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 Die Another Day, Crystal <3
Micah Fischer
Posted: Apr 30 2012, 08:25 AM


fear is just a lie.Just another day in Corona.Micah Fischer was certain Corona wasn't nearly as dangerous a place to live in as Sacramento or some other really big city, but it had its moments. In all his five years policing the place, he of all people ought to know what it was like. Oh, but wait...there's more. If anyone thought the police had a big job, they didn't know that the police had nothing on the FBI. When he had transferred to the FBI from the CPD (Corona Police Department), everything had gotten bigger - and better. Micah didn't regret anything. No regrets. The FBI made him feel more important.Nevertheless, Micah was relieved to have a day off. It was a cool Saturday morning, the night's drizzle having faded into warm sunshine. He was sitting on his doorstep tying his shoes, with sunglasses perched on top of his head. Since it wasn't particularly warm out, he had just worn jeans and a solid-patterned flannel with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His gun holster was strapped around his left shoulder...just in case. He had no business walking around flashing his gun to other people (just as he had no business walking around holding his badge up in the air...which was also tucked into a special flap on the inside of his shirt), so it was neatly hidden behind the unbuttoned flap of his flannel. Micah stretched his arms above his head appreciatively, soaking up the morning sun's rays, before pushing off the porch step of his house. He'd been living in the house for three years, and loved everything about it. That is, except for the tabby cat that was crouched on the porch swing staring at him with large, amber eyes. Micah returned the glare, pulling the t-shirt beneath his flannel down before heading out. He walked all the way to the boardwalk - his favorite place to visit in his free time, but only in the mornings. No one was ever there.This morning wasn't particularly busy, as he'd predicted; a few people, mostly old people and business people out to get a coffee for their work on Saturday, wandered about. A few exchanged brief greetings with Micah; some were clients, or ex-clients, anyways. The young agent eventually came to the lovely coffee shop he had been intending to enter, and enter he did. Soft music played, and a few people sat around sipping coffee at their respective tables. Most were regulars whom Micah recognized, having been in here several times himself. He stepped up to the counter, casually slipping his hands in his pockets to stand in line behind an old man and a young woman. At least, he assumed she was young. She had long, chocolatey hair, a slender figure, long legs...he glanced off to the side, looking out the window. It would be better to be caught looking casually out the window than wide-eyed at her slender legs. tagged: crystal
Crystal Devoix
Posted: May 5 2012, 01:48 AM


born to be wildyeah darling, go make it happen. take the world in a love embrace. fire all your guns at once and explode into space. like a true nature's child, you were born, born to be wild. we can climb so high, i never wanna die. born to be wild. Crystal’s eyes looked over the room around her. It felt strange to her to be back in Corona. How long had she been away? Though it had only been a few months, it felt like the fast paced city moved in warp speed or something and more like years had passed. She finally reached the counter and ordered herself a hot chocolate. After paying for it, she moved to the side to wait and let the next person order. It was odd being here again, but it was a good odd. Taking the hot chocolate she smiled and moved over to a table in front of a window. Sliding into the seat, she looked out the window, thoughts swarming her mind. She rarely kept her focus on one thing for more than a few seconds while staring out the window. After a while, though, she remembered her hot chocolate and slowly lifted it to her lips. Taking a slow sip, wary of the scolding humor of the drink, she swallowed and made a slightly pleased sound. She looked at her cup, at the cover around it to keep from burning her hands, and then back out the window.In retrospect, this was one of her favorite places once. But the last memory she had there was a blur. She barely remembered much of the last month or so in Corona before she had left. She barely recalled the last few months in New York, though, too. Maybe it had to do with the things she had been doing, or maybe it was just that she had disconnected herself from it all. Voices around her made her feel like she was standing in a tunnel, so she kept her eyes on anything but the people. She tried to tune them out but it was difficult. Eyes locked briefly on a small girl as she walked past the window, and for the few seconds that their eyes met, Crystal found herself holding her breath. Releasing it she lowered her eyes before looking back to the hot chocolate. Maybe some sugar, chocolate, was all she needed to put a pep in her step. Though, she wouldn’t have minded just crawling back into bed. Jet lag was something she just couldn’t get used to. That, and time with her mother was becoming more exhausting. Usually the woman’s idea of quality time meant she did her own thing and Crystal could do whatever she wanted. But this last trip was more like, do whatever the woman wanted and to hell with what she wanted. Lifting a hand, she dropped her head into her palm and sighed. Something had to change. She had a plan, though. She’d head home, take a breather and then, it was party time. Reaching down for her phone, she pulled it out of her pocket and sent a mass text to her contacts. It was a night to party, to let loose, and to have fun again. It felt like it’d been too long, anyway. She looked over only briefly to the line for a moment after and caught the strange behavior. Looking from the guy to the woman and then back to guy again. Smiling she stood and walked over to the guy, standing next to him she leaned over toward him a bit with a smile and whispered to him. "Hi there..." She said quietly so only he'd hear. "I'm Crystal, and you are?"TAG: MICAH! WORDS: 581 TEMPLATE: eliza @ CAUTION NOTES: So I didn't know if you were saying he was looking at her legs, but I figure this works? If he was, let me know and I'll hop in and re-write it for you. Completely your call though!
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