallway from which she came. Without a moment's pause, she began to stalk down it, back to the room of safety deposit boxes.

"Come on. We're gonna get your shit, and we're gonna go. That's what you want, right?"

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