We are a character driven city site set in sunny California. Our characters are all classified by social classes but that doesn't stop the drama. Watch your step because every move you make is being watched.
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Rawr! Its Shellybear
Posted: Apr 6 2011, 10:56 PM


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Being the highest class that you can go, the Glitterati are more like the royalty of Corona Heights. To be a member of the Glitterati, there must be one family member that is known to the public. These families normally own a well-known business, have someone who is an actor/actress, or some other well known being to the city. But what is it like to be a member of the Glitterati? Unlike the others, the members of the Glitterati groupings are served upon a silver platter and given whatever they want, when they want it. Many of them have maids and butlers within the house, running around to make sure that their every need is fulfilled. People look up to and admire them while others try to get into their social grouping. However, to be apart of this social ranking, you need to have the looks.. the walk.. and the cash. {If applying for Glitterati, you must remember that they have heritage. HOWEVER, your character may NOT be extremely famous. They can be an actor/actress, but not one who has won a lot of awards. Thanks!}
The next ranking of people are those known as the Upper Class. Though they do not have as much money as the Glitterati, they have enough to be called rich. Within the Upper Class, there are, at times, smaller classes that they divide themselves into. Their houses are large and spacious, making many of the people jealous of them. A lot of the times, they have more than two cars, which allows them to change their car every week. These families are sometimes old names within the city or the families that own a successful business. Rarely are they an actor/actress, movie star, etc, however that does not give a person the right to disrespect them. By doing so, it could possibly be the last thing that you could ever do.
Within all societies, there is a norm in which people can be. This norm for most would be the Middle Class. They are the average family with two cars per household, a dog, and a good sized house. The people in this class are not rich, but neither are they poor. Jobs for people who are in this class include construction, landscaping, nursing, etc. As for the level of respect they receive, it is decent compared to the respect of the poor. They are noticed within society and are, at times, spoken to by those of higher ranking, unlike those of the poor class. Though, there are always exceptions to the rules and, depending on the person, sometimes a higher classed ranking would prefer talking to a poor person than someone in the middle. After all, they are not in the middle.
The Lower Class, known as the true survivors of a city. They deal with conditions that most could never dream of and few would dare to experience. Their homes are nothing to be proud of, most of them could be considered ruins more than they are homes. As for transportation, they normally can be seen within a city bus, not minding what others think of them. At times, these people have two jobs, which is to try to help them get back upon their feet and out into society again. Yet, that does not mean that any of these people gain any respect from those of higher class. Although the Middle Class treats them well, to the Glitterati and Upper Class, they are nothing but the scum upon their shoes. Although there may not have a chance at a better life, many of them are still hoping that, one day, there will be some sort of glory placed upon their name.

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