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 davies, lukas j., twenty-five, middle, arthur darvill
Luke Davies
Posted: Sep 19 2011, 11:40 PM


LUKE DAVIESyou & me could write a bad romanceNICKNAMES: luke only, kthx.AGE: twenty-five.DATE OF BIRTH: june 11th.SEXUALITY: heterosexual. MARITALS: single. OCCUPATION: visual effects artist.CLASS: middle class.PLAY BY: arthur darvill.I spill my heart from coast to coastFall in love with everyone I knowLIKES: computers, movies, video games, reading, superheroes, sci fi, the discovery channel, world history, dogs, music, tearing apart computers and building them back up, rain.DISLIKES: being embarrassed, tripping over himself, bedhead, reality tv, charlie sheen, politics, messes, being a third wheel, awkward moments, cooking, hamsters.ATTRACTIONS: intelligent, cute, optimistic, fun, doesn't mind his nerdy nature, honest.REPULSIONS: liars, can't accept him, those that try to take advantage of his brains through their charm or appearance, can't have an intelligent conversation with, high maintenance. FAMILY:* Elijah Davies -- father, professor of world history.* Charlotte Davies -- mother, veterinarian. * Elizabeth Davies -- sister, college theater student.* Rory -- his two year old jack russell terrier.We live a cute life, soundfanatic,Pants tighter than plastic, honeyďoh, of course youíre gonna ask me to talk about myself, arenít you? just like the rest of you lot in there... alright, fine. so. my name is lukas davies, but please, just call me luke. iím twenty-five and i was born in birmingham, which is in england, if you couldnít tell by my accent. youíd be surprised at how many people actually ask me where iím from... as if it isnít obvious. anyway. i guess i had a relatively decent childhood. my dad is a professor at the university, and iím positive thatís where i get my brains because heís really into world history and science. my mum, sheís a veterinarian. she just loves animals, and weíve had about two dogs, a cat, some fish, a parakeet, and a gecko in the past ten years alone. i donít never really minded any of them, except maybe the parakeet because it was a tad annoying at times. i was real fond of our first dog, which was this little jack russell named milo. he died when i was seventeen, and by that time we already had another dog, a greyhound named amelia. sheís a pretty good dog, though i didnít spend much more than a year with her, as i went off to college when i was eighteen. did i mention i also have a sister? elizabeth, sheís four years younger than me and wants to be an actress i think.anyway, like i was saying, i left for college when i was eighteen. because of my high grades in school, my mum and dad allowed me to choose where i wanted to go. i wanted to sort of get out of england, so i looked up some colleges in the states. i had never been to the beach before, so when i checked out corona heights university, i was very interested. but i still wasnít sure, i mean, i dunno. i tend to second guess myself and people say iím pessimistic. i dunno, i just cannot believe something is as good as it is until i see it, you know? so me and my sister took a trip to the states to see some of the colleges in california that i was looking at. corona heights was one of them, and i fell in love with the place the minute i set foot there. i still checked out the other colleges, just to be safe you know, but corona ended up being my choice by the end of the day. my parents were pretty pleased to know that iíd found a place iíd like, and two months later i was heading out there to get settled in a dorm.being in a dormitory was... interesting. i didnít know i had a roommate until the lady doing my paperwork handed me the key and told me some guy named jake had already settled in two days ago. i was kind of dreading it, Ďcause i didnít know this guy. i mean, what if he was a total slob or liked to bring girls home all the time or just was annoying... luckily, jake was actually pretty brilliant, became one of my best mates as a matter of fact. we both liked a lot of the same stuff; sci fi, computer stuff, video games, foods even. i got real lucky with him. he was also from california so he was able to show me around when i first got there. thank god too because the last thing i needed was the embarrass myself by walking around like a lunatic looking for stuff. jake was a lot more outgoing then i was, though. he would take me out with him sometimes when we were first getting to know each other, and his friends would notice how quiet and shy i was. i even once spilt my drink all over this cute girl sitting next to me... i couldnít even look at her for the next month, i was so embarrassed. it just wasnít good. i donít like being put in the middle of some huge crowd of people i donít know, i much prefer hanging around with a few of my closer mates. whatever, it is what it is i suppose.things got better with time of course. i met more people through classes and such, made more friends and visited more places. college wasnít so bad as i thought it might be, and i graduated two years ago with a degree in visual effects and have been working off and on for big movie corporations for a good year now. iím sure youíve seen that movie ironman 2, yeah? i worked on that. look for my name in the credits if you donít believe me. when iím not working on any movies, i do IT work for jakeís computer company. right, so, thatís basically what iíve been doing ever since. once or twice a year, i go visit my folks and sister in england, usually for some big holiday like christmas. or they come down here. i quite like it in corona, though iím a bit curious to see more of the world. i dunno, iím doing pretty well for myself right here so i probably wonít be moving anytime soon. maybe in five years or so, if i start to get bored again. i love england, but thatís just what happened, so who knows.