We are a character driven city site set in sunny California. Our characters are all classified by social classes but that doesn't stop the drama. Watch your step because every move you make is being watched.
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Rawr! Its Shellybear
Posted: Apr 10 2011, 07:02 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 16-March 11

Welcome to Corona! Nice of you to stop by. Thinking about joining? We sure won't stop you. The more the merrier! But before you move onto making an application or anything of the sort check out the rules below. It will give you the basics of where to start and those little things you need to remember.
Registering & Applications.
Where To Begin
  • Register your desired character with their First and Last name in correct. For example; John Doe.
  • Once you've registered it's time to make an application. All the information you need to fill it out is in the 'Filing Cabinet' such as face claims, the application template, etc.
  • You may reserve a face for a week, but you can only claim it once you've been accepted.
Making the Application
  • Once you start the application you have five days to complete it!
  • Topic should be posted like; First & Second name in correct caps.
    For example... John Doe.
  • You may also add to the topic description, like so;
    Age | Class | Play-by, if you like.
  • If the application stays there for more than five days unfinished, it will be moved to the 'incomplete applications' board. This is so the pending apps do not build up quickly.
  • You may complete your application if it was moved because you went over the five day mark, just contact an admin. Once it is moved back to the 'pending applications' you will have five days once again. Please don't make a habit of this!
  • When you've completed your application make a post saying so, or just add 'finished' to the topic description.
Once You Finish the Application
  • If it's accepted by the admins, it will be moved to the 'accepted applications' board for safe-keeping and you're ready to start role playing!
  • If it's denied by the admins, it will be moved to the 'denied applications' and you are able to fix or re-do sections depending on the comments given by admins. You have five days to do so before it's archived.
Characters & Activity
  • There is also a four character spots per person. Each character must also be active. If a character isn't active we will give you five days to get them a board or we will delete them.
  • Before you bring in a new character(s), you're current one(s) must be active with threads (at least 2 with a handful of replies) to prove it.
  • If you already have four characters and would like another one, please PM Shelly. Keep in mind that ALL your current characters must be fully active to do so.
  • We all love to see the beautiful graphics you made, but make sure to not stretch the layout. Avatar should be 150x200 or 200x200 and the signature should be no wider then 500px.
  • If you're using a graphic (avatar, signature or template) that's made by someone else please credit that person to avoid any drama.
  • Keep all graphics tasteful. Please & thank you! (:
  • If you need an avatar or signature made please feel free to ask.
In Character.
  • Don't spam. It's as simple as that.
  • We are a no word count site which means we aren't going to ride you about your word count in your posts. Although we aren't going to look at your word count - we don't want people posting small one liners at all.
  • Quality over quantity. Please be sure to also mirror post. We don't want a one paragraph reply to a post someone took time to type up.
  • No godmoding or powerplaying, because that just takes all the fun out of it. The only way you can control someone else's character is with permission. If your not sure, don't do it!
  • Swearing is allowed. We all do it, right? Just don't overdue it where it's hard to decipher what you're trying to say.
  • Graphic content can and will happen, but use your best judgement here. Don't overdue it. Make sure to give some kind of warning that will halt unsuspecting and potentially innocent eyes from happening upon it!
  • This should go without saying, but in case you forgot, keep IC out of OOC. Don't hold silly little grudges. It's all in good fun.
Out of Character.
  • Be nice & respect your fellow role players. I know, I know. It's a "duh" but it's really important. We're all friends here (even if our characters are douches) and so keep the drama far, far away.
  • Warnings will occur if you break this rule, and if you continue you will be warned again and if you push it even more you'll be deleted.
  • Don't spam the cbox, it's annoying.
    - Gifs are fun to play with but make sure you don't over do it. Gif wars are an exception.
***Keep in mind that the rules are subject to change or get updated. Watch this space.***

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