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Charles William York
Posted: Jul 17 2012, 12:12 AM

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Group: Validating
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Joined: 16-July 12

Ed Westwick as
Charles WIlliam York
27, SINGLE, HETEROSEXUAL, oil and natural gas exporter, GLITTERATI

Come take a walk on the wild side
Charles is a character that women find to be very charming and romantic but yet narcissistic/self centered some women also considered him a player. Guys either look up to him or hate him because of his accomplishments. He always thinks of himself before anyone because Charles come first then others next. Charles is a nice guy some times but dont get on his bad side because if you do you probably won't survive he will take you down he has the power to. One things for sure if Charles doesn't like you he won't ever like you and you best never disrespect him because your life will never be the same it will be forever changed. He can charm most any girl he sees so be sure to keep your wife away from him because once a women is on his radar she's never off it. He won't quit tell he gets what he wants and he always gets what he wants.Charles also has an amazing ability to convince people to do things. Charles is also the kind of guy who will wine and dine the women he plans to get with. He makes the women quiver at the sight of him. Charles way of showing a women a good time is take her out for a candle lite dinner . Charles is very spontaneous and adventurous. Charles likes to go one trips at any moment of the time ,he just does what he wants and doesn't care what others thinks hes the most important thing to himself, some people call that self centered but charles thinks of it as self loving and adoring. No one can change Charles only he can change his self and he never feels he needs to change and people who try to change him dont last very long. But whatever you think of Charles doesn't madder because you dont madder.
Likes: Women, Summer ,to travel ,the ocean, mountains, valleys, sunsets, sports, sports cars, classic cars, running and working out. Attractions: long hair, skinny/average bodies, beautiful eyes, intelligence, good smells, shyness, good girl, caring, loving, and innocents

Dislikes/ repulsions: Fat people, loud people, stupid people, scumbags, people with no class, liars, gossipers, loud music, sad people, and crazy people.

All that glitters is not gold
Early life : Charles William York is the son of William Miles York a wealthily and well connected Business man whose Ancestors came to New york during colonialism. Charles's mother is the daughter William J. Driver Vanderbilt. Charles's is the only Heir to the York estate Charles William York was born in New York, Ny on July, 15Th. ,1996 Charles's grew up in New Yorks Upper Eastside side of manhattan spent most of his days living it up ,except during the summer when he spends his time in the east Hamptons in his summer house. He rarely sees either of his parents therefore they let him buy whatever he desires. He has his own driver who brings him were he wants when he wants. He often goes on what many would call a shopping spree but what he calls a hobby. Charles loves to gamble and spend money on useless things.He has many girlfriends and many girls dream of being with him but few will ever. He also is an avid soccer fan of Chelsea Fc and loves to run and play soccer. After graduating High school charles got accepted in to Harvard business school. Adult life: after charles graduated from Harvard with an MBA, he received his trust fund set up by his parents, he then started a exportation company named York oil and natural gas and began exporting these goods through out the world he bought oil wells and refiners and began drilling around the world. He turned this exportation in to one of the largest in the world and its the largest privately owned one. After moving to dubai for 4 years he decided to move to California were he always dreamed of living he then bought a nice ranch/ vineyard in the Santa Ynez valley which is where he now spends his summer days at. He then met the women of his dreams and got engaged but she broke it off before they got married because she said hes too hard to control. This was a major turning point in Charles life so he began to become so unattached to any women he though he would love his only love now are his arabian horses and his many dogs and his bengal cat named chico. all of charles relationships are now empty and with no love. During the fall of 2008 he went to rehab for cocaine and Alcohol which he began doing because of his sadness but now he has been sober for 3 years. He now lives a life of purity well except for his love for women and one night stands which he doesn't see as a problem. He never drinks any more all he drinks now is water and his health has much improved. New beginning: Since Charles left rehab he has began eatting healthy and visiting the health club daily and his life has become very fulfiling and he hopes to some day meet the women he wants to have his son to take over his company.
has 2 dogs, 1 cat and , 5 horses

(only applicable for those applying for a new character) Link us to at least TWO ACTIVE threads. (Both having a handful of replies and not just an open thread.)

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