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 David Malachi King III, your favourite dork
Davey King
Posted: Apr 11 2011, 04:05 PM

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Come take a walk on the wild side
When you first meet Davey, or see him from a distance you'll notice that he is full of energy. He loves feeling happy and doing fun things. He would much rather let his inner child out to play then be stuck in a boring 9-to-5 job stressing about whatever. He isn't someone who can be seriously without reason. To him people who are serious all the time or stress out about the smallest of things were people who needed to take a break, and break free. Whenever his friends were feeling down he will always be there for them, he's always a call away. He doesn't like seeing his friends, or people in general sad. Of course his energetic ways can sometimes be annoying or stupid to others, but Davey isn't someone who cares about what people think. Everyone has their right to an opinion and everyone has their own ways to have fun. And sometimes the things that Davey does would cause people to want to get a Click styled Universal remote and mute him.

Davey has been singing since he could speak, hell, before he could even do that. You just couldn't understand him, obviously. His growing love for music during his childhood was mainly encouraged by the hired help, and occasionally his mother. His father was always busy, which was no surprise when he disapproved of Davey following a music career instead of a business related one. Davey has music in his blood and he wasn't giving up. All the way through his school years he would write and play songs, and it wasn't till about his Sophomore year that he and a few friends decided that they'd put a band together. Davey was lead vocalist of course, but he could pretty much play any and every instrument he got his hands on. During their Senior year they got an offer to be on a card at a festival, which quickly led to them booking up spots to open for a handful of well-know bands such as Fall Out Boy and Blink 182. He's even been asked to lace down some vocals on a Fall Out Boy track. His band isn't as well-known, but their debut album sold quite well. But as of late Davey left his the bad due to personal reasons.

Davey is a nice guy, always has been. He doesn't think he has a mean bone in him. Yes, during school and at parties he has been confronted by some guys, but hasn't been in a fight. Well, actually there was that one time when he stood up for a friend and took a right hook. Not fun. Davey has never been a fan of physical confrontation. He knows how to throw a punch and whatnot, but he'd rather not. Some guys would call him a girl because of it but he doesn't care what people think of him, especially those guys. He may not be into up for fights all the time, but he isn't someone that you can push around. He'll always stand up for his friends no matter what.

When you're in high school there are a lot of cliches... Cheerleaders, Jocks, Skaters, Musicians, Goths, Nerds and so on...Davey was pretty much friends with every type of stereotype. He was a people person then and he still is now. I mean he wasn't friends with his entire high school but he was easy to get along with. He see's good in everyone- or at least he tries to. He was typically the class clown, making a fool out of himself purposely or not, making people smile and laugh just came naturally. His openness has made him a lot of great friends and even though he may not still be friends with all those he was in high school, he's still got quite a few friends he's grown to become the best of friends with. Davey loves making new friends because there are so many different people out there that you can experience and learn new things from.
Lucy & Theo. His friends & family. Music. Writing. Touring. His fans. Playing whatever instrument he can get his hands on. Movie time. His dogs. Vinyls. Video games. Fun. Pranks. Cars. Food. Lucy's cooking. Candy. Travelling. Starbucks. Alcohol. Doing shots. Studio lock downs with Lucy. Sexy time. Red Bull. Dr. Pepper. Ice cream. Marshmallows. Cupcakes. Amusement parks. Cakes. Skittles. Filming music videos. Dancing. Laughing. Being random. Smiling. Skating.

Lucy Parker. Awesome persona. Bright eyes. Nice smile. Amazing kisser. Long legs. Great in bed. Cute. Can handle him. Can keep up with it. Epic music taste. Musical talent doesn't hurt. Can handle ninja missions with him. Plays video games with him. Can keep his fan girls in check.

Being away from Lucy & Theo. Bad manufactured music. Bubblegum Disney music. Losing. Chick flicks (even though one or two may be a guilty pleasure, shh). Gossip. Being bored. Not knowing how to handle serious situations straight away. Fucking up. Upsetting Lucy. Hearing Theo cry. Sleeping alone. Becoming distant from friends. Cold showers. Alarms. Deadlines. Bad food. Being sick. Puking. Hangovers. Cheesecake. Being rushed when with fans. Paparazzi. Liars

Super skinny. Bad hygiene. Obesity. Bad teeth. Bad breath. Junkie. Slutty. Liars. Cheaters. No musical knowledge. Obsessive. Control freak.

No one even knows how hard life was
Olivia [then] King gave birth to a baby boy. His name was David Malachi King III. Why with the III? Because of his father and his grandfather had the same name, and wanted to keep it going. David was a lovely baby, quite and easy to take care of. Though, as soon as he hit those terrible two’s he was a handful from then on. He just loved getting into trouble- well, no he loved the attention. He was a born entertainer. His mother put him in piano lessons when he was three. Yeah, that early, but he’s forever thankful. He’s got a few trophies from it as well. Anyway, the music will come back into the story so let’s move on. When David was three his mother gave birth to a little girl, but sadly she didn’t make it. David was too young to understand why his parents were so upset, but it was that which triggered his father to turn to his work for comfort as well as other things. His father took over from the family business once his father passed away, and one day was going to pass it onto David. What’s the business? Come on, born in Las Vegas. Casinos, baby! There’s one major King casino that’s in the heart of Vegas, and they’ve also have a few smaller casinos here and there, which help rake in more money. Davey didn’t really care much about it. He was young and couldn’t go with daddy to work, so yeah he never really got into it.