ĒWAY OUT IN THE WATERwhere is my mind?OCC NAME: samm.AGE: twenty.OTHER CHARACTERS: aeryn taylor. ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: Being a vampire didn't make you many friends regardless if you wanted them or not, period. It was in there nature to be private creatures, even when it came to their own kind. That was why one never saw more then a few of them together unless it was had some underlining business behind it. At over two thousand years old, Godric too could count those he could fully trust. It may also come as a surprise to some that one happened to be human. Because of his recent change in attitude towards humans, Godric was often criticized for his views by other vampires who didn't share the same beliefs. Many thought, given his reputation, he'd gone soft after the Great Revelation. Though Godric had gained more compassion and faith towards the day walkers, those who thought he'd gone soft couldn't be more wrong. He could still very much rip a person's throat out in a split second if so desired. Just because he didn't do it on a daily basis anymore didn't mean he was weak. Just because he believed all vampires and humans could coexist peacefully didn't mean he'd gone insane. Godric could still be the ruthless, conniving vampire he had once been if he so chose, but that was a side of him he no longer wanted to indulge in. After all, what was the world to gain if he kept on killing for no apparent reason other then personal thrill and satisfaction? Nothing. The only thing Godric wanted nowadays was to pay for his sins one by one. Of course, not many understood why he suddenly felt the need to change his ways after so long, but then they didn't understand the void that grew inside of him the last few years of his reckless life. Nobody could truly understand it unless they themselves had gone through it. Despite what others thought, Godric never got angry. One day, maybe they would at least understand his cause, but until then he'd let them be. He wasn't going to sit back and preach to them like it was the end of the world. That wasn't his way and even if it was, he'd only get criticized further. No, he simply kept his faith in both humans and vampires that they would one day get the hint that the world might just be a better place if they treated each other as equal. But that right there was going against most vampire's morals; humans were pitiful compared to the strengths of a vampire. Nevertheless, Godric hung onto hope the same way he had hung onto Eric for so many centuries. Eric. Unfortunately, it had been some time since he'd actually sat down with his child and caught up. It was that reason why Godric was actually considering paying a visit to Eric's area, a short trip of sorts. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd been to Louisiana to begin with. Decades ago at least, before Shreveport or Bon Temps was even a speck on the map. What's even more, he had never seen Eric's bar. Knowing his progeny, Godric doubted it was something he'd take much delight in after the night was over, but it'd be an interesting stop whilst he was there. Somebody upstairs must have seen the longing in his eyes as he stared out at the city for the next thing he knew, there was young vampire at his door claiming to be sent by Eric. What's more, his progeny was coming soon after. Godric was pleased, to say the least, and sat with the girl a long while as he awaited Eric's appearance. Though they seemed to be in two different places in life, one thing would never change between them; they'd always go to the end of the earth for one another. A bond as strong as theirs was not easily damaged and anyone who tried to get ruin that would surely be signing their death certificate. When it came to Eric, there wasn't much Godric wouldn't do, even after turning over a new leaf. He hadn't completely changed, after all. His tolerance for wrongdoers was still thin and people who dared to test him walked a fine line. It was considerably hard to get him angry these days, but it wasn't impossible. Godric didn't like nor want to kill, but he wouldn't ignore the idea if he believed it was completely necessary. From what he last heard, Eric still punished in his way for all crimes. "Sir?" Stopping in the middle of his sentence, Godric looked away from Ellie to Isabel expectantly. "Mr. Northman has arrived." At last. Nodding, Godric stood up and gave a polite smile to Ellie before giving her a quick thank you for the conversation and sending her off with Isabel to find the guest bedroom. A minute later, Godric appeared at the door in front of Eric, a soft smile on his face as he stared up at the viking. Not many got the satisfaction of being invited in by the old vampire himself, but of course this was a special case. Eric. It has been too long. Please come in. He stood aside, waiting until his child entered before closing the door behind him. I trust you had a safe flight? As if his windblown hair wasn't enough to alert Godric to Eric's way of travel. It had always sort of amused him knowing Eric could fly, why, he wasn't really sure.

This post has been edited by Luke Davies on Sep 20 2011, 08:32 AM
Luke Davies
Posted: Sep 20 2011, 08:30 AM


this is done. :]
Caleb Parker
Posted: Sep 22 2011, 06:41 PM

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