His father continued to push his mother away via working even longer hours, and being away for long periods of time. It soon sparked arguments between the two parents, accusations of cheating, neglect and the works. Some arguments got so heated that the hired help took Davey out so he didn’t have to hear it. It wasn’t too long after the arguments became more heated that Olivia had enough and moved to California where her sister Jennifer lived and she brought Davey with her because she knew David was incapable of taking care of him. It was a separation, one that got David thinking more and more about how he truly cared for Olivia. He tried to make the effort and flew over to California as much as work would let him, but with him expanding the casino and the King brand- it just wasn’t working out. Though, it didn’t stop the two from giving it a try. Davey was happy with that. David attempted to be there more and before you knew it little Liam was on the way.

Davey hoped Liam arriving into the family would help his parents and everything would be better, but his parents knew it was over. Olivia filed for divorce after sitting Davey down and explaining it to him. His father moved back to Vegas permanently. Davey knew he wasn’t old enough to fully understand it all because love was just way too big of a thing for him to get then, but he knew that the divorce was something that would make his mother happy again and that’s what he wanted- for her to be happy. While in Corona making friends of the like of Bridget Randolph, Caleb & Lucy Parker made Davey get used to living there. Other friends just came naturally. He was soon established as that friend who will always make you smile. Which was around the time he really got into his music, performing for family, friends, at school and to anyone that would listen because it was what he loved to do even if it wasn’t something his father approved of, he wanted Davey to be focused on one day taking over the family business. That was never something Davey was really into. As much as he loved Vegas, the business life just wasn’t him. Davey wanted to have fun, so he often got his mother to take him with her when she had to travel for work. She was a fashion designer which took her all over.

Davey’s relationship with his father faded more when he decided that he was going to give into his passion and start a band in hope of making it big in the music business. And during high school his band started playing gigs, local mainly and at the school’s events, anywhere and everywhere basically. The band got a big break when they received a call from Fall Out Boy’s tour manager. The band wanted a local band to open for them and chose Davey’s band to do that then for the mini tour of the West Coast. Davey even ended up getting on stage with them during the main performances, which was pretty immense, and it later landed him lacing some vocals down on a few songs after jumping on stage with them. The year he graduated he did plan on going to college, not to please his father but just because he wanted to learn more musically- clearly not to please his father. If he felt the need to do that he would’ve studied business. Pass. Davey was a musician from birth and nothing else would change that. So, he studied music for awhile mainly to learn more about the development, but once his band got picked up he pretty much had to leave and concentrate on that.

Touring was fun but hard. He had a girlfriend when he started touring, his first real relationship that started in high school. She was a real sweetheart but they weren’t spending enough time with each other and they decided to call it off but remained friends, and still are to this day. During the year of 2008 his father became ill, cancer. Davey avoided any confrontations because his relationship with his father had pretty much evaporated. And even though he never let it show- Davey was hurting inside because he knew his father wasn’t going to win this battle as much as he tried to be his usual positive self about it. And when that day finally came Davey couldn’t even bring himself to shed any tears, even at the funeral which he wasn’t going to go too but he decided against that. He knew if he didn’t go it would eat him up inside for the longest of times- if not the rest of his life. For months against that day he kept everything inside until he finally broke. And he broke in the worse possible way. Underaged drinking wasn’t anything knew but the combination of that and a bunch of random pills in your system was where it all almost went wrong. Thankfully his family ‘butler’ found him in time and he landed himself in hospital. Not an experience he ever wanted to go through again. The look on his mothers face when she first came was something he never wanted to see again. He was urged to go to rehab or at least see someone and at first he refused. His music career was put on hold and that was pretty much the start of the end of that. He tried to get back on track, even played a handful of gigs here and there but he was just slowly sinking into a deep dark hole. Settling back in Corona wasn’t something that really happened. He started drinking more and going back home to Vegas, but not to visit his mum and brother but to take full advantage of his status. Parties, one night stands, drinking, drunken phone calls, distancing himself from everyone and more drinking...he hated where he was. His friends kept saying the same thing, ‘stop drinking so much’ or ‘I don’t like you drinking so much’ or ‘I hate seeing you like this.’ Finally he admitted he had a problem and went to rehab.

Rehab, new musical path, reconnections, a new relationship and he thought he was getting better. And he was. His friends were happy for the most part, getting married finally too for some, but his own relationship soon became a problem. He’d only been dating Cole for a short amount of time when they found out she was pregnant. Neither was ready for that, and after she went and got an abortion without him things just weren’t the same. They started to drift and she ended up and leaving, just leaving him a note. He didn’t see it as them breaking up, but she still ending up sleeping with her ex and that was something that tore Davey up. Weak and hurt he turned to alcohol. Hiding that fact he just tried to go on with his life, making sure he didn’t hide away from the world again. Finally opening up about everything to Bridget he stopped drinking for awhile, but when you’ve booked yourself a career changing tour drinking tends to happen. But he was in a happy place and having the likes of Lucy Parker there with him meant he could enjoy every moment of it and then some. Yeah, the two were too awesome for it not to be an epic time.
Olivia Rose Masters
David Malachi King ll (deceased)
William Alexander King
Theodore Daniel King

Milo; [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]
Baby Girl; [x]

